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'Burn Notice' star Jeffrey Donovan promises 'remarkable,' dangerous' fourth season

by jmaloni

But first, season three finale airs Thursday on USA Network

Tue, Mar 2nd 2010 09:00 am

Behind the Screens with Joshua Maloni

If you're a fan of "Burn Notice," the USA Network's hit action-spy caper, I've got good news and bad news for you.

The good news is that stars Jeffrey Donovan (who portrays burned CIA operative Michael Westen) and his onscreen leading lady, Gabrielle Anwar (former IRA provocateur Fiona Glenanne), are totally committed to the series. Though both actors have achieved big screen success, they're currently enjoying their small screen adventure.

"I think that, especially with cable, it's an avenue to be creative," Donovan tells BTS. "I think why people are drawn more now to cable shows than ever is that they take more risks; they're creatively pushing the envelope. I think that the networks have to answer to a bigger advertising calling, whereas the smaller cables have lower ceilings that they can bump their heads on. So I think that's why I keep being drawn back to television, because I think it's one of the most creative outlets.

"And if you think about it, we make 16 one-hour movies a season. You don't get any opportunity like that in movies. I mean, I can't say I'll be able to do 16 movies in the next year, and so that's how I see it."

On top of that, Anwar says she likes "the stability; the continuity of having a lifestyle where I know I can pay my rent at the end of each month. And also I have these children that I am raising, and it's nice for all of us to sort of know that we're going to be in a specific place for a certain amount of time. I've never known that in my career. So, I'm really quite grateful at this point that I get to have the sort of double existence and I can rely on both."

Of course, the down side, here, is that the longer the "Burn Notice" wick grows, the longer it will take to discover who burned Michael.

Fortunately, Donovan says fans have a lot to look forward to in season four, which debuts this summer.

"Yes, season four is actually pretty remarkable," he says. "I met with the writers last week and we kind of broke down the next eight- or nine-episode ark.

"A new character is going to be introduced. I don't know the name yet, but he is going to be a young operative. ... He's going to play a significant new role on the show. And then there is actually going to be a change of management. There's going to be a new management that controls Michael's life, and you'll see Michael have to go on even more dangerous missions under this new management with the new operative."

Look for clues this Thursday in the season three finale (10/9 central). John Mahoney, who was seen in last season's final episode, reprises his role as a management leader.

Additionally, Michael will try and stop the mysterious criminal (Garret Dillahunt) he unintentionally freed, as members of his team face-off with federal agents.

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