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Let's Go Back for July 7, 2012

by Alex
Sat, Jul 7th 2012 08:00 am

40 Years Ago, July 12, 1972

Kutner request subject of public hearing

A public hearing on two parcels of the Kutner property, frequently referred to as Grand Island Corporation I, was held in the Town Hall on Monday, July 3, at 8 p.m. ...

Irving Kutner's first request was for the reclassification of a triangular piece of ground from its present zoning to construct a hotel, motel and restaurant. The second request involves a piece of land being rezoned to erect multiple dwellings.

His attorney, Richard O. Robinson, noted that his client had owned and paid taxes on the properties for 17 years, and therefore has the right to develop these lands and to realize a profit. ...

Town residents protested the rezoning for a variety of causes, summed up by resident Chester Ziehm, who observed that he had paid property taxes for 17 years, but bought it in order to live in a residential area. ... He further pointed out that he saw no reason for townspeople to assume greater debt by taking on assessment to allow development that was never intended for that area. ... There exists a petition bearing the signatures of 84 residents against the rezoning.

30 Years Ago, July 9, 1982

Taxpayers scorn PSC verdicts

... Invited to Grand Island for the Taxpayer Association-sponsored meeting to speak on the operations of the commission and its services, Public Service Commission Secretary Samuel Madison found himself faced with angry Islanders who dislike the commission and what it has accomplished for utility companies.

Though the PSC secretary attempted to tell how the commission came to be formed, what it tries to accomplish and what could happen if it creased to function, Madison was faced with a barrage of questions that impeded his explanation.

Rather than try to repeat what was said at the 2-1/2 hour session in the Buffalo Launch Club, it might be better to sum up the general feeling of residents that electricity rates will continue to rise unless Madison and his workers change their thinking.

20 Years Ago, July 10, 1992

Gas line fire heightens concern

Near disaster struck on Wednesday when a landscaping crew from Siegel Landscaping and Drainage ruptured a residential gas line on Greenway Road, causing flames to shoot 15 feet into the air.

... The Grand Island Fire Co. was on the scene within minutes, with firefighters using a spray pattern to control, but not extinguish, the flames. National Fuel Gas Crews arrived to shut off the gas and end the emergency.

 Supervisor James H. Pax expressed the concerns of many Island residents. He reported that even this small residential-use gas line was able to cause concern. The proposed Empire high-pressure pipeline will carry gas at 900 pounds per square inch, increasing the potential for disaster many times over. Final determination about the proposed pipeline rests with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

10 Years Ago, July 12, 2002

Gigantic sesquicentennial-style 4th of July

It is being called the largest Fourth of July Parade in recent memory on Grand Island. As a matter of fact, the whole day is being billed by some town officials and residents as the largest-ever Fourth of July celebration.

July 4 events on the Island were held in conjunction with the town's 150th birthday celebration. According to Recreation Director and Parade Chairperson Linda Tufillaro, 23 floats and 80 total units were entered in the parade.

Not only were parade entrants a record-high, but the number of people who showed up to watch was higher than in past years.

Following the parade, the annual Fourth of July picnic was held at the VFW Pavilion. Other events during the day included a music festival and fireworks at dusk.

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