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Collins: FCC votes to 'saddle' Internet with 'big government regulations'

by jmaloni


Thu, Feb 26th 2015 04:10 pm

Congressman Chris Collins, R-NY-27, today issued the following statement after the Federal Communications Commission voted to reclassify the Internet as a Title II utility:

"FCC actions to reclassify the Internet under Title II pose a direct threat to Internet freedom. Today's vote threatens the innovative culture that makes the Internet one of the world's greatest technologies. I am disturbed by the lack of transparency involved in this decision process, and am afraid it is a foreshadowing of the big government overregulation that will stem from Title II classification. These actions will add further uncertainty to the net neutrality debate chilling vital private sector investment.

"Here in Congress, under chairmen Thune and Walden, we have proposed draft legislation that would achieve the goal of protecting Internet consumers through the bright-line rules that net neutrality proponents are calling for in a way that limits burdensome regulations from crushing innovation. This fight is far from over, and I will be steadfast in my commitment to keeping the Internet free from debilitating government intervention."

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