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Lewiston Police Blotter for Sept. 10, 2011

by jmaloni
Fri, Sep 9th 2011 05:35 pm

The following activity occurred Monday, Sept. 29, to Sunday, Sept. 4, as reported by the Lewiston Police Department. LPD reported 126 responses during this period.

Monday, Aug. 29

•LPD office, bad check complaint from a Center Street business. Statement taken from a 57-year-old male. Investigation to continue.

•4600 block of Porter Center Road, harassment. Patrol spoke with a male regarding another male who was subsequently charged. Appearance ticket issued for Lewiston Town Court. Report filed.

•5900 block of South Hewitt Drive, criminal contempt complaint. Patrol reported the arrest of a 41-year-old female on a charge of criminal contempt, second degree. Bail of $200 assigned. Report filed.

Tuesday, Aug. 30

•2900 block of Saunders Settlement Road, larceny complaint at a grocery business. Statement taken from a 25-year-old female who reported two males entered and took frozen pizzas and other frozen items and fled the store. Approximately $51 worth of merchandise taken. Report filed.

•2000 block of Adams Circle, criminal mischief complaint. Statement taken from a 42-year-old male regarding a possible burglary involving an 18-year-old male. Patrol reported the 18-year-old later turned himself in.

•400 block of Dutton Drive, stolen credit cards. Statement taken from a male regarding a 44-year-old male listed as a suspect. Report filed.

•Water Street, youths reported on the roof of the harbormaster's office. Verbal warning issued by patrol.

•Village locations, 10 open container violations/arrests. Locations included South Fourth and Cayuga streets; South First and Cayuga streets; Cayuga Street; Seneca Street (three arrests); and South Eighth Street. Arrested were: two males both age 38 years old; a 25-year-old male; a 23-year-old female; two males and one female (no ages listed); an 18-year-old female; a 17-year-old female; an 18-year-old female and a 20-year-old female. Appearance tickets issued to all for Lewiston Town Court. Reports filed.

•1000 block of Swann Road, burglary. Patrol reported the arrest of a 35-year-old male. Subject detained for positive ID; then arraigned at Lewiston Town Court. Bail of $1,000/$2,000 assigned and suspect remanded to the Niagara County Jail. Report filed.

Wednesday, Aug. 31

•100 block of South Water Street, one vehicle accident. Statement taken from the driver; vehicle towed. Report filed.

•100 block of Tuscarora Street, animal problem. Call listed as a barking dog complaint. Patrol advised the caller to contact the town dog control officer if problem continues. Patrol cleared.

•2900 block of Upper Mountain Road, criminal mischief. Statement taken from a 79-year-old male who reported an unknown person damaged siding and flower pots at a church.

•1000 block of Swann Road, recovered property. A 64-year-old male reported finding money in an area where a male suspect was arrested the night before. Statement taken and added to patrol's narrative.

•Walmore Road, three-vehicle accident. Statements taken from all drivers. No injuries/tows and MV forms issued. Report filed.

•4400 block of Model City Road, harassment. Statement taken from a 27-year-old female regarding a 62-year-old male. Suspect gone on patrol's arrival and advised by LPD not to return to the location.

•1400 block of Saunders Settlement Road, domestic. Patrol listed a 49-year-old female and a 25-year-old female on the call. Parties went their separate ways.

Thursday, Sept. 1

•800 block of Oriole Lane, harassment. Patrol listed two 16-year-old male juveniles on the call. Suspect advised not to talk to complainant.

•Elliott Drive and The Circle, suspicious persons. Caller reported two males wearing dark clothing walking though yards. Negative results on patrol's search.

•700 block of Upper Mountain Road, criminal mischief complaint. Statement taken from a 56-year-old male who reported unknown persons(s) damaged a lock cylinder to the ignition of a vehicle.

•5100 block of Bronson Drive, criminal mischief complaint. Statement taken from a 64-year-old male who reported unknown person(s) damaged an exterior door lock on a vehicle. No entry gained. Report filed.

