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Let's Go Back for June 21, 2013

by jmaloni
Fri, Jun 28th 2013 04:20 pm

40 Years Ago, June 13, 1973

Governor turns down Island toll plate

Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller has vetoed a bill, which would have allowed users of the Grand Island bridges a choice of purchasing a $20 toll plate annually, as opposed to the current practice of purchasing toll tickets. The bill, introduced ... by State Sen. Lloyd Paterson and Assemblyman Stephen Greco, gained majority approval in both houses of the state legislature.

The governor, in refusing to sign the bill into law, stated, "The legislature should not interfere with toll setting."

The (Grand Island) Jaycees announced that although Gov. Rockefeller has vetoed similar bills in 1964 and 1966, they will continue to press for a program that will permit annual fees to be paid for bridge use.

The bill, which the governor has just defeated, would have provided the toll plate option for all motorists using Island bridges. ...

30 Years Ago, June 10, 1983

Board to fight hazardous waste dumping

There will be no mainland sludge land spreading on Grand Island if Councilman Robert G. Swan has his way.

Swan brought up the subject again at Monday's Town Board meeting by requesting an ordinance be prepared for adoption barring any possibility of having the Island used as a dumping ground for what could be toxic waste.

However a bill in the Senate would overrule town law, Councilman Samuel D. Long said, urging the board to request Sen. John Daly to veto the act to amend the environmental conservation law in relation to establishment of the hazardous waste management and planning commission.

In part, the bill would give the commission appointed by the state "the power to override local zoning for the purpose of siting a hazardous waste facility."

20 Years Ago, June 18, 1993

Retail center, market planned at Southpointe

Plans for a 28- to 30-acre retail center, including a 45,000 square-foot Jubilee Supermarket in the proposed Southpointe development were revealed Tuesday at Chamber of Commerce meeting.

James Chisolm, real estate analyst for Frontier Development Partnership of Canada, said the center, if approved, would be the first step in developing the 284-acre site on Staley, Baseline and Love roads, which was first outlined at a public information meeting Jan. 23, 1992, at the Holiday Inn.

Envisioned then as a 10- to 15-year project, the plan has the potential of creating jobs and balancing town revenues at no cost to the Island, Chisolm said. ...

10 Years Ago, June 13, 2003

'Class Night' fun goes too far, 9 arrested

It was supposed to be the traditional motorcade consisting of high school seniors driving past their respective neighborhoods at 5 a.m., honking their automobile horns, an early morning breakfast and perhaps an afternoon picnic, but the 2003 version of "Class Night" was anything but.

A group of at least nine Grand Island youths, eight of which attend Grand Island High School, spent the wee hours of last Friday morning unleashing a barrage of eggs and paint balls on numerous residences and passing automobiles, including a marked sheriff's patrol vehicle.

These acts of vandalism prompted at least two-dozen resident complaint calls to the Erie County Sheriff's Department. ...

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