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Ceretto: Microstamping costs jobs and doesn't prevent crime

by jmaloni
Wed, Jun 20th 2012 09:00 am

Press release

Assemblyman John Ceretto, R-I-Lewiston, expressed disappointment Tuesday at the passage of A.1157-B, which requires microstamping of certain firearms sold in New York state. Ceretto noted the legislation is costly to implement and will cost the state jobs, as firearm manufacturers will move operations to other states and is ineffective at preventing firearm-related crimes.

"My Assembly colleagues' vote in favor of requiring microstamping is very disappointing," Ceretto said. "Attempts by other states, like California, have already demonstrated the unnecessary cost of implementing microstamping and the job losses that will follow. Our state is now set to lose thousands of jobs, as Remington and Kimber Arms of Yonkers plan to move their operations to avoid the new costs."

It has been shown that microstamping is costly to implement and that the vast majority of firearm-related crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms. Illegal firearms are almost impossible to trace since no records of their origin and sale exist.

"I think it is clear this legislation is an attempt to infringe on Second Amendment rights, not assist law enforcement," Ceretto said. "In a struggling economy we should be focused on things that create jobs and get more New Yorkers back to work, not sending those jobs to other states and infringing on people's rights."

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