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Let's Go Back for Jan. 31, 2014

by jmaloni

*Taken from the Jan. 31 Island Dispatch

Tue, Feb 11th 2014 04:25 pm

40 Years Ago, Jan. 23, 1974

Gas stations to post half-gallon prices

Harvey W. Shields, Erie County's sealer of weights and measures, announced today that since the price per gallon on many of the gasoline pumps in use in Erie County cannot be set higher than 49.9 cents per gallon - and since gasoline in some cases already is exceeding 49.9 cents per gallon because of increased costs to gasoline by their suppliers - that the County's Bureau of Weights and Measures would allow stations with such pumps to quote half-gallon prices for gasoline.

The National Bureau of Standards of the United States has already recommended that prices for these pumps be set at half-gallon costs, with the station attendant charging the customer by doubling the total cost shown in the cost window on the pump. This would necessarily be permitted since there is very little possibility that gasoline companies will be able to set new conversion price units installed on the pumps at this time or some time to come. ...

When gasoline rises over the 49.9-cent-per-gallon rate, station operators are asked to get in touch with Mr. Shields ... not only to obtain permission to use the half-gallon rates, but to become thoroughly familiarized with he various rules and regulations.

30 Years Ago, Jan. 20, 1984

Love Road sidewalk survey underway

A survey of residents on Love Road between East Park and Stony Point roads is being conducted to determine if the neighborhood qualifies for Federal Community Development funds to construct a sidewalk on the south side of the road. Houses there were built in 1941-42.

The town is presently applying for the funding, which Supervisor Laverne C. Luther said is allowed in neighborhoods considered to be in the low- to moderate-income level based on the number of people in the home and the income range.

"If we are successful in qualifying the neighborhood and securing the funds, the project could be constructed with no special tax levy against the residents in the area," Luther said.

20 Years Ago, Jan. 21, 1994

Islanders to vote for state senator

Voting booths will be open in all town polling places on Tuesday, Feb. 15. Balloting here and throughout the 57th State Senatorial District will decide who is to replace Anthony Masiello, who relinquished a senatorial seat when he became mayor for the City of Buffalo. ...

The Erie County Conservative Party Monday endorsed Jeffery C. O'Bannon to run against Democrat Anthony R. Nanula for the seat. Unconfirmed is a report that Diane Henderson will be the Republican Party's choice.

10 Years Ago, Jan. 23, 2004

2004 Chamber of Commerce Telephone Directory distribution begins

Distribution of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce 2004 Telephone Directory is now underway. The little book took a little longer than usual to produce because of all the new content and new advertisers this year.

The telephone book concept dates back to 1947. At that time the first fragmented meeting of what is now the Chamber of Commerce occurred. With that the chamber soon began to impact the Island in a variety of ways.

In 1949 ... the Grand Island phone book was born.

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