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Conservatives endorse Jagow

by Olivia
Thu, Jun 16th 2011 12:25 pm

The Niagara County Conservative Party has announced its endorsement of Niagara County Clerk Wayne F. Jagow for reelection.

"Endorsing Wayne Jagow was one of the easier decisions we've ever had to make as a party," said Conservative Party Chairman Dan Weiss. "Wayne passes the conservative test with flying colors: he was one of the first county clerks in the state to come out against drivers licenses for illegal aliens, he's helped make the pistol permit process in Niagara County one of the quickest and friendliest for our sportsmen, and when the former county manager wanted to ram through a major tax increase, Wayne asked the Legislature to cut positions in the county clerk's office to prevent a tax hike. If anyone has stood up for our party's values, it's Wayne Jagow."

During the Niagara County Legislature's final round of cuts to its budget, Jagow asked county lawmakers to cut two Department of Motor Vehicles positions from the county payroll to save taxpayers from added costs, Weiss said. Jagow has also pushed a major initiative to provide special benefits and discounts for Niagara County's veterans - an effort being copied in other counties.

"As a pro-military, pro-veteran party, the Conservatives will always applaud efforts to help our veterans," Weiss said.  "But in Wayne's case, he managed to do that without increasing the cost of government.  We like that."

Jagow, a former Niagara County Sheriff's Office investigator, is serving his fourth term as Niagara County clerk.  His time in office has been marked by a number of cost-cutting initiatives, as well as efforts to increase services and efficiency by different agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, which saw a major overhaul during Jagow's first term to make it more accessible to citizens. Jagow has, more recently, spearheaded several modernizing efforts, including online payments for various services provided by his office.

"Wayne Jagow has done a tremendous amount of work to make government transparent, cost-effective, and accessible," Weiss said.  "Wayne's record as county clerk speaks for itself, and so does his commitment to conservative, smaller, cheaper government."

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