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Pictured, from left, are Antique to Chic co-op co-owners Lucy Weller, Jackie Carbone and Gloria Costrino.
Pictured, from left, are Antique to Chic co-op co-owners Lucy Weller, Jackie Carbone and Gloria Costrino.

Antique to Chic celebrates first anniversary

by jmaloni
Sat, Feb 1st 2014 06:55 am

Left of Center by Joshua Maloni

Quality, long-lasting products that look nice and serve a need - that's what shoppers will find at Antique to Chic.

And this weekend, many of those items will be discounted in honor of the store's first anniversary.

"It's a sale," said Gloria Costrino, one of six co-op co-owners.

"The party atmosphere will be more Saturday and Sunday, but the sale will continue throughout the week," co-owner Judy Munzi said.

"We love our customers," she added. "We are just so grateful that people find us, and we're getting to know people. I just love being even more in the center of the community."

Munzi said she feels more connected with the retail district since she and her partners moved from The County Doctor on the village's east end to 536 Center St., right across the street from DiCamillo Bakery.

The split from Country Doctor was amicable, Munzi said. It was triggered "cuz the property was sold (to Ellicott Development). And this property was available, and we wanted to move sooner than later. And they wanted to move later than sooner," Munzi said.

"If we waited, we weren't sure we could find a place to all be together," co-owner Jackie Carbone said.

Costrino said customers are "a bit confused, sometimes, because we are from The Country Doctor (and in the former Rita's Memory Lane), but they're getting it."

"We had a really good year," she said.

Co-owner Lucy Weller said there was never a doubt the co-op would remain in the village.

"I enjoy working here," she said. "I like the special events and the festivals and everything."

Munzi said the new location provides more foot traffic.

Once inside Antique to Chic, customers find a wide variety of home furnishings, decorations, jewelry and more.

"It's antiques to new," Costrino said. "It's antiques and everything in between. We have a variety of everything."

"Something for everyone," Weller added.

"We're all different, and we all buy different things, so there's a lot of variety, I would say," Munzi said.

There's also a variety of shoppers. Customers range in age from young children to senior citizens.

"I always get a kick out of that when families come in," Carbone said, noting children haven't seen old-school phones or typewriters. "You'll hear their grandmothers or their mothers explain it to them. It's really kind of like history. ... Antiques are a lot of history."

They're also well-made. Store items "will last forever, where the stuff you buy today just falls apart," Costrino said.

"They don't make things like that anymore," Weller said.

Antique to Chic is open seven days a week. For more information, call 716-754-2277.

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