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Niagara County Sheriff's Office Reports (Tribune coverage area) for Feb. 17, 2011

by jmaloni
Thu, Feb 17th 2011 03:00 pm

Niagara County Sheriff's Office Zone 11 Wheatfield from Feb. 7 to Feb. 13

Monday, Feb. 7

•Maple Avenue, vehicle check.

•6700 block of Gregory Street. General alarm.

•Shawnee Road, two-car incident. Car in roadway wouldn't start.

•Niagara Falls, multiple vehicle checks.

•2300 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, vehicle found. Located in a business parking lot.

•Hoover Road, vehicle check.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, vehicle incident. A bus with students got in an accident. No injuries reported.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, disabled vehicle. Tractor/Trailer.

•2700 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, disabled vehicle. A female was changing her tire in unsafe conditions.

•30 block of Lena Street, unwanted persons. Teenagers were smoking marijuana in front of a house.

•6900 block of Nash Street, property damage. A person backed into a neighbor's garage.

•7200 block of Williams Road, 911 call. 911 hang-up on an accidental call.

Tuesday, Feb. 8

•6900 block of Plaza Street, disabled vehicle. A car was driven into a ditch.

•6900 block of Mourning Dove Road, alarm.

•2300 block of Lockport Road, vehicle check.

•2500 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, property damage. Two cars were on the shoulder across from a business.

•6800 block of Williams Road, property damage. Two-car accident. No injuries.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

•River Road, vehicle check. Check for black Ford Focus that was stolen from Buffalo.

•Shawnee Road, disabled vehicle. Cars in ditch.

•6800 block of Shawnee Road, injury accident. A car/plow accident with live wires on the snowplow.

•6800 block of Shawnee Road, disabled vehicle. Vehicle in ditch.

•6800 block of Shawnee Road, down wires. Lines were down near a residence, not in road.

•2100 block of Liberty Road, alarm. Overhead door, attempting to contact key holder.

•7200 block of Nash Street, suspended vehicle. Patrols went to front door to ask for the suspect.

•4000 block of Crescent Road, death. Female in her 80s was found not breathing.

•2200 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard, fraud. Possible fraud of unknown persons trying to get business.

•2000 block of Cayuga Drive, open burn. Large amount of black smoke.

•7000 block of Lakeside Road, harassment. Person received a threatening message.

Friday, Feb. 11

•2200 block of Lancelot Street, suspicious vehicle. A car was found parked at a dead end with its lights on for a half-hour.

•6900 block of Brookhaven Road, 911 call. A car had been missing since the night before.

•4000 block of Lockport Road, harassment. Harassing phone calls were occurring at a residence daily.

•Lockport Road, notification. A dog was found on the ice near Lockport Avenue.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, driving ticket. A vehicle was pulled over for crossing a double yellow line.

•6900 block of Williams Road, suspicious person. A person outside of a building was continuously banging on the door.

Saturday, Feb. 12

•Stoelting Road, suspicious vehicle. A dark car was reportedly seen driving around suspiciously.

•Shawnee Road, parking problems. A white Grand Prix was parked on the roadside in the way of a snowplow driver's pathway.

•6900 block of Lakeside Road, animal problem. A skunk was reported to have been last seen at the back yard of a residence.

•7000 block of Witmer Road, harassment. A letter was sent threatening death to someone.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, accident injury. Two-car accident occurred in a business' parking lot.

•6600 block of Shawnee Road, road obstruction. A truck lost its load of lumber near a barn.

Sunday, Feb. 13

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, accident property damage. A car was found off the road into a snow bank.

•6400 block of Nash Road, ATV problem. A snowmobile was reported driving through someone's front lawn.

•Walmore Road, notification. A train kept going through crossing lights.

•Townline Road, 911 call. A blackberry touch screen miss-dialed.


Niagara County Sheriff's Office Zone 12 Town of Niagara from Feb. 7 to Feb. 13

Monday, Feb. 7

•Lockport Road, intoxicated driver. Vehicle was found in a snow bank.

•2400 block of Military Road, alarm. A roof censor went off.

•Witmer Road, fight. Two female inmates were fighting on a transport vehicle.

•Witmer Road, disabled vehicle. A vehicle was found in a ditch.

Tuesday, Feb. 8

•60 block of Anthony Street, disturbance of the peace. A complaint of ongoing loud music was filed.

•4400 block of Military Road, building check. Patrols checked a business' building.

Wednesday, Feb. 9

•Lockport Road, accident injury. Two-car head on.

•7100 block of Lockport Road, 911 call. A person dialed 911 from the back pocket on accident. Patrols were on call.

Thursday, Feb. 10

•4400 block of Military Road, building check. Patrols checked a business' building.

•9400 block of Porter Road, 911 call. 911 hang-up. Caller was busy in callback.

•Family Court in Niagara Falls. Transportation for Family Court.

•4200 block of Sherwood, 911 call. Open line while 911 was called, sounded like children at play. False alarm.

Saturday, Feb. 12

•2400 block of Military Road, notification. The light was completely out in the plaza.

•3000 block of Military Road, alarm. A female was found to have the improper pass code.

•8500 block of Porter Road, criminal mischief. Person believes a vehicle had been tampered with.

•8700 block of Third Street, 911 call. Complainant stated she needed the police and then hung up.

Sunday, Feb. 13

•7400 block of Briton Road, juvenile problem. A disruptive 12-year-old child in a blue T-shirt and pajama pants was reported.

•16 Steele Street, domestic issue. A 15-year-old female and her mother got into a physical fight. No weapons were used and no one was intoxicated.

•Niagara Active Hose, speaking engagement. The Niagara County Fire Police had a meeting.

•7100 block of Lockport Road, 911 call. A person made an accidental 911 call and spoke with patrols.

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