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Niagara County Sheriff's Office Reports (Tribune area) for April 12, 2012

by jmaloni
Mon, Apr 16th 2012 02:00 pm

The following is a sampling of calls received by the Niagara County Sheriff's Office between March 15 and March 25.

Thursday, March 15

•2000 block of River Road, Wheatfield, larceny. Metal lids taken from grease disposal container.

•Jagow Road, Wheatfield, ATV problem. ATV driver near railroad tracks; no helmet.

•4000 block of Crescent Drive, Wheatfield, alarm. Tamper alarm from Knox Box.

•2600 block of David Drive, Wheatfield, criminal mischief. House egged, mirror broken off vehicle.

Friday, March 16

•2200 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, Wheatfield, auto stripping. Broke glass, took stereo.

•7200 block of Wilrose Court, Wheatfield, juvenile problem. Teen male walking, carrying some type of pistol.

•2200 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, Wheatfield, accident. Two cars involved, one driver intoxicated.

Saturday, March 17

•3400 block of Ashwood Drive, Wheatfield, criminal mischief. Peanut butter/bananas all over truck in driveway.

•2500 block of River Road, Wheatfield, criminal mischief. Tire slashed overnight.

•3700 block of Colin Court, Wheatfield, juvenile problem. Juveniles from Kelsey Court vandalized complainant's yard.

•7100 block of Lakeside Drive, Wheatfield, ATV problem. ATVs riding by pond behind complainant's house.

•1500 block of Military Road, Town of Niagara, unwanted person. Male in 40s being belligerent with staff.

Sunday, March 18

•7200 block of Lenmart Drive, Wheatfield, juvenile problem. Kids rang doorbell and ran.

•Graydon Drive, Wheatfield, noise complaint. Neighbors built ATV track in back yard.

•2000 block of Military Road, Town of Niagara, fight. Fight in parking lot.

Monday, March 19

•2500 block of River Road, Wheatfield, burglary. Back door broken, copper pipe taken.

•1000 block of Sunnyside Drive and 1400 block of Elderberry Place, civil proceedings. Evictions.

Tuesday, March 20

•7200 block of Williams Road, Wheatfield, disturbing the peace. Female in apartment banging on floor of bedroom.

•7100 block of Lakeside Drive, Wheatfield, ATV problem. ATVs riding on complainant's property.

•Jagow Road, Wheatfield, traffic control. Ongoing problem with cars running stop signs.

Wednesday, March 21

•Forest Drive and Crescent Drive, Wheatfield, ATV problem. ATVs and dirt bikes.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, Wheatfield, intoxicated driver. Driver struck vehicle and kept going.

Thursday, March 22

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, Wheatfield, traffic control. Cars passing school buses.

•7100 block of Lakeside Drive and 2700 block of Stenzel Avenue, Wheatfield, ATV problems. Noise complaints.

Friday, March 23

•River Road, Wheatfield, reckless driver. White Pontiac passed four cars on shoulder.

•7300 block of Erica Lane, Wheatfield, suspicious person. Someone keeps ringing doorbell and leaving.

Saturday, March 24

•2500 block of Lockport Road, Wheatfield, stolen vehicle. Girlfriend's car given away as "collateral."

•7500 block of Porter Road, Town of Niagara, disturbing the peace. Large fire and people doing "burnouts" in front.

Sunday, March 25

•2400 block of Niagara Road, Wheatfield, alarm. Caller reports alarm going and lights flashing at church site.

•2200 block of Katherine Drive, Wheatfield, alarm. Burglar alarm going off. Complainant won't look.

7300 block of Norman Road, Wheatfield, criminal mischief. Mailbox damaged.

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