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Ceretto announces online virtual tours of New York state parks

by jmaloni


Mon, Nov 10th 2014 04:25 pm

Assemblyman John Ceretto, in his role as the ranking member of the Assembly's Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development Committee, announced virtual tours of all of New York's state parks are being made available online at http://www.nystateparkstours.com/. This website will help increase tourists traffic to New York's state parks by giving potential tourists a sneak peak into their possible destinations.

Ceretto said he is hopeful this new website will drive more tourists to New York's beautiful state parks and improve the local economies around them.

"Virtual online tours through http://www.nystateparkstours.com/ will help bring more tourists to our state parks, which is good for the economy," he said. "I thank the governor for making this resource available to potential New York tourists. This is good news for the small businesses and local economies that rely on tourist traffic for their business."

Ceretto's camp said the online virtual tours offered through this website have the potential to make a positive regional impact on tourism in Niagara Falls by giving tourists a view of what their experience at Niagara Falls State Park could look like. This would be good for Niagara Falls' local restaurants and shops, whose primary customers are tourists.

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