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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Sept. 29, 2011

by jmaloni
Thu, Sep 29th 2011 02:00 pm

The following is a sampling of calls received by the Town of Niagara Police between Sept. 1 and 18. During this time period, the department responded to 396 calls.

Thursday, Sept. 1

•1500 block of Military Road, larceny. Business reported a review of security tapes from Aug. 26 showed a black male taking two packages of flank steaks and five packages of round steaks, valued at $155, and leaving the store without paying.

•1600 block of Military Road, vandalism. Complainant reported someone keyed his vehicle causing damage.

•2900 block of Hyde Park Boulevard, burglary. Complainant reported a safe containing $3,500 in cash, personal papers and jewelry was taken from an upstairs bedroom.

•Military Road, assist citizen. Patrol assisted a person recover a credit card in the sewer drain.

Friday, Sept. 2

•200 block of Manny Drive, assault. Complainant reported he and a neighbor were at his house drinking, got in an argument, and the neighbor assaulted him. Neighbor denied allegations.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. A 35-year-old Ontario Avenue woman was arrested for shoplifting $898.24 in merchandise at a business, concealing items in her pants and purse and walking out of the store with a filled shopping cart.

•5000 block of Tuscarora Road, emergency medical services call. A 2-year-old child was reported as having been exposed to a household chemical. Poison Control contacted and family took child to hospital as a precaution.

Saturday, Sept. 3

•2400 block of Military Road, check situation. Cleaning woman reported hearing noises in the building. Patrol and Niagara County Sheriff's Office deputy checked building with negative results.

•2600 block of Military Road, driving while intoxicated. A 22-year-old Sy Road man was arrested after he was involved in a two-car injury accident and failed sobriety tests.

Sunday, Sept. 4

•Porter and Packard roads, DWI. A 29-year-old Chester Avenue man was arrested after he ran a stop sign at Isherwood Drive, sped down Military Road at 89 mph and slid sideways at Porter/Packard and after stopping, failed sobriety tests.

•400 block of A Street, vandalism. Complainant said someone walked over the top of his vehicle overnight.

•1900 block of Military Road, reckless driving. Complainant said she was waiting for a parking spot to open with her turn signal on, and a man tried to cut her off as she pulled into the spot. She said the man struck her vehicle on purpose and he and his wife were verbally abusive.

•4200 block of Military Road, vandalism. Business manager reported someone burned the bottom of a fence owned by the business.

Monday, Sept. 5

•4500 block of Hyde Park Boulevard, vandalism. Manager reported three small holes in a top floor window that appeared to be from a pellet gun.

•6700 block of Packard Road, check situation. Patrol resolved a customer dispute involving $2.

•Second Avenue, check situation. Man and wife reported that while walking the dog, a dark-colored Durango stopped and backed up toward him, then sped away, spinning the tires.

Tuesday, Sept. 6

•7600 block of East Britton Drive, vandalism. Complainant reported someone threw a rock through his back storm door.

•3000 block of St. Paul Street, juvenile problem. A 12-year-old child reportedly did not want to go to school. Parents advised of options.

•400 block of B Street, juvenile problem. Complainant reported an ongoing problem with her son being harassed by another juvenile and when she tried to speak with the child's parents, they were not helpful.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

•8500 block of Porter Road, fire. Niagara Active Hose Volunteer Fire Co. responded and extinguished dumpster fire.

•Tuscarora Road, Duluth Street at Lockport Road, Miller Road at Lockport Road, Porter/Packard roads, Military Road and Third Avenue, traffic tickets. Patrols issued 12 traffic tickets for various offenses.

Thursday, Sept. 8

•600 block of B Street, vandalism. Complainant reported someone smashed in the side window and front window of his trailer.

•Porter Road, suspicious person. Patrol found a male passed out on the side of the road. Man said he was just drunk and wanted a ride home.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. A 31-year-old LaSalle Avenue woman was arrested after shoplifting a pregnancy test and a bottle of pop. Her 1-year-old child was with her.

Friday, Sept. 9

•Factory Outlet Boulevard, aid assist. Patrol was requested to assist Niagara Falls Police with a search for a copper-colored truck whose driver had fled the scene of a possible burglary at a business on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

•3100 block of Apple Court, vandalism. Complainant reported someone keyed her father's pickup truck overnight, carving in a swear word.

