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Let's Go Back for Jan. 6, 2012

by jmaloni
Mon, Jan 9th 2012 12:25 pm

40 Years Ago, Jan. 5, 1972

Telephone Co. notes delay

New York Telephone has reported that the opening of the new electronic switching center on Grand Island will be completed early in 1972. Completion has been delayed slightly by the 24-week-long strike by plant workers.

In a letter being mailed to Grand Island customers, Richard Solak said: "Installation and wiring of the new electronic equipment at 1717 Baseline Road is proceeding and will be ready soon to serve Grand Island subscribers with one of the most advanced telephone switching centers in the nation. ..."

The new equipment is being installed and wired in a new building, the construction of which was completed earlier (last) year. The new central office originally was scheduled to join the nationwide dialing network this month.

Mr. Solak also noted in the letter that the company will be improving directory services early in 1972 by publishing a new Niagara Falls telephone directory that will, for the first time, contain the phone numbers for almost all of Niagara County. ...

30 Years Ago, Jan. 2, 1982

Permit sought for Buckhorn boat launch

The Niagara Frontier Parks Commission proposal to construct a boat-launching ramp in Buckhorn State Park, made known to the town during the past year, apparently is still on the drawing board despite objections raised by Island residents living in the vicinity.

A news release by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notes that the commission has applied for a permit to erect piling, a coffer dam, if necessary, and "cast in place an 8-inch thick, 15 feet by 30 feet long reinforced boat launching ramp" in the Niagara River at Buckhorn State Park.

The engineers have determined the proposed work "will not affect a species proposed or designated by the U.S. Department of the Interior as threatened or endangered, nor will it affect the critical habitat of any such species." ...

20 Years Ago, Jan. 10, 1992

Town officials stall board appointments

The Town Board voted 2-2, not once but seven times, as the names of Republicans and Democrats were considered for appointment of the vacancy that now exists on the five-man governing body

Republicans submitted by Councilman James R. Sharpe, one at a time for board vote, were Robert Swan, Mary Cooke and Laverne C. Luther. Democratic Councilmen Marion C. Fabiano and Gail J. Lazenby voted "nay."

Mrs. Fabiano then called for balloting on Paul Klock, John Kennell, Thomas Butler and Lynn Daniels, but one by one, they also were turned down in 2-2 votes with Supervisor James Pax and Sharpe casting the negative votes.

A policy resolution titled "Filling vacancies of Elected Officials," offered by Pax, also failed to pass.

10 Years Ago, Jan. 4, 2002

Torch winds through Buffalo in inspirational hands

New Years Eve 2002 was an extraordinary night indeed for many Western New Yorkers. There was a feeling of importance in the air that did not have much to do with "Tux n Pucks Night" at the HSBC Arena; it certainly did not have much to do with the Sabres loss to the Hurricanes, either.

It did not even have much to do with the rich meals we might have shared in, or the champagne toasts at midnight. The feeling of importance had everything to do with a meaningful flame that flickered its way through the streets of Buffalo, having come all the way from Athens, Greece.

If you happened to be at Roosevelt Square for 97 Rock's 14th annual Ball Drop, among the feelings of excitement for the new year, you most likely felt anticipation for heavyweight boxer "Baby" Joe Mesi, Olympic torch in hand.

When the folks on stage finally announced that Mesi was in sight, a collective sigh went up as smiling faces turned and craned their cheeks to see history running in. ...

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