•5300 block of Military Road, harassment complaint. Statement taken from a 47-year-old female regarding a male suspect. LPD advised the suspect to refrain from contact.

•500 block of Mountain View Drive, larceny. Statement taken from a 47-year-old male who reported the theft of $1,770 from a cash register at a private country club. Report filed.

•Lewiston Road, two-car accident. Statements taken from the drivers; no injuries or tows. MV forms issued; report filed.

•5800 block of Pearl Street, aggravated harassment. Patrol spoke with the male and female involved. Male suspect advised not to call or text complainant. Patrol cleared.

Friday, Sept. 2

•5700 block of Lewiston Road, EMS response-alcohol overdose. Patrol reported the arrest of an 18-year-old male for disorderly conduct from the call. Suspect kicked out the rear window of a patrol car. Suspect also charged with third degree criminal mischief by Niagara County Sheriff's Office. No further information.

•LPD office, harassment complaint. Statement taken from a 41-year-old female regarding an unknown suspect and a phone call to an address on the 4900 block of Creek Road. Complainant reported receiving an anonymous, threatening phone call. Extra patrols in area requested.

•2200 block of Saunders Settlement Road, domestic. Statement taken from a 20-year-old female regarding a 28-year-old male. Complainant reports the suspect punched her as he dropped her off for work. Domestic Incident Report and patrol's report both filed.

•5700 block of Griffin Street, larceny complaint. Statement taken from a 25-year-old female victim/complainant regarding a 47-year-old female suspect. Suspect reportedly stole the complainant's necklace and sold it at a Military Road jeweler's. Report filed.

Saturday, Sept. 3

•Cayuga and North Fourth streets, vehicle/traffic stop. Patrol reported the recovery of property from a female listed as a suspect. Property receipt issued; no further details.

•800 block of Oneida Street, suspicious person. Caller reported two people with flashlights in a yard. Patrol reported finding an open door and woke up the homeowner. Nothing reported taken and patrol cleared. Extra night patrols noted.

•Indian Hill Road, motorcycle injury/accident-DWI arrest. Patrol reported a 33-year-old male was injured and also placed under arrest. Suspect charged with seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, driving while intoxicated and related charges. Suspect taken to EM-Star at Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center. Blood alcohol content testing refused. No further details.

•Military Road, follow-up. Patrol reported recovering a gold necklace linked to a Griffin Street larceny complaint at a jewelry business. Property receipt issued.

•LPD office, follow-up. Patrol reported the arrest of the 48-year-old female for petit larceny and criminal mischief from the Griffin Street larceny complaint. Appearance ticket issued for Lewiston Town Court. Report filed.

•1100 block of Saunders Settlement Road, aggravated harassment. Patrol listed a 53-year-old female as a party involved, an 18-year-old female as a victim and a female as a suspect. Complaint involved Facebook problems. Investigation to continue.

•Balmer Road near Creek Road, domestic/attempt to locate. Patrol located a Honda Pilot from an address on the 3100 block of Creek Road and listed a 40-year-old female as a party involved. NCSO to handle report/Domestic Incident Report.

Sunday, Sept. 4

•800 block of Center Street, assault at a bar/restaurant. Patrol listed two males, ages 24 and 22 as victims, and two males both age 24 as suspects. Investigation to continue. Report filed.

•500 block of Morgan Drive, burglary. Unidentified complainant reported three items were removed from the house. Report filed.

•900 block of James Drive, criminal mischief. Statement taken from a 61-year-old female who reported an unknown suspect shot two windows in the home with a BB gun. Report filed.

•Walmore and Upper Mountain Roads, attempt to locate intoxicated driver. Plate number logged and patrol located the vehicle at Garlow and Upper Mountain roads. Patrol reported the arrest of a 62-yeara-old male for driving while intoxicated. Blood alcohol content testing performed; BAC result, .17 of 1 percent of alcohol content. Vehicle towed; report filed.

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