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Let's Go Back for Dec. 6, 2013

by jmaloni

Taken from Dec. 6 Island Dispatch

Thu, Dec 12th 2013 03:20 pm

40 Years Ago, Nov. 28, 1973

Policy announced on school closings

The superintendent of the Grand Island School District makes the following announcement regarding school closings. Dr. Oscar J. Pultz states that this policy, effective Oct. 5, 1973, will remain in effect through the foreseeable future. ...

As a matter of policy, the Grand Island Central Schools will remain open whenever possible. However school will close whenever weather conditions or other situations occur which appear to be such as to raise concern for the safety of children. Schools will also close when conditions are such that the roads are dangerously icy or impassable. ...

Since radio is our prime method of communication with both pupils and staff, they should be urged during questionable weather to tune in one of the (area) radio stations. ...

If no announcement is made over the radio, it is to be assumed that school will be open as usual.

30 Years Ago, Nov. 25, 1983

IJC reports ice boom benefits

Most Island boat owners by this time have stored their craft for winter and aren't worried about ice forming on the Niagara River. But homeowners along the town's shoreline would have something to think about if the ice boom were not put in place and remained until spring, usually about April 1.

The latest report from the International Joint Commission based on findings of a panel of scientists, is that there is no feasible alternative for the boom, which has been a source of controversy during the past few years.

The county in December 1982 tried to prevent the installation, claiming that the boom shortens the growing season and hurts agriculture along the eastern end of Lake Erie. ...

The latest report is that the boom has little if any effect on modifying Buffalo weather.

Residents here, especially those who live along the East River shoreline, will recall the damage before the boom was established.

20 Years Ago, Nov. 26, 1993

Senior citizen center has new look

A substantial addition to the Golden Age Center in Nike Park is well on the way to completion.

Enlarged areas include the recreation and dining hall and kitchen, as well as some small modifications to the main building.

The lunch program, discontinued for a few days this week while work progressed on the north end of the center, was resumed Wednesday with a full course Thanksgiving dinner.

"We'll be celebrating Christmas in the new section without fail," Supervisor James H. Pax promised during his monthly visit at that time.

10 Years Ago, Nov. 28, 2003

Island artist designs Roswell holiday cards

Bobby Fiels, a 14-year-old Grand Island resident, is one of the young artists who helped create the Roswell Park Alliance's line of Holiday Card and Gift Collection.

Bobby's creation, the Snowman Collage Card," is just one of this year's vast assortment of holiday cards and unique gifts."

The card collection features artwork by Roswell Park pediatric patients and their siblings. The funds raised will go toward cancer research.

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