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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Aug. 4, 2011

by Marwa
Thu, Aug 4th 2011 11:50 am

The following is a sampling of calls received by the Town of Niagara Police between July 19 and 26. During this time period 160 calls were received.

Tuesday, July 19

•220 block of Juniata Drive, animal complaint. A complainant told patrol that two possums had entered her home. Police advised her to contact either the Wildlife Patrol or SPCA.

•210 block of Beckwith Drive, larceny from a vehicle. A complainant said an AM/FM CD radio and five miscellaneous compact discs were stolen from his vehicle on July 18.

•Woodlane Avenue, situation check. A resident reported that he believed the present roadwork was hazardous to drivers. Patrol conducted an investigation of the street and observed that warning signs were visible on entrances to the roadway. Patrol concluded that there was no immediate hazard to motorists.

Wednesday, July 20

•140 block of Nathan Drive, larceny from a vehicle. A victim notified patrol that a GPS unit, a money order worth $355, a cordless drill and $650 in cash was stolen from his vehicle overnight, while it was unlocked and parked in his driveway.

•3220 block of Military Road, explosion/fire. Patrol assisted in securing the scene of a house fire and explosion. Patrol observed a large amount of debris in the roadway, some damaged vehicles, a few injured passersby who were sent for medical assistance, and a house on fire. The owner's son explained that he and a friend had taken the front panel off of their furnace the night before, but had not smelled gas or noticed any problems. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

•8200 block of Porter Road, EMS. Patrol assisted Rural Metro Ambulance and Niagara Active Hose Volunteer Fire Department with a patient who appeared to be intoxicated and was resisting intervention. Patrol followed the EMS vehicle to Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center's emergency room.


July 21

•8880 block of Porter Road, larceny. A business manager notified patrol of a case of employee theft. The manager told patrol that an employee had stolen a concrete saw valued at $1,025. The suspect returned the saw and the manager chose not to pursue the case further.

•8520 block of Porter Road, situation check/possible domestic situation. The adults on location explained that they had been trying to discern whether their young son had swallowed a foreign object. They told patrol they had been loud.

Friday, July 22

•Cayuga Village Area D Street, assault. A third party contacted patrol about a violent fight involving crowbars. The third party told patrol both suspects had left, offering patrol descriptions of their vehicles. Patrol located both suspects, who sustained head and facial injuries. Each suspect told a different story, and neither would cooperate with patrol or accept medical attention.

•6700 block of Packard Road, bicycle larceny. A victim told police that while working, three males had rode up to his area of work and took his bike, replacing it with a girl's mountain bike. Patrol had seen three men who fit the description previously, but could not relocate them. Patrol advised the victim to keep the bike until he found another mode of transportation, but to return it to patrol as it was likely stolen as well.

•2420 block of Military Road, suspicious person. Patrol responded to a report of a suspicious person checking vehicles in the business' parking lot. Patrol located the suspects based on their license plate, one of whom was found to have an active warrant and consequently was brought to the Niagara Falls Police Department.

Saturday, July 23

•5790 block of Lewiston Road, assist police. Patrol assisted the Lewiston Police Department to check the welfare of an intoxicated person in the roadway.

•620 block of Sunnyside Drive, check situation. Patrol was enlisted to check the welfare of an elderly male who did not respond to a visitor at the home. The subject was discovered to have been asleep.

•3030 block of Petroleum Avenue, fraud. Complainant notified police that after attempting to obtain credit, he was told his Social Security had been used by someone else. Patrol advised the victim to obtain his credit reports through annualcreditreport.com and notify them that his identity had been compromised.

•8200 block of Colonial Drive, fire. Patrol responded to a third party report of an open burn at the location. Upon arrival, patrol noticed a large bonfire and asked the homeowner to put it out.

Sunday, July 24

•8120 block of Porter Road, assist fire department. Patrol responded to a report of the scent of natural gas identified inside and outside of the listed location. Niagara Active and National Fuel responded, and the former turned off the residence's gas.

•900 block of Sycamore Street, EMS. An elderly man fell in the shower and needed help. Rural Metro and Niagara Active were on location.

•7830 block of East Britton Drive, noise complaint. Patrol was notified that a loud party was occurring at the location. Patrol confirmed that the noise was excessive, and asked the homeowner to be quieter.

•1720 block of Military Road, situation check. Patrol learned that two vagrants were living in the woods behind the listed location. Patrol located the vagrants and asked them to move per the building owner's request. Both complied.

Monday, July 25

•Seneca Parkway, fraud. The complainant explained that on July 22, a male called her and told her she won $2 million and needed to send a $2,999 to collect the money. The complainant did mail the check but stopped payment on the check after reconsideration. Patrol advised the woman to be wary of scams and tell the man next time he called that the police have placed taps and traces on her phone.

•Paul Drive, Building 182, property check. A complainant notified police that her son had found a bone while digging in dirt across from the location, and wanted to make sure it was not a human bone. Patrol observed the bone and it appeared to be that of an animal.

•6600 block of Woodside Place, animal complaint. A complainant notified police that a cat was giving birth on her front lawn. Patrol contacted the SPCA to respond and secure the cat.

•3020 block of Military Road, theft. Patrol responded to a complaint from a store owner that a female had pumped $58 of gas without paying. The store manager had a vehicle description and plate number. Patrol contacted the woman after running a plate number. She told police she believed she had paid for the gas. She returned to the store to pay for the gas and patrol cleared without incident.

Tuesday, July 26

•Nicki's Lane, assist Niagara County Sheriff's Department. Patrol called to the location to assist in securing three suspicious persons attempting to enter vehicles. Patrol searched the area with negative results.

•3220 block of Bellreng Drive, assist a citizen. A complainant notified police that he felt he was terminated from his place of employment based on his race and sexual orientation. Patrol advised the man to contact the corporate office of his employer.

•4720 block of Creekside Parkway, suspicious person. A complainant told police that earlier that morning, a male had knocked on all of her doors until she responded. He told her he was with a tree cutting service and would be trimming trees behind her home and asked her if she would like a similar service. He left without giving her the business card he promised and did not return to the area.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. Patrol responded to a business employee who told police that three suspects had concealed $210.19 in merchandise and left without paying. All three subjects were charged with petit larceny, and one suspect was charged with endangering the welfare with a child, who was on location at the time.

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