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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for March 20, 2014

by jmaloni
Fri, Mar 21st 2014 03:55 pm

The following is a sampling of the 260 calls answered by Town of Niagara Police between March 7 and 17.

Friday, March 7

•Parking problem, B Street and Main Street. Patrol dispatched to assist Niagara-Wheatfield bus that could not get down B Street due a car blocking the roadway. When patrol arrived, car had been moved due to the bus driver blowing the horn continually.

•Hit and run, 1500 block of Military Road. A Lewiston woman who had stopped at a business to buy a sub sandwich reported that when she came out the rear passenger side quarter panel had been dented and scraped, possibly by a van that had been parked close to her vehicle.

•Noise complaint, 4400 block of Liberty Avenue. Patrols responded for a shooter complaint. It was determined that the gunshot sounds were actually fireworks.

Saturday, March 8

•Arrest, Military Road. Patrol arrested a 38-year-old Buffalo man after he was stopped for a traffic violation and it was discovered that his license was suspended for non-payment of child support and there was an active arrest warrant for him out of the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

•Arrest, 2000 block of Military Road. A 31-year-old woman was arrested for concealing three polo shirts and two pairs of children's shoes in a plastic bag. Items were valued at $124.97. She had a screwdriver used to pry off security sensors in her possession.

Sunday, March 9

•Suspicious persons, 2500 block of Military Road. Patrol was traveling southbound when two males ran in front of the patrol vehicle. Patrol waved the males to the side of the road and they explained they were attempting to flag down a bus. They were taken to the bus station.

•Traffic violation, Military Road at Porter-Packard Road. Driver failed to use the two designated left turn lanes at the intersection and turned from a through lane while ignoring two no left turn arrows.

•Shoplifting, 2500 block of Military Road. A 34-year-old Orleans Avenue woman was arrested after she entered a store, selected a coffee maker valued at $149.99 off a shelf and attempted to leave without paying.

Monday, March 10

•Traffic stop, Military Road. Driver was observed by patrol holding a cellular phone to his ear and talking. Driver was previously convicted of driving while talking on a cell phone in 2013.

•Shoplifting. A 34-year-old woman was arrested at a business after the loss prevention officer observed her concealing $167 worth of merchandise in her cart and on her children, then leaving the store.

•EMS call, 2900 block of Birch Avenue. Male fell and was unable to get up.

 Tuesday, March 11

•Traffic stop, Witmer Road and Hyde Park Boulevard. A 30-year-old Buffalo driver was arrested after a DMV check revealed he had 14 scofflaws on four dates.

•Vandalism, 2300 block of Military Road. Business reported that someone entered a 2014 Ram 1500 on the lot and stole the floor mats and cut the seat belts.

•Assault, 1900 block of Military Road. Complainant said while in the mall parking lot a 19-year-old Lockport Street man he knows came running at him swinging a hammer and yelling, "This is for setting me up!" When the complainant was able to dodge the hammer, the suspect reportedly ripped off the complainant's headphones and smashed them against the wall.

•Suspicious person, 1500 block of Military Road. Patrol located a highly intoxicated man inside a grocery store. The man asked to be transported to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, complaining of head pain from being "jumped" in downtown Niagara Falls.

Wednesday, March 12

•Robbery, 1500 block of Military Road. Woman reported an unknown male grabbed a $20 bill from her hand while she was loading groceries in her vehicle.

•Traffic stop, Military Road. Patrol stopped a driver whose vehicle was sliding and swerving due to driving at an unsafe speed for weather conditions during a stormy evening. Driver had been ticketed in February for not having the vehicle inspected and it was still not inspected.

•Aid citizen, 5100 block of Isherwood Drive. Patrol assisted an elderly female who received a phone call telling her she had won a sweepstakes, but had to send in $750 first.

Thursday, March 13

•Aid assist, 1200 block of Saunders Settlement Road. Patrol assisted Lewiston Police at a structure fire by helping remove a smoldering mattress from the residence. Lewiston No. 2 and Niagara Active Hose volunteer fire companies responded.

•DWI, 1500 block of Military Road. Patrol arrested a 53-year-old Lindburgh Avenue woman for driving while intoxicated after being alerted by a business that the woman had been in the store causing a disturbance and was in the parking lot searching for her car. Patrol stopped her as she was leaving the parking lot and she failed field sobriety tests. A roadside breath test showed her blood alcohol count at .193 percent. The DWI charge will be a felony because she had a previous DWI conviction.

Friday, March 14

•Aid assist, I-190. Patrol assisted state Department of Transportation workers at 5:52 a.m. while a large pothole in the northbound roadway, just north of Porter Road, was filled.

•Check situation, 7100 block of Laur Road. Patrol assisted a mother with her 12-year-old son who was throwing things in the house and did not want to go to school because he was upset with being behind in his homework and with his clothes. The youth was to meet with his counselor at the school.

•Traffic tickets, Military Road, Lockport Road, Packard Road, Porter Road, Tuscarora Road, Witmer Road, and Route 31 at Hyde Park Boulevard. Patrols issued 17 traffic tickets in these areas for offenses including driving at night without headlights, no tail lights, no license, no seatbelt, following too closely, suspended license, failure to notify DMV of address change, going through a red light, using a cell phone, non-transparent vehicle windows, expired registration, no insurance, switched plates and speeding. In one instance where the driver was not wearing a seatbelt and the vehicle was unregistered, uninspected, uninsured and had switched plates, the driver's excuse was, "My cat's dying and I'm trying to take it to the hospital."

Saturday, March 15

•Alarm, 5900 block of Edgewood Drive. Burnt food.

•Parking problem, 1100 block of Divide Road. Complainant reported a pickup truck parked on the side of the road causing a traffic issue. Passenger window had been smashed out with a hammer. Patrol contacted the owner, who said her husband had been drinking and locked himself out of the house and the vehicle and smashed the window to get the keys. The truck was moved to the driveway.

Sunday, March 16

•Drug/alcohol charges, Military Road. An 18-year-old Juron Drive resident was arrested after patrol observed his vehicle crossing the yellow line multiple times and traveling 25 mph in a 40 mph zone. A marijuana cigar was found in the vehicle and a baggie of mushrooms.

•Suspicious person, Military Road at Third Avenue. Patrol responded to a report of a driver slumped at the wheel while his vehicle was located at a stop light. Driver said he was exhausted from working late and fell asleep.

•Neighbor dispute, 700 block of A Street. Complainant reported he was walking his dog and asked a neighbor to turn his music down, when the neighbor punched him in the face, causing a bloody nose. The neighbor was charged with second degree harassment.

Monday, March 17

•Shoplifting, 1500 block of Military Road. Store reported a man and woman walked out of the store without paying for $175 of meat products, mostly steaks, and left in a dark colored Jeep Cherokee.

•Check situation, Steele Circle and Tindale Avenue. Patrol responded for several vehicles pulled over, possibly for a fight. All parties denied they were there to fight. All subjects had different stories. A woman said she had an order of protection against one of the males.

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