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Let's Go Back for Sept. 16, 2011

by jmaloni
Fri, Sep 16th 2011 09:30 pm

40 Years Ago, Sept. 15, 1971

Public hearings dominate Board meeting

Last week's Town Board meeting brought to the front a continuing public disenchantment with the suggestion of change. It raises some question as to the amount of real understanding that exists on the part of the community concerning the purpose and intent of the Master Plan, and as to the function and authority of the Town Planning Board, as well. One observer pointed out that the concept of a public hearing is apparently misunderstood.

That there are some causes for these comments became apparent in the hearing before the board concerning a request for an eastern-type riding club in the vicinity of Fix Road and West River.

A petition bearing the signatures of 79 town residents against the proposal was introduced into the record by Adelbert Poslusney of Fix Road. A half-dozen other neighborhood residents, all expressing their concerns at this special use of land in a zoned for residential area, appeared, to speak against the granting of the permit. ...

A request for permission to stable a riding horse on his property on Staley Road by Clyde Guenther met with opposition by his immediate neighbor, Edmund Colan. ...

At the close of the hearings, both matters were referred to the Planning Board for their recommendation.

30 Years Ago, Sept. 11, 1981

Isle bars hunting with pistols

Grand Island regulations bar the use of pistols by big game hunters here, Town Clerk Rita DeGlopper warned this week. Even though state law now allows the use of pistols in some areas, the mandate does not apply to the Island, she said, adding that the only thing that can be discharged by hunters in the town is a shotgun.

20 Years Ago, Sept. 13, 1991

Commerce Center opposed at hearing

Greatly increased traffic, an overloaded sewer plant, road damage, loss of wildlife and a loss of suburban living are just a few of the problems that could result if the current plan for the Grand Island Commerce Center is allowed to be carried out here, opponents claimed Tuesday evening at a hearing in the Town Hall.

For more than an hour and a half, Island residents against the $130 million project, proposed by Acquest Properties Inc., called upon the Town Board to disapprove the master plan to develop the complex on 145 acres of industrial zoned land abutting Long and Bedell roads. ...

Acquest officials expressed confidence the project would result in "significant long-term benefits for residents and the community."

10 Years Ago, Sept. 14, 2001

Tragedy in New York City affects everyone

The tragic turn of events in New York City will be felt throughout the country for some time, and Western New York is no exception.

As is well known by now, two passenger jets crashed into and caused the collapse of the World Trade Center in Manhattan Tuesday morning. Another jet crashed into a portion of the Pentagon in Washington and a fourth jet crashed into a field in southwestern Pennsylvania. The attacks are believed to be the result of terrorist actions. ...

Throughout New York state primary elections were postponed, with no make-up date scheduled as of yet. ...

Many schools in the area cancelled classes and after school activities following the disaster. All of the schools in the Grand Island District were put on lockdown. Visitors attempting to enter any of the schools were searched before being permitted entry. ...

International travelers have had to wait in traffic for hours since Wednesday morning and in some cases overnight. Bridge crossings were temporarily banned at all bridges in Western New York Tuesday as well as most border crossings to and from Canada and Mexico across the country.

Gov. George Pataki, in New York City at the time of the attack, announced that New York state has been declared a major federal disaster area by President George W. Bush.

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