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Modern proposal to be discussed Monday

by jmaloni
Sat, Oct 23rd 2010 04:00 pm
by Terry Duffy

The Town of Lewiston Modern Citizen's Action Committee will be among those on hand to discuss a new Modern proposal with the town, at a Town Board public hearing Monday at Town Hall.

According to Modern CAC Chairman Vincent DiMarco, Modern seeks to modify its Host Community Agreement with Lewiston as well as adjustments to the town code. The proposal, provided to the Sentinel from the Modern CAC, was submitted to the town last week. It remains under review by the Lewiston Town Board.

Modern Vice President Gary Smith is expected to be in attendance and provide a 5:30 p.m. leadoff presentation at the session. The Lewiston Town Board regular meeting will follow at 6 p.m.

According to DiMarco, the Modern proposal calls for the following:

  • An increase in the volume of waste for disposal, from the current HCA permitted of 242,400 tons per quarter and 808,000 tons per year, to 287,400 tons per quarter and 958,000 tons per year. The 150,000 tons per year increase would see an additional 30 trucks per day (based on Modern's 5.5 day workweek) or an increase of 8,580 trucks per year, according to DiMarco.
  • An additional 100,000 tons of organic waste to be composted.
  • A request to modify the landfill footprint by relocating a portion of the waste area away from an existing gas line.
  • A plan for Modern to provide the town "a minimum of 15 million gallons of leachate and/or condensate each year, or all of its annual production of leachate or condensate, whichever is less for disposal at the town's waste water treatment plant." The measure states Modern would pay the town $.02 per gallon for treatment and disposal for 10 years following the establishment of a sewer line, with compensation thereafter to be determined by a the CPI-U Index.

Modern, in turn, has proposed the following in compensation to the town:

  • Additional tipping fees of $222,450 per year in the event that landfill tonnage increases by 150,000 tons per year.
  • $300,000 in new revenues for the town from the leachate disposal.
  • An increase in the estimated index in 2010 of $18,000.
  • Leasing of land west of Washuta Park to the town for use as a second baseball field, and Modern providing "in-kind services or cash not to exceed more than $20,000 towards construction of permanent restrooms and provide in-kind services towards construction of a seasonal ice rink at Academy Park."
  • Modern environmental awareness efforts through "Go Green Initiatives" or "Sustainable Practices Projects" coordinated through the University of Buffalo and geared for area schools.
  • Modern support of town efforts toward acquisition of Joseph Davis State Park.

In its report, the Lewiston Modern CAC presented various analyses and concerns, including an earlier projected landfill closing, concerns over sewer construction, and questions over tipping fees for organic waste. These and others will likely be topics at the Monday session.

When contacted, Modern's Smith sounded upbeat on the latest proposal, saying it was an improvement over one presented to the town in 2008. "Obviously it's a source of funding for the town," he said of the latest proposal. "It would call for increases in annual revenue of $600,000."

Smith pointed out Modern has been responsive to community concerns and has already implemented changes at its Lewiston landfill operations. One already in place is a reduction of 100 trucks per day coming into Lewiston as a result of new truck transfer stations in Buffalo. Another in planning is to further reduce the number of tanker trucks coming into the Lewiston facility through establishment of a sewer line.

Smith said overall he felt the plan could assist the town both currently as it weathers economic stress and in its future planning of quality of life initiatives for area residents.

"This is not the same proposal" presented in 2008, said Smith. "There have been a lot of compromises."

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