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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Feb. 9, 2012

by jmaloni
Fri, Feb 10th 2012 04:50 pm

The following is a sampling of calls received by the Town of Niagara Police between Jan. 23 and 30.

Monday, Jan 23

•200 block of Beckwith Avenue, check situation. Two men in front of a house arguing about a parking issue.

•4700 block of Tuscarora Road, check situation. Juvenile stated his father was choking his brother. Patrol talked to mother who said he was disciplining the son. No injuries or marks on son.

•8500 block of Porter Road, disorderly conduct. Man in apartment said his neighbor was banging on floor. Neighbor said people upstairs were making enough noise to shake her bed.

Wednesday, Jan. 25

•3300 block of Hyde Park Boulevard, forgery. Check forgery at a business. A 22-year-old female suspect was arrested by Niagara Falls Police Department.

•4200 block of Military Road, attempt to locate. Caller stated a male was forcing a female into his car, possibly in a domestic dispute. Patrol units checked area with negative results.

•Saunders Settlement Road, reckless driving. Caller stated a green minivan was all over the road heading west on Route 31. Patrol located the Ontario driver, who said the vehicle behind him was tailgating and making him nervous.

•8500 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, aid assist. Patrol assisted Niagara Falls Police Department with a fight in a parking lot.

Thursday, Jan. 26

•1000 block of Sunnyside Drive, juvenile problem. Complainant said her 10-year-old son was getting bullied at school and said the school was not doing enough to prevent it.

•6100 block of North Whitham Drive, noise complaint. Residents admitted their television may have been on too loud.

•6900 block of Williams Road, aid assist. Patrol assisted Niagara County Sheriff's Office with a suspicious vehicle, possibly involved in a copper theft. It turned out to be a construction crew.

Friday, Jan. 27

•700 block of A Street, juvenile drinking. Patrol responded to a report of juveniles drinking alcohol and using drugs. Patrol was permitted in residence and observed 10 to 15 people with open containers. Three minors involved. Homeowner arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. This was the second time in a week officers were called to the residence for teenagers acting out of control and having a party.

•3000 block of Savannah Street, animal complaint. Caller said a neighbor's pit bulls were loose and had attacked her dog in her yard.

•8500 block of Porter Road, domestic. Man called to report his girlfriend was verbally and physically harassing him. Both refused to leave the residence, but agreed to refrain from further harassment of each other.

•3100 block of Dell Drive, domestic. Patrol arrested a 28-year-old man for criminal contempt in the first degree and attempted burglary after checking on a 911 hang-up call. Woman at residence had an order of protection against the man. He called to say he wanted to come and recover his property, but when she argued with him, he came anyway and tried to pry open her door. Patrol found a knife in the suspect's pocket.

Saturday, Jan. 28

•Expressway Village, juvenile problem. Complainant said three female juveniles knocked on his door and asked for help, then ran to another trailer, where he could hear them laughing.

•8200 block of Colonial Drive, vandalism. Complainant said a vehicle coming from Taylor Drive drove though his lawn.

•Porter Road, DMV suspension. Patrol arrested a 41-year-old Lewiston man for driving with expired inspection sticker. Check revealed his license was suspended for no insurance.

•5000 block of Isherwood Drive, check situation. Patrol called for a possible underage drinking party. On arrival, participants scattered. Resident stated they were having a birthday party.

Sunday, Jan. 29

•5000 block of Isherwood Drive, assault. Patrol responded for several 911 hang-up calls. One woman and one man had facial injuries but signed off on medical care. Another man at the residence was argumentative and uncooperative. Woman left by rear bedroom window after being told she was not free to leave. State Police checked on a Chester Avenue man accused of being part of a fight at the residence and, finding him with facial cuts and a stab wound, took him to Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center. The highly intoxicated man was transported by Rural Metro Ambulance to Erie County Medical Center due to the severity of his injuries.

•4500 block of Chester Avenue, property damage. Complainant reported damage to his mailbox, possibly by a snowplow.

•Military Road, Porter Road, Lockport Road, Richmond Avenue, Grauer Road, Tuscarora Road, traffic tickets. Patrols issued 11 traffic tickets for various offenses.

•3000 block of St. Paul Street, domestic. A 27-year old woman and a 24-year-old man were arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia. Patrol was called to the residence for a physical domestic. The parties refused to place charges against each other. Two small children were at the scene.

Monday, Jan. 30

•Witmer Road, accident. Woman said she was shifting gears when the gear became stuck and her vehicle struck a car in a funeral procession, causing that car to strike the vehicle in front of it, which also was part of the funeral procession.

•8000 block of Porter Road, identity theft. Victim states that, while checking her credit report, she discovered an unauthorized credit account.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard and 66th Street. Patrol assisted Niagara Falls Police with an armed robbery at a business.

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