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Safe House

by niagarau
Wed, May 9th 2012 12:10 am

The movie begins with Frost (Washington) walking into an American consulate in South Africa because he is being pursed by "bad guys" after a micro-chip that Frost possesses. Although this move ensures safety for the moment for Frost from the men after him initially, he must now deal with the reality that he will be taken in as a fugitive by the CIA for slipping top secret United States government information to other countries. As a precaution the CIA decided to move Frost to a nearby Safe House under the watch of CIA operative Weston (Reynolds). It is there where the action really takes off in the movie as the same "bad guys" attack the Safe House in hopes of getting to Frost. Both Weston and Frost manage to escape in a high speed chase, and a good portion of the rest of the movie documents the movements of these two men. Frost being an ex CIA agent himself is much more calm, experienced, and wise when it comes to dealing with the high pressure situations that arise throughout the film, while Weston is inexperienced, fearful, and very unsure in the same predicaments. This dynamic between these two main characters makes for an interesting viewing experience that captivates the viewer. Eventually, the calm, smooth, and collected views of Frost win out and convince Weston to question his faith in the protocol he is suppose to be following and ultimately makes for a surprise twist in the end of the movie.

As much as I enjoyed the movie, the one criticism I would have to make would be the fact that the storyline as you view the movie is somewhat predictable to a degree, and it kind of lacked some suspenseful moments from time to time. Other then that it was a great film, and to see the acting genius of Washington who in my opinion even bettered the acting performance of Reynolds in this film is defiantly worth the price of admission for the film.        

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