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When bon appetite breaks the bank

by niagarau
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 10:55 am

Review by Stacey Czerwinski

Found in the heart of Niagara Falls, The Como Restaurant has prided itself on serving classic Italian cuisine for more than 80 years. Today the restaurant succeeds in doing just that, but for a price.

Upon entering The Como it is evident as to why the restaurant is a go-to for family dinners and banquets held by locals. The modest yet rich interior is conducive to an inviting ambiance for all to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine under the comforts of quality style and pleasant greeters. 

Albeit a pleasant atmosphere for the family, one look at the menu speaks volumes on the demographic that enjoys the many services of this establishment.

Having heard about the restaurant and food, this past weekend I was inspired to take a trip there with another college student to see what the buzz was about.

After an assessment of the menu, I realized we were in the wrong place. As a college student putting myself through school, I can respect the value of a dollar. Looking at a menu, the average price of an entrĂ©e is $9, which put me off despite the great atmosphere. 

Choosing the spinach salad out of a list of pasta and meat dishes, based on price alone, I was far from pleased when I received my plate. Although it stayed true to its menu description, I was not at all impressed with the salad, primarily because it would not have been my first choice.

As I glanced around at the other tables I noticed that most of the pasta dishes were heavy in portion size and ranged in price from gnocchi, which cost $12.95, to tortellini alfredo, priced at $18.95. Meat dishes also had large portion sizes and ranged from broiled sausage, priced at $13.50, to tenderloin marsala costing $30.95. The most expensive dishes were the seafood entrees. Prices included a scallop platter for $13.95, and broiled lobster tails for $45.

The patronage was another issue entirely. After seeing several families promptly seated and checked upon several times throughout their meals, it was discomforting when we were bustled to a table in the corner of the restaurant and only in contact with our server to place our order, receive our food, and receive the check. 

For the average college student, I would not recommend this restaurant for a casual dining experience. Unlike other local establishments, the menu is simply not feasible for someone on a fixed student income. It's a nice thought for special events or if your parents come to visit. The Como is a better fit for those with bigger wallets who are willing to pay higher prices for added comfort.

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