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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for July 8

by jmaloni
Sun, Jul 11th 2010 07:48 pm

The following is a sampling of the calls the Town of Niagara Police responded to between June 21 and 27. During that week 136 incidents were investigated.

Monday, June 21

  • A report of a suspect scratching the screen of the west side of a home on the 100 block of Manny Drive was filed. Patrol checked the area, but did not find any leads.
  • Recent burglaries in the Colonial Drive/Grauer Road area caused patrol to make frequent checks. No other burglaries were found.
  • Patrol responded to an incident at the Niagara Falls Airport. NFTA reported an unauthorized glider operating. Patrol was requested to get the glider to land.
  • Just minutes later, other patrol responded to a tower operator at the airport. The operator reported he lost radar contact with the hang-glider that was south-southwest of the airport. Dispatch was asked to notify Parks Police and Niagara Falls Police Department.
  • A resident of the 4700 block of Creekside Parkway reported a suspicious vehicle outside his home. He investigated outside and found all four doors open of the sedan. He returned inside and saw the vehicle speed away. Patrol responded with no leads.

Tuesday, June 22

  • A resident of the 5100 block of Tuscarora Road reported a burglary. The victim stated her ex-boyfriend made threats and threw an old pair of underwear off the roof before kicking in the door. He made entry into the apartment where her current boyfriend chased him away. Upon arrival, patrol noticed substantial damage to the doorframe. The suspect said he would turn himself in to police the following week. The landlord was advised of the situation and wished to proceed with a warrant for the suspect.
  • Rural Metro Ambulance was brought to Fashion Outlet Boulevard where a woman complained of chest pains. She was conscious and alert. She requested to be transferred to the hospital.
  • Patrol responded to a fireworks complaint on the 9900 block of Porter Road. Niagara Falls Airport Tower operator reported fireworks had been launched on one of the runways blocking the flight path. The group of people advised fireworks would no longer be launched.

Wednesday, June 23

  • A resident of the 4300 block of Isherwood reported a fire. The woman reported smoke behind her refrigerator. Patrol responded and found a burn mark on the wall of the kitchen. No injuries or damage was reported.
  • A shoe store on Military Road reported fraud. A customer gave the cashier a $100 counterfeit bill for a transaction less than $15. The bill was not checked for verification when it was accepted. The suspect was not found.
  • A resident of the 1400 block of Elderberry Place reported a domestic dispute. The victim stated she was physically harassed during a verbal argument with her boyfriend for not performing household chores. She said he punched her in the head six times and pushed her into a cabinet. Patrol observed no physical injuries. The victim wished no charges.

Thursday, June 24

  • Patrol responded to an incident on the 4500 block of Military Road. Smoke was coming from a pot that had been started by a cigarette. Water was poured on the pot and was removed away from the front door.
  • A false alarm went off on the 7600 block of Sunnydale Drive. Two small dogs were found running inside the home. Patrol secured the premises.
  • A funeral escort on Military Road noticed a suspicious vehicle while stopping traffic. The female driver was reported to have almost caused numerous accidents trying to cut-off other vehicles. Patrol was called and the driver was questioned. She was questioned after she reported she had consumed alcoholic beverages beforehand. She failed a field sobriety test with a B.A.C. of .26 percent. It was discovered she had prior convictions of DWI and she was arrested and arraigned in court.

Friday, June 25

  • A resident of Rhode Island Avenue reported a suspicious vehicle in front of his home. He stated two males were outside the vehicle and one attempted to break in while he was chasing them away. The two fled the scene while using profanity and said they would be back to the residence.
  • Patrol responded to a resident of the 8500 block of Porter Road. She reported she gave another woman $175 to give a man for a rental vehicle. The man kept the money for himself. The resident was advised to take civil action against the man.
  • Patrol responded to verbal harassment on Sadlo Drive. A man stated another man pulled behind him and chased him around the park in his vehicle and yelled at him. No violent threats or physical confrontation was made.

Saturday, June 26

  • A resident of the 4700 block of Tuscarora Road reported a larceny. A man said he discovered his imported gnome from Germany was stolen overnight from his patio. The item's value is estimated at $75.
  • Patrol responded to a burglary and trespassing reported by an eatery on Military Road. Two male suspects, a 22 year old of Porter Road and a 21 year old of Steele Circle, were charged in the case. The resident of Porter Road is ordered to pay back $75 for three wooden plaques and also has one count of petit larceny filed again him. He was a former employee of the business. The resident of Steele Circle is being charged with trespassing.
  • Police spoke with a female employee of a restaurant on Military Road who reported a woman went into the business and punched a male employee in the face. She left and entered into the establishment again, also punching the female employee in the face. She suffered a swollen lip. The women took off and used profanity while driving by three times. A warrant is being issued for her arrest.

Sunday, June 27

  • Residents of the 3200 block of Bellreng Drive reported burglaries. A woman stated more than $4,000 was stolen from her apartment, including computer hardware/software, photographic equipment, and musical equipment.
  • Police informed a man his apartment was broken into. The front door and windows were left opened. More than $250 in money, $100 in alcoholic beverages, and $350 in non-narcotic drugs were stolen.
  • Police responded to a suspicious vehicle driven by two men on Fourth Street headed towards Military Road. A woman reported one of the males exited the vehicle and checked the doors of residential properties.

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