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No one injured in two-vehicle accident

by Marwa

Patrol car hit on both sides

Fri, Jul 15th 2011 04:45 pm

by Larry Austin

No one was hurt last Friday when a Grand Island Police car and a passenger vehicle collided on Baseline Road.

The patrol car, however, isn't so well off.

At about 6:08 p.m. Friday, Peter Sukmanowski of the Grand Island Police Department was responding to a request for the assistance of law enforcement by the first Grand Island Fire Co. firefighter on location of a medical emergency on Warner Drive in the hamlet of Sandy Beach.

Peter McMahon, the town's police commissioner, said Sukmanowski was driving northbound on Baseline Road and approaching Long Road when the police vehicle began to overtake a car that appeared to slow down.

"He thought that the car was yielding the right of way," McMahon said, "and went to pass her on the left, and just as he got up to her, she was slowing down for a left turn and she made a left turn onto Long Road in front of him."

The police car struck the other vehicle on the left front near the wheel. The collision sent the police car off the road, into a ditch and out again, then through the grass where it sheered off a 3 or 4-inch caliper tree, spinning the car around and sending it skidding into a power pole.

McMahon said both drivers denied injuries in the mishap.As for the patrol car, McMahon said, the front end was damaged in the collision, the right side of the vehicle near the door was damaged by the tree, and the left was damaged from the hit on the pole.

An estimate of damage was conducted Wednesday.

The town turned the accident investigation over to the Sheriff's Department Accident Investigation Unit.

"It was, unfortunately a brand new car," McMahon said.

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