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B Howard: son or parasite?

by niagarau
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 10:15 am

by Michael Rodriguez

The world-renowned King of Pop, Michael Jackson, may have "popped" out another baby, as speculation regarding the singer's paternal life has made its way around the Internet.

 "Anyone coming out of the shadows after Michael Jackson's death is just looking for a quick buck" said Niagara University junior and criminal justice major, Christian Henderson.

 The alleged son in question is 32-year-old up and coming R&B singer named Brandon Alexander Howard otherwise known by his stage name as B Howard. Howard has been producing music since 2003, following the success of his single, "Dancefloor" with record company Universal Music Group in Japan. Howard's musical talent has been compared to that of Jackson's due to mannerisms both vocally and choreographically, as well as physical features ranging from a similar nose, hair, and high cheekbones like Jackson. Through partnership with Universal Japan, Howard was able to release his first album "Genesis", which had a number a number of singles that released on iTunes.

 Following the release of a short video via YouTube during March 2014, Howard inferred that he was indeed Michael Jackson's son, and had DNA evidence to supplement his claims. Among these claims, Howard told viewers that he had never "... one, put out a story to speculate Jackson's paternity, two, proclaimed to be Michael Jackson's son, and, three, made strides to sue the Jackson estate."

 "That B Howard guy is just looking for some media buzz. Why go through all that work to put yourself out there if you aren't getting anything out of it?" said Matthew Negron, criminal justice major and senior at Niagara University. "The man is going through all this work to not try to get any money. He obviously wants the attention".

 Howard's DNA results, later obtained by TMZ, were from an alleged testing facility in Ireland called "DNA Lab". The lab could not be located for further inquiry. The logo used for making these results were found via "dna logo" on Google Images. A lack of conclusive evidence from a credible source in Howard's favor has made it difficult to prove these paternity claims as true. TMZ stated that upon receiving a copy of the results, it resembled a template taken from the film, "Terminator Salvation".

 "I knew that this B Howard couldn't be Michael Jackson's son, I mean who uses an untraceable DNA lab?" said Alivia Roscoe, business major and junior at Niagara University. "Simply unbelievable!"

 Jackson, a record setting artist since his time with the Jackson 5, has been able to acquire a vast number of achievements. Among these achievements were feats such as entering the Billboard charts at No.1 with the single, "You Are Not Alone", debuting albums "Bad", "Dangerous", and "HIStory" at No. 1, as well as selling over 100 million albums and singles outside of the U.S. In addition to Jackson's resume, are Guinness World Records such as having the biggest selling album of all time (i.e. Thriller) with over 50 million copies sold worldwide as well as 25 million domestically, another world record for the world's largest audience of all time at 133.4 million during the 1993 airing of the Super bowl on NBC, and another Guinness World Record for bringing in the most revenue while on his "Bad" tour ($124 million) among others.

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