•Young Street and Packard Road, hit and run. Complainant said a silver Chevrolet struck his vehicle. The driver, who appeared to be drunk, stopped briefly, but left the scene.

Saturday, Sept. 10

•1900 block of Military Road, larceny. Complainant said she and her husband were in a store and put down a bag containing three shirts and a pedometer, valued at $90, while trying on other items. When they went to retrieve the bag, it was gone.

•Military Road at Fashion Outlet Boulevard and at Packard Road, traffic tickets. Patrol issued tickets to two drivers who drove through a solid red light.

Sunday, Sept. 11

•8400 block of Richmond Avenue, assist citizen. Complainant reported that he lost his girlfriend somewhere while they were at a bar in the city. While patrol was on the scene, the girlfriend showed up saying she had also been looking for her boyfriend.

•Young Street, domestic arrest. A Lockport Road woman reported that she and her husband were involved in a domestic argument, and, when she left the residence, he followed her car and ran her off the road and into a ditch. The 37-year-old man was charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of a child under age 17 and five counts of reckless endangerment second degree.

Monday, Sept. 12

•7900 block of Porter Road, check situation. Open burn complaint; put out on patrol's request.

•4200 block of Military Road, juvenile problem. Caller reported two juveniles using drugs. Patrol checked area with negative results.

Tuesday, Sept. 13

•4700 block of Isherwood Drive, vandalism. Complainant reported that someone smashed the side window of her car overnight.

•Military Road, larceny. Store manager accused a 29-year-old employee from Grand Island of stealing $974.02 in checks.

•Military Road near Niagara Falls Boulevard, reckless driving. Patrol followed two motorcycles driving recklessly. One motorcycle went east on the boulevard and the other south on 88th Street. The one going east was traveling more than 100 mph. All patrol cars ceased attempting to stop the driver due to safety concerns.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

•6900 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, aid assist. Patrol assisted Niagara Falls Police with setting a perimeter for a burglary in progress at a business.

•Richmond Avenue, drug arrest. Patrol arrested a 50-year-old Sunnyside Drive woman after she was stopped for driving at a slow speed, failed field sobriety tests and found to have five different kinds of pills in a pill bottle in her purse.

Thursday, Sept. 15

•2400 block of Military Road, domestic. A 28-year-old Point Avenue man reportedly slammed the driver's door of his girlfriend's vehicle after being slapped three times in the face by her, and then he punched the window with his fist, causing minor cuts to his hand.

•Tuscarora Road, suspicious person. Report of subjects going door-to-door attempting to sell windows. Patrol advised the employees that a permit is needed.

Friday, Sept. 16

•100 block of Expressway Village, vandalism. Complainant said he witnessed his neighbor throw a rock at his bedroom window, causing it to break. Neighbor charged with one count of criminal mischief.

•3000 block of Pretoria Street, animal complaint. Complainant reported neighbor's two pit bulls keep getting loose.

•Military Road, hit and run. Complainant reported someone struck her car in grocery store parking lot and fled the scene.

Saturday, Sept. 17

•2400 block of Military Road, larceny. Complainant reported her wallet, containing $100, was stolen while she was at a business. Wallet was returned by a couple that noticed it on the side of the road in front of a church, but the money was missing.

•300 block of Panama Street, check situation. Caller reported seeing a child on the roof of a house. Patrol spoke with the children at the house, who all denied being on the roof.

•600 block of B Street, check situation. Patrol responded for a report of a screaming female being chased by a male. Negative results.

Sunday, Sept. 18

•7100 block of Colonial Drive, fire. Patrol and Niagara Active Hose responded on a report of a mailbox on fire. Fire apparently was set by an unknown person putting papers inside the box on fire.

•6200 block of Lawson Drive, juvenile problem. Patrol responded on a report of juveniles being loud and breaking glass on the road. Patrol found one female who said she had been at an underage drinking party on South Whitham Drive. Patrol went to the residence and found another female whose parents were away and unaware of the party. The two girls were required to clean up the glass.

•Anthony Drive, juvenile problem. Patrol witnessed five juveniles throwing trash on the ground. Patrol had them pick up all the garbage in the area.

•Military Road, reckless driving. Patrol observed a male riding a dirt bike on the sidewalk. The biker took off onto Lockport Road and went into the fields behind Beldon Center. Patrol was unable to locate him.

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