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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Feb. 3, 2011

by jmaloni

The following is a sampling of the 122 calls the Town of Niagara Police responded to between Jan. 19 and 25.

Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 05:00 pm

The following is a sampling of the 122 calls the Town of Niagara Police responded to between Jan. 19 and 25.

Wednesday, Jan. 19

•7100 block of Lockport Road, drug/alcohol. Pages Towing reported discovering a small bag of apparent canibus left in an abandoned vehicle.

•Wildwood Drive, hazard/health. A report of wires down. Dispatch was notified that the wires were cable.

•4500 block of Sherwood Drive, assault. Patrol responded to a physical confrontation. The victim said the argument was over a can of ravioli. He reports that he was struck numerous times in the head with the can. The other party complained that he "attacked" her by pulling her hair and striking her head into a cupboard and floor. Both parties were transported to Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center for treatment and then arrested for assault.

•7200 block of Packard Road, vandalism. A 2002 Mercedes Benz was found to have scratch marks on the driver's side and quarter panel from being keyed. Damage was estimated at $2,000.

Thursday, Jan. 20

•1500 block of Military Road, larceny. A store security officer stated that the suspect concealed $82.97 worth of merchandise without paying. The suspect was taken to Town of Niagara Police Department for processing.

•Porter Road, larceny. Patrol checked an area of Porter Road for a vehicle that was possibly involved in a shoplifting incident. Negative results.

•1800 block of Military Road, also Williams Road in Wheatfield, larceny. Patrol was involved in investigating two different shoplifting incidents.

Friday, Jan. 21

•5500 block of Porter Road, false alarm. Alarm secure. No key holder.

•Porter Road, personal accident. Vehicle No. 2 was stopped in traffic on Porter Road at which time she was rear ended by driver No. 1, who stated he was eastbound on Porter Road when he slid on the ice and snow on the road and was unable to stop. Driver No. 2 complained of neck pain.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. A security guard stated that the suspect concealed an Ipod case in his jacket without purchasing it. The suspect was transported to TNPD headquarters.

•1800 block of Military Road, false alarm. Patrols responded to a business several times for an alarm. Employees were on location and reported no problems.

•6800 block of Joanna Circle, false alarm. Patrols responded to a residential alarm. After checking the outside perimeter, it appeared that no entry could have been made. The snow surrounding the area was still intact.

Saturday, Jan. 22

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, disabled vehicle. An officer assisted a motorist whose rear passenger tire was about to fall off. The vehicle, which had previously been in a ditch and pulled out by a passing motorist, was towed by Page's Towing.

•190 block of Witmer Road, disabled vehicle. The vehicle was pulled from the two-foot high snow bank by Military Towing.

•9500 block of Porter Road, hit and run. Driver No 2 states she was driving east when a black Chevrolet pickup rear-ended her. She pulled over but the bumping of her car continued.

•2100 block of Third Avenue, disabled vehicle. An officer assisted a vehicle, which had spun out, in a ditch. Military Towing towed the vehicle.

•Military Road, driving while intoxicated. A vehicle was observed driving with its trunk open. The vehicle was jerking in different directions and turning from the wrong lanes. There was a strong alcohol smell in the car and the driver had slurred speech. The passengers in the backseat also seemed highly intoxicated. The driver failed all roadside tests and was put under arrest.

Sunday, Jan. 23

•7300 block of Recovery Road, vandalism. The complainant stated that an unknown person drove on his lawn and struck his mailbox, destroying it. Damage is estimated at $100.

•4900 block of Tuscarora Road, fraud. The victim stated that upon opening her Visa bill she had found that two separate fraudulent charges were made to her account. She found two charges on her card made from Wal-Mart. She contacted Visa and Wal-Mart to clear up the problem.

Monday, Jan. 24

•4000 block of Seneca Parkway, fraud. The complainant stated that someone called allegedly from the FBI stating she won a contest and that she had to send $500 through Western Union to an address in California and in return she would receive money and a brand-new Mercedes Benz. The complainant was told to ignore the calls from now on.

•1900 block of Military Road, property accident. Vehicle No. 1 was traveling through the mall parking lot. Driver No. 2 stated that as he was making his turn into the driving lane, he failed to see a stop sign post. He was alerted to the pole by a passenger but was unable to stop in time to avoid striking it.

•Blanchard Drive, reckless driving. A black vehicle was seen doing donuts and squealing his tires. The vehicle operator advised patrol he was just trying to have fun. Patrol advised the subject to stop or he would be charged with reckless driving.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

•1400 block of Tuscarora Road, property accident. Vehicle No. 1 was traveling eastbound. Driver No. 1 states that upon approaching the intersection he started braking for a stop sign. Due to the icy conditions, he slid through the intersection. He attempted to turn, but was unable to avoid striking a utility pole.

•Niagara Falls Boulevard, citizen assist. Dispatch requested to check the welfare of an intoxicated male who was walking west down Niagara Falls Boulevard, in the middle of the road. The male stated that he was walking home. Fearing the male would be injured; the officer transported him to his residence.

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