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Let's Go Back for Feb. 21, 2014

by jmaloni
Thu, Feb 27th 2014 05:25 pm

40 Years Ago, Feb. 13, 1974

Shop open for business

Betty Jo Hassert and Lana Albach have recently collaborated in a business adventure that is bound to make every woman on Grand Island happy. Long-time Island residents, the mother-daughter duo recently opened their own beauty salon on the Witnauer Plaza, opposite Town Hall. Patrons will remember Betty Jo from Jeanine's Salon and Lana was formerly employed by Mr. Carlo's Salon on the Grand Island Plaza.

Mrs. Hassert has been a beautician on the Island for about 12 years. Daughter Lana, whose talent won her a scholarship to the Doyle Beauty School, is a graduate of that institute. Together they hope to meet the needs of the women in this growing community.

30 Years Ago, Feb. 10, 1984

Stiffer penalties in effect for drunk drivers

A new state law, effective Jan. 1, 1984, calls for stiffer penalties for motorists convicted of drunk driving.

First-time offenders will receive a minimum six-month suspension. Under the old law, both first-time and repeat offenders faced a six-month revocation. A driver now who is convicted twice within 10 years of drunk driving will have his license revoked for at least a year.

The new law also requires judges to suspend licenses when sentencing drunk drivers rather than notifying them by mail. Under the old law, there was no provision to force a driver whose license was suspended to surrender it.

A judge may, in some cases, postpone a license suspension to enable the driver to apply for enrollment in a state-approved program for drunk drivers.

20 Years Ago, Feb. 11, 1994

Verdict on Whitehaven Road

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for drivers using Whitehaven Road.

The roadway, constructed in 1977, has been plagued with problems ranging from cracked pavement to serious buckling and heaving resulting in structural damage.

Erie County 10th District Legislator Charles Swanick is letting residents know that the consulting firm of Olsen & Terzian has now finished the survey of the roadbed to ascertain what was causing the excessive problems.

"Basically, the findings say the increase in traffic in recent years has compacted the underlying roadbed to such an extent that water cannot drain out, Swanick said. "The water freezes and forces the road itself in place. Although that's a very simplified version of a very long report, the point is that we now know how to proceed. There sections that can be repaired, and sections that may have to be completely rebuilt.

"Our next step will be to meet with the Highway Department and put together a timetable on the project."

Swanick assured residents that he intends to get the work underway as quickly as possible.

10 Years Ago, Feb. 13, 2004

Hoyt supports consolidated ECC campus

Assembly member Sam Hoyt has reiterated his support for Erie County Executive Joel Giambra's proposal to consolidate all three Ere Community College campuses in one downtown location.

"I fully support County Executive Giambra's proposal and believe that such a move would not only save taxpayer dollars, but would provide an influx of activity in Buffalo's downtown core," Hoyt said.

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