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D'Avolio thanks supporters, announces objectives

by jmaloni
Fri, Sep 30th 2011 10:00 pm

by David D'Avolio

Town of Lewiston Highway Superintendent Candidate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to vote in this year's primary and allowed me to be the Democratic candidate for the Town of Lewiston highway superintendent position.

More than 20 years ago, I was hired by a gentleman by the name of Fran Mahar. He was Lewiston's highway superintendent for many years. Fran knew everything needed in order to run Lewiston's highway department properly. With the knowledge Fran passed on to me, and with my proven experience as a Town of Lewiston Highway and Water Department employee, I know I am the most qualified candidate to run the Town of Lewiston Highway Department.

During 20 years of working for our town, I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet most of our residents, very often when they are having problems that need fixing. I have listened to citizens talking about problems throughout the town, and am confident I know the steps we need to take to correct them. I am a problem solver, and want to solve problems using fair leadership and teamwork. I have trained many others, using my knowledge of operating heavy machinery, my ability to focus on skill building and confidence with the equipment, and my vigilance in always securing and maintaining employee health and safety to prevent workplace accidents that would affect not only the employees, but the town on a whole.

As a taxpayer, I believe that balance is important: what needs to be done, what we would like to do, and what we can afford to do without too much financial burden on the citizens. Do we really need a top of the line super expensive piece of equipment because it is loaded with all of the best gadgets, or can we get the job we need done in our town with a sturdy but less expensive model, without the pricey upgrades? In this economy, where the people who pay my wages are doing more with less, I will work to keep that perspective when it comes to using your dollars to run the highway department.

I will maintain the highway budget efficiently, whether it be contractual items, personnel, or equipment, making sure each budget line is spent properly and wisely, getting the most for your tax dollar. I am an advocate for shared services within the townships and villages in our area, which saves all of us in the long run. I have extremely high levels of support from my fellow co-workers in the Town of Lewiston. I come to this election as the result of the requests made by many residents that I run for highway superintendent; these citizens tell me repeatedly that the town will prosper from someone like me being in office, someone who knows the town in and out, and who can control spending within the department while getting the job done for them.

Another objective I have if elected is to make the roads safer by paving and repairing more square miles of our roads and highways, and doing so in a manner that will last a longer period of time than what has been done in the recent past. I believe that if we are spending your dollars to make road repairs and paving them, those dollars should be spent doing the repairs and the paving in a smart manner that will result in the work lasting more than a year or two.

Plowing and salting of our roads will also be taken to a higher standard. I know I can do that because I have done the work. During the winter months, I've been out there at 3 a.m. making sure the town roadways were salted and clear of snow for the safe morning commute of our residents and children. I have plowed every road on every beat of Lewiston one time or another.

Brush and leaf removal has always been in high demand in Lewiston. I will make sure this service will be available year round. Again, I know this service is so important to the citizens because I ran the chipper and did brush and leaf pickup on a regular basis, rain or shine. We all know there are areas of the town with drainage problems. My plan includes reinstitution of the drainage department to have a full rotation of workers year round to correct these problems, such as repairing or replacing catch basins and new pipes. The rebuilding of aging infrastructure throughout the town must become a top priority, but again, in a cost effective and efficient manner so the taxpayers will not face a heavy burden, and will seek advice and input about any sources of outside funding that would help with these types of projects.

These are all situations I have observed as a town employee that can be improved upon with the help and foresight of a strong leader. I am very proud and happy to be part of the great team of employees I work with at the Town of Lewiston; I doubt there is a finer group of people doing these jobs as they do, at the highest level possible.

I am a native of Lewiston and for the past 25 years have resided in Lewiston with my wife Michele (Jordan) D'Avolio, and our two daughters, Ashley 24, Lindsey, 22, and grandson Maxum, 2. Our family attends St. Peter's R.C. Church, and is a consistent supporter of Lewiston's restaurants and small businesses. I am a member of the Moose Lodge, Kiwanis and Ancient Order of Hibernians. I am endorsed by the Teamsters Local 264 and by the Lewiston Democratic Committee.

My family and I believe that Lewiston is a beautiful place to live. I pledge to all of Lewiston residents that if elected highway superintendent, I will take care of all their highway related needs and concerns to the highest standard possible. I will always be accessible through my home phone or my cellular phone, day or night, whenever you have a question or concern. I ask for your support and your vote in the upcoming election in November. I am David D'Avolio, and I believe in highway, done the right way.

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