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Let's Go Back for Sept. 30, 2011

by jmaloni
Fri, Sep 30th 2011 06:40 pm

40 Years Ago, Sept. 30, 1971

United Fund under way

Fifty volunteer workers gathered at a luncheon Thursday in the Buffalo Launch Club to kick off this year's Grand Island United Fund Drive.

This year's town goal of $4,520 will be raised with $2,150 in donations from Island businesses and organizations and the remaining $2,370 from Island residents. It is part of Erie County's overall goal of $8,782,915.

Volunteer canvassers will be working from computer cards giving the names of residential donors in previous years and lists of new residents to the community.

... Last year the United Fund helped more than 750,000 persons in Erie County alone. Six hundred forty-three Grand Island residents benefited directly. ...

In all, there are 70 essential agencies supported by the United Fund of Erie County.

30 Years Ago, Sept. 25, 1981

Cannon Design plans $850,000 expansion

Cannon Design Inc., the architectural firm that opened its current 24,500 square foot office building in 1972, now plans to increase facilities to the tune of $850,000.

The Town Board Monday concurred with the Planning Board's recommendation and approved a site plan for adding 12,500 square feet to the present 24,500-square-foot office complex.

At a meeting with the Planning Board Sept. 14, Cannon's project engineer Howard Jackson indicated his company anticipates completing the addition this year. Plans also include enlarging the parking lot on the 13-acre site adjacent to the New York Thruway here.

20 Years Ago, Sept. 27, 1991

Shoreline sweep a huge success

Councilwoman Marion C. Fabiano, coordinator of the Grand Island Sweep, held last Saturday in conjunction with the Center for Marine Conservation and the Shedd Aquarium 1991 Great Lakes Sweep, reports that the project was an outstanding success. More than 45 volunteers compiled data and collected debris from the West River, East River and Buckhorn State Park shorelines.

More than 50 bags of debris weighing more than 1,000 pounds were collected from about seven miles of shoreline. In addition to the usual plastic, glass and cans found in abundance, there were three car doors, an old lawnmower, a plastic swimming pool, life jackets, a briefcase, suspenders, bed springs, tires and full cans of Labatt's Blue collected. ...

Fabiano hopes the Island will participate in this international project again next year.

10 Years Ago, Sept. 21, 2001

Sheriff Gallivan explains new laws and their consequences

Several new laws are set to take effect beginning in November, so hopefully this will make you aware of what they are and the consequences that come with them.

The use of hand-held cellular phones while driving will be banned in our state beginning Nov. 1. For the first month of the new law, police will only issue verbal warnings. From Dec. 1 to Feb. 28, a ticket will be issued for using a cell phone while driving; however, if the violator presents a receipt to the judge at his or her court showing that they have purchased a hands-free phone system, the ticket will be dismissed. After Feb. 28, the violator can be fined $100. ...

Another law that takes effect Nov. 1 is one that makes it a crime for offering or giving an unlawful gratuity to a juror at any time. The impetus for this law is the recent declaration of a mistrial in New York City, where a wealthy defendant in the case reportedly gave or offered to give each juror, a check for $2,500 at the conclusion of the trial. ... It will now be a Class A misdemeanor.

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