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Prom attendees can buy a gown like this Kature model.
Prom attendees can buy a gown like this Kature model.
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Everything you need for prom night, right on Center Street

by jmaloni
Sat, May 28th 2011 07:00 am

by Amy Young

Special to the Sentinel

Prom is one of those days girls dream about from the time they are a little girl. I remember my prom was a night that I wanted to be picture perfect. The preparation began months beforehand. Much planning goes in to one the biggest nights of your high school career.

With Lewiston-Porter High School's June 10 prom just a few weeks away, let the preparation begin!

This time of planning is very stressful for both parents and prom participants. Parents are not only dealing with shopping with the picky dresser and opening up their wallets, but they are also dealing with the fact that their babies are now grown up and about to graduate high school. If anyone's daughter is like me, searching for the perfect prom dress is like searching for a wedding dress. It has to be the perfect one! The dress has to be a showstopper and something unlike anyone else's.

Prom is much more of a big deal than it was years ago, and it's definitely something that means a lot more to girls than boys. Not only is there the traditional dress shopping, but also there's the shoes, purse/clutch, hair, nails, tanning, limo, pictures. ... The list goes on and on.

Prom can be quite pricey. But what does a girl absolutely need for prom? These are the essentials:

  • Dress
  • Shoes
  • Clutch
  • Boutonniere - if there's a date (Who really needs a date, though, when you have girlfriends?)
  • Corsage
  • Hairdo
  • Jewels

Believe it or not, everything a girl needs for prom can be found in the Village of Lewiston. Walking down Center Street, you pass a florist, a day spa, boutiques, as well as a dress shop right on the corner and others along the way. Everything needed for the big night can be found right within our backyard.

The Dress

There are so many dresses out there to choose from, with all different styles and colors. The dress should be the first thing to purchase when prom shopping. Without the dress, you can't match shoes, jewelry or accessories.

The best way to begin the prom dress search is by looking through a magazine or searching online. Looking at many different dresses can help you decide what styles you like. Before going to a dress shop, it is best to get an idea of what you want so you are not so overwhelmed with the array of options available.

Kature Bridal and Special Occasion Boutique, located at 424 Center St., has a lot to offer. Owner Kathleen Pino dreamed of owning her own wedding gown store as a young girl. After attending college for fashion design, her dream came true. Kature has been open just under a year.

Pino currently carries Jovani brand gowns, which can be ordered to your size.

Although gowns can be rushed in from a warehouse in New York City, Pino reminds shoppers that it is best to come early.

She spoke of the most popular prom fashions for the season.

"A lot of cutouts, one-shoulder straps and, of course, strapless. I think that will always be in," Pino said with emphasis on the cutouts.

The top color of the season: "Coral and bright colors," Pino said. 

Kature carries everything to complement your dress - from gloves and purses to gorgeous accessories. It should be the first stop on your prom-shopping guide.

Visit Kature on Facebook at Kature Bridal.

The Shoes

Just like gowns, there are so many shoes to choose from. Although girls want their shoes to complement their gowns and be as cute as can be, they must keep in mind that they have to wear them all night long. The shoes that are worn on prom night have to be comfortable.

If you are wearing a long gown, keep in mind that wearing too-high heels could possibly make your dress too short. A benefit of a long gown is that no one has to see your feet, so the appearance of the shoe is not that important.

One option a lot of girls take advantage of is wearing decorative flip-flops - comfortable and affordable. Girls also can bring a pair of flip-flops along with them to change into for the remainder of the night (after pictures).

Some boutiques along Center Street carry shoes, as well as flip-flops, including Angel to Apple.

The Clutch

Getting caught up in the big night can often cause you to forget about the most important item of the night: the clutch. On prom night, the clutch is like your date. It is important to be able to fit all the important solutions to makeup, dress and hair malfunctions in your clutch. Lip-gloss, bobby pins, safety pins, mascara, gum or mints, a camera, cell phone, money and your ID all need to be able to fit.

If you don't find one that suits your need at Kature Bridal, many of the boutiques along Center Street carry little clutches and handbags that can match your gown's look perfectly.

