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Too broke for a nice movie?

by niagarau
Thu, Mar 14th 2013 12:25 pm

by Jake Blaisdell

It's normal for college students to have a budget. However, some times students would like to see a movie here and now. But why spend $10 for a night out plus the cost of popcorn and drinks, which can be pretty costly?

There are other ways for college students to still get the same entertainment, but in cheaper form. The first option is the now popular website Netflix. On this website, there are movies and TV shows that students can watch anytime and anywhere. The total cost is about $9 a month, for instant streaming, which is pretty doable for a college student. There is an upgrade also available, where DVDs can be shipped to your residence (simply send them back when it is convenient).

Most students enjoy going to the movies, but most don't go because of the cost. Niagara University student Nick Palisano said, "I enjoy it, but it is too expensive for me to go. So I only go once in awhile." His primary source for entertainment is Netflix.

Netflix has some great benefits that come with your package. 

"Multiple users can use it and they have a wide variety of TV shows and movies," Nicole Maciejewski replied when asked why she also liked Netflix. 

Hulu is also a great website for catching up on all of the latest TV shows. If a student ever experienced their peers talking about a show the date after it aired, but they missed it, he can just wait a couple days then join in on the conversation after watching it on Hulu.

A key aspect that college students should be aware of is that this website is free, which is the word every college student wants to hear! If a student is interested, there is the option to upgrade to "Hulu Plus," which has a bigger selection of shows and seasons of TV shows. This is about $8 a month.  Hulu has given the option for students to watch movies; however, the movie selection is limited and of a more unknown variety.

Amazon Prime is also trying to get in this online movie market. It has a huge selection of movies that students can both rent and buy for a minimal cost depending on the movie. Most recently released movies are $4, but older movies can range from free to $2. 

If students are interested in Amazon Prime, a 30-day free trial is available. 

"I love Amazon Prime, because you can just click away and watch it. If you buy the movie, it will always be on your computer, too," said Nick Albano.

RedBox can now be found in any grocery, and it costs $1 a night for all different types of movies. A great benefit of RedBox is the option to view the different kiosks around the area you are in to see what movies are available, and if you see something that appeals to you, you can reserve them right from your computer. 

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