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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Feb. 10, 2011

by Olivia
Thu, Feb 10th 2011 05:00 pm

The following is a sampling of the calls the Town of Niagara Police responded to between Jan. 26 and Feb. 3.

Wednesday, Jan. 26

•Lockport Road, road-blocked. There was a large snow pile on the corner of Lucubrate and Petroleum Street, obstructing the view of Lockport Road on a business' property. The business was not open at the time of the report. Patrol contracted the Highway Department to move the snow for safety reasons.

•6700 block of Woodside Place, domestic dispute. Complainant said his wife was pounding on the door demanding money. He wanted his wife to stop pounding and to leave him alone. Patrol advised his wife to go to bed.

•5500 block of Porter Road, check situation. Patrol observed a dark-colored vehicle with a driver side door open and a male walking around the vehicle. The operator stated he was trying to turn around and got his vehicle stuck. The subject had his friend pull him out and patrol cited him for having an unsafe tire.

Thursday, Jan. 27

•1600 block of Tuscarora Road, larceny. The victim stated that someone entered her unlocked vehicle sometime overnight and took $7 in loose coin from her console. No damage to the vehicle was reported.

•7600 block of Recovery Road, larceny. The victim stated that someone entered his unlocked vehicle and took loose change and lottery tickets, also damaging the dome light. The suspect left a note in the vehicle stating "You could have lost it all." Patrol observed footprints in the snow from the area of his vehicle all the way behind the house into the woods that lead to Tuscarora Road.

•8300 block of Effie Drive, vandalism. The victim states that someone unknown entered his unlocked vehicle and damaged the center counsel as well as the joystick that operates his snowplow.

•8200 block of Packard Road, traffic ticket. A driver was stopped for speeding and texting while driving. Two tickets were issued.

•1000 block of Sunnyside Drive, check-welfare call. A complainant stated that he had been trying to get a hold of his father-in-law and that he had made numerous phone calls and knocked on his door. The complainant asked patrol to gain entry into the residence and took responsibility for damages. Patrol gained access with minimal damage. Upon entering, patrol found the resident lying on the floor in the back bedroom, responsive and alert. Rural metro transported him to the hospital.

•1600 block of Jane Drive, larceny. The complainant stated that sometime overnight, someone entered his locked vehicle and took his wallet, containing gift cards, driver's license, a credit card, debit card, and several reward cards. Patrol advised him to cancel his cards.

•Lockport Road, traffic tickets, marijuana. Patrol was informed that there was a possibly intoxicated operator east on Lockport Road. The vehicle, during a left turn from Lockport to Packard Road, crossed the center lane and then corrected back to the right lane. Break lights kept coming on periodically when no stop signs or signal lights were visible. Patrol noticed the strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The driver had residue of marijuana and wrappings from a cigar on his lap. A sandwich bag containing approximately 25-30 clear glassene envelopes containing a green leafy substance was found in the glove box. The driver was charged with traffic citations and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Friday, Jan. 28

•8500 block of Porter Road, noise complaint. Patrol spoke with the occupant of an apartment who stated her upstairs neighbor was being loud by "stomping around her apartment." Patrol spoke with the occupant and requested she be more cognizant of her footsteps as they can be heard in the downstairs apartment.

•1500 block of Factory Outlet Boulevard, fire. Patrol spoke with the assistant fire chief who stated that it is believed that the kids from a trailer park had set fire to a dumpster. Patrol was also informed by an employee that there were no witnesses or known suspects.

•1500 block of Military Road, robbery. The victim stated that she checked out with her groceries and walked to her vehicle. When she got into the driver side, a man opened the passenger door and sat down. The victim states that she immediately screamed and pounded on the horn because she thought the male was trying to hijack her. The man exited the vehicle and ran from the vehicle with her purse.

•1900 block of Military Road, check-the-situation. An individual was caught in the mall with five individually wrapped glassene baggies with a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana. The defendant was arrested and issued an appearance ticket.

Saturday, Jan. 29

•7100 block of Lockport Road, assist citizen. Patrol assisted in the installation of a child safety seat.

•10 block of Licata Drive, check-the-situation.Patrol responded to a report of a possible burglary in process. Patrol checked all doors and found the front door to be unlocked, however there were no footprints on the stairs leading up to the door.

•Porter Road, property accident. Patrol assisted parties in exchanging information.

Sunday, Jan. 30

•7400 block of St. Joseph Road, 911 hang-up. Patrol made contact with the homeowner who stated everything was fine. Homeowner was trying to dial 411.

•2700 block of Military Road, false alarm. A hold-up alarm sounded at a business. The employees stated that it was an accidental alarm.

Monday, Jan. 31

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. The complainant reported that while he was at a business, someone stole his wallet, containing $130 and more, from the drink counter after he set it down and walked away.

•6900 block of Colonial Drive, check-the-situation. A carbon monoxide detector alarm went off. Niagara Active arrived on scene for further investigation.

Tuesday, Feb. 1

•7500 block of St. Joseph Road, animal complaint. Patrol responded to a welfare check of a dog. The dog had shelter and appeared okay.

•Lockport Road, property accident. Driver of vehicle No. 1 stated she was traveling east on Lockport Road when she observed a vehicle in front of her start to swerve and slammed on her brakes, lost control of her vehicle and ended up in a ditch on the south side of the road, also striking a pole, causing moderate damage to the driver side of her vehicle. The driver was not injured.

Wednesday, Feb. 2

•3000 block of Savannah Street, aid EMS. Patrol helped an EMS call for an ill infant. The infant was transported by Rural Metro to Mount St. Mary's Hospital.

•8200 block of Packard Road, traffic ticket. A vehicle was stopped for speeding. Upon telling the driver why she was being pulled over, she became loud and verbally abusive and would not produce her driver's license, registration and insurance. The officer made at least three requests. At one point the driver struck the officer's hand with a black vinyl document holder and continued to complain. She was taken into custody.

•Lockport and Packard Road, disabled vehicle. A vehicle became disabled after striking a pothole in the curve at Packard and Lockport Road.

Thursday, Feb. 3

•Porter-Packard Road, traffic ticket. Patrol conducted a traffic stop for an inspection sticker. Patrol was shown a 10-day sticker and found the driver's license to be suspended.

•6000 block of Packard Road, assist state police. Patrol assisted with a rollover accident.

•10000 block of Lockport Road, disabled vehicle. A suspect called about a vehicle in a ditch. The vehicle was in a snowback at the dead end road at the Tuscarora gate of the air base. The driver stated that he was heading to the Niagara Falls airport and his GPS instructed him to head in that route.

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