The Boutonniere and Corsage

Having just celebrated its 27th year in business, Enchanted Florist, located at 739 Center St., knows a thing or two about flowers, corsages and boutonnieres. Run by Delores and Peter Tagliarini, Enchanted Florist is more than welcoming and happy to help with your flower selection.

Dates sometimes like to accompany one another when choosing the flowers, so as to match, while others like to surprise one another. According to Delores, "coming separately is just fine."

If you are unsure of where to start or how to choose, Enchanted Florist has picture books displaying all the arrangements they offer. The only thing you need to know is the color of the girl's dress, the owners said. As soon as they know the color of the dress, the flowers can be ordered.

"We like to use pearls and rhinestones to give some kind of glitz," Delores said of the wrist corsages for the ladies, which begin in price at $19.95. Boutonnieres start at $9.95.

Enchanted Florist also has a second location on Military Road in Niagara Falls.

The Hairdo

There are quite a few hair salons in Lewiston. D'Amore Salon and Day Spa, located at 705 Center St., is a full-service spa. It offers everything from manicures and acrylic nails, to waxing and tanning and makeup application.

Owner and stylist Mara Palermo sat down and gave some advice for girls attending prom 2011. When it comes to the style for the hair, "We've seen a lot of half-up, half-down looks, but it's all up to the individuals and their taste," she said.

Hairstylists are like artists: they are creative and can come up with ideas for you. But if you have an idea in mind, bring it in.

"Pictures are always best," Palermo said. "Even if it's something you don't like, you can bring it in and tell us, 'I like this front, but not this back.' It can be hard for us to imagine from descriptions."

Your hair is the palette for your artist, so come with dry hair and about a day old; it's the best to work with.

Making a hair appointment is often forgotten about, Palermo said. "The girls get all caught up in everything else they need, and they forget about their hair."

Depending on the hair and what you want, appointments can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to be ready for the big night. You don't want to be sitting in the salon chair while the rest of your friends are lined up taking pictures outside the limo waiting for you.

When making your appointment, don't forget about all the other services offered at D'Amore. According to Palermo, the extra amenities offered are something that "the girls love."

One piece of advice Palermo gave that should be remembered is, "Communication needs to be open. ... We won't feel bad if you don't like it. We would rather you like it and you leave happy."

D'Amore is currently offering a special deal for new customers. Coupons are available for 20 percent off any service more than $30 for patrons mentioning this article.

Schedule your appointment today by calling 754-7171 or check out D'Amore on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DAmoreSalonSpa.

The Jewels

When it comes to prom 2011, it's all about the bling!

Accessorizing can make or break a gown. Embellish your gown with jewelry that accentuates your dress, but isn't so overpowering that it distracts from the style of your gown itself. If your dress is sequined, you can wear a matching gem necklace and earrings. If your dress is simple and elegant, choose a modest diamond or pearl matching set. You can never go wrong with diamonds, because they can complement any dress.

The jewelry you choose depends upon the gown, especially the neckline. If you have a busy detailed bust, select something simple. If your dress is halter, you may be able to do without a necklace. If your dress is strapless, you may decide to choose a piece that's a little bolder.

A courageous look with big jewels is in style for the season. Big costume earrings with a gown that has bling along the chest, or a large statement-making necklace with a simple gown complete the look.

Along with the bold statement jewels comes the big cocktail ring. These usually come quite cheap.

Whether you would like to go with classic, elegant jewelry or bold costume jewelry, it can be found at boutiques along the street, just like the clutch. Try the Little Yellow Artisan House alongside the village courtyard.

Tips for an Unforgettable Night

Now that you have fully prepared your prom look, there are a few tips not to forget to create a perfect, memorable evening:

  1. You don't have to have a date! Sometimes you are honestly better off going without one. Who wants to cry over a guy on their prom night? Enjoy the night with your closest friends instead.
  2. Don't get too obsessed with your hair and makeup. You will most likely get home from the hair salon and find something you don't like about your hair. Don't touch it! Leave it the way it is, or else you will probably ruin it and dislike it even more.
  3. Don't allow little things to ruin your evening. You will more than likely come home with a stain on your dress or a rip in your clothes. Don't let that ruin your night.
  4. Take as many pictures as possible. Prom is a night you will always look back on.
  5. Cherish the night. It only comes once.

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