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Grand Island: Residents oppose apartment plan
Sat, Mar 23rd 2024 07:00 am
A developer's plan to build apartments at Ransom and Stony Point roads brought opposition from residents during the third of three public hearings at Monday's lengthy Town Board meeting.
TrendSetters: Custom style, trendy look
Sat, Mar 23rd 2024 07:00 am
TrendSetters Hair Design owner Cathy Fancher-Caldwell has established her business to be a place of beauty, serenity and confidence.
New deli opens in time for St. Patrick's Day
Sat, Mar 23rd 2024 07:00 am
JG's Island Deli's new owner, Jordan Garrow, was excited about the enthusiastic response from customers at the deli's soft opening this past Sunday.
Top 10 high school graduates introduced at Board of Education meeting
Sat, Mar 23rd 2024 06:55 am
The academic top 10 of the Grand Island Central School District's graduating Class of 2026 was honored at the March 11 meeting of the Board of Education. Seven of the 10 students were at the meeting.
Greenway Host Community awards funding for Academy Park pavilion, Lewiston Riverfront Park, Five Senses Park
Fri, Mar 22nd 2024 11:00 am
The Niagara River Greenway's Host Communities Standing Committee unanimously approved funding requests for two Lewiston projects and one in the Town of Wheatfield at a meeting on Tuesday.
Village of Lewiston Board has quiet session
Fri, Mar 22nd 2024 10:55 am
It was quiet at the Village of Lewiston monthly meeting on Monday.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 22, 2024
Fri, Mar 22nd 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 22, 2024
Village of Lewiston Board has short session
Tue, Mar 19th 2024 12:15 pm
It was quiet at the Village of Lewiston monthly meeting on Monday.
DeGlopper Memorial site volunteers continue push for federal monument status
Sat, Mar 16th 2024 07:00 am
Unusually nice weather last fall and this spring has been great news for the volunteers who have been working tirelessly to build and maintain the DeGlopper Memorial, while anxiously awaiting the goal of having this space declared a federal monument.
Tops invests $2 million in Grand Island store
Sat, Mar 16th 2024 07:00 am
Tops Friendly Markets announced the grand reopening of its 57,000-square-feet Grand Island store at 2140 Grand Island Blvd.
Easter egg hunt to raise funds for VFW
Sat, Mar 16th 2024 07:00 am
Autumn Spinella and her husband, Joseph, had always wanted to do something special to raise much-needed funds for Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9249 and its auxiliary. Their opportunity came last year when they organized an extremely successful Easter egg hunt on the VFW grounds at 2121 Grand Island Blvd.
Q&A: Jason Beghe on 'Chicago P.D.' case that hits home for Hank - plus, Chapman seeing 'a side of Voight that others don't'
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 04:40 pm
On "Chicago P.D.," the intelligence unit's newest case is hitting home for Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), who has taken a personal interest in a troubled victim.
Totally Buffalo totally joining Lewiston's Center Street business district
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 11:00 am
Two of Buffalo's best backers are bringing their business to the Village of Lewiston. Come May, Mary Friona and Scott Celani plan to open a new Totally Buffalo Store at 467 Center St. - the former home of You & Me boutique.
Grand Island: Overpass work resumes
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 09:30 am
Work has resumed on the Beaver Island Parkway overpass to the I-190 Thruway on Grand Island.
Imagine a future without local news: New York must enact Local Journalism Sustainability Act
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 09:15 am
As objective and independent news writers and editors, we have an imperative to cover the issues most important to the people of Niagara County and Grand Island. Every day, our team is on the ground questioning elected officials, uplifting the stories of community changemakers, and uncovering truths that some would rather keep hidden. But, amidst industry challenges, it is no longer unfathomable to picture a future when New York state is completely without local newspapers and other local news outlets.
Short-term rental discussions dominate Town of Lewiston meeting
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 09:00 am
Prior to its Monday work session, the Town of Lewiston Board held two public hearings - one on a continued solar moratorium (drawing no comments); another regarding a proposed local law on short-term rentals (garnering plenty of feedback).
Reinvented Ringling Bros. circus visits Buffalo
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 08:50 am
Acrobatic feats, pyrotechnics, slapstick comedy, tricks on BMX bikes, and a wide variety of highwire acts are among the spectacles awaiting visitors to the reinvented version of "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey The Greatest Show On Earth" This year marks the first the circus is back after a hiatus of seven years.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 15, 2024
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 08:15 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 15, 2024
Building bridges toward a safer Grand Island
Sat, Mar 9th 2024 07:00 am
Anti-crime activist Lindsey Cruz had nothing but praise this week for Grand Island law enforcement for their quick work in stopping a rise in car thefts and break-ins that plagued the first two months of 2024.
Mental Health First Aid training offers tips & strategies
Sat, Mar 9th 2024 06:50 am
If a student were to fall during a track meet and sprain an ankle, it is highly likely the student would get help in the form of first aid. The type of first aid might include ice packs or compression bandages or elevating the ankle.
Let the St. Patrick's Day celebrations begin!
Fri, Mar 8th 2024 11:00 am
An annual favorite, plans are again shaping up by many to celebrate all things Irish - with social gatherings, religious observances, dinners, parades, theatrical productions, parties and more on the weekend of March 16-17.
DiMino's Lewiston Tops expands sushi offerings with in-house preparation
Fri, Mar 8th 2024 10:55 am
DiMino's Lewiston Tops has expanded its sushi offerings with a new display station at the far end of the deli counter, and the addition of an Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. chef.
Residents object to Golfview zoning change
Fri, Mar 8th 2024 09:45 am
Town Hall had a packed house Monday as residents pleaded with the Town Board to say no to a rezoning request that would allow four apartment buildings in the proposed 65-acre Golfview development at Whitehaven and East River roads.
Wydysh shares key points of State of the County
Fri, Mar 8th 2024 08:30 am
A few weeks ago, I had the honor to deliver my fifth State of the County address. I view these types of speeches - whether it's the president delivering the State of the Union, the governor giving a State of the State, or a local official talking about their county or city - as kind of a status report on how things are going. It's an opportunity to look back a little bit and then discuss what might be coming around the corner.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 8, 2024
Fri, Mar 8th 2024 08:20 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 8, 2024
Chris Tomlin releasing 'Live From Good Friday' album on March 15
Thu, Mar 7th 2024 09:25 am
Grammy-winning artist Chris Tomlin, whom Time Magazine heralded as the "most often sung artist in the world," is embarking on one of the busiest years of his career in 2024 as he announces a new live album, hosts "Good Friday Nashville" for the eighth year - which sold-out three weeks in advance and created an opportunity to open more seating for ticket buyers (www.goodfridaynashville.com) - prepares to release a new book, and kicks off a world tour this spring.
Village of Lewiston adds self-storage law, approves redesigned Academy Park pavilion
Tue, Mar 5th 2024 09:00 am
Trustees in the Village of Lewiston voted Monday to prohibit new, dedicated self-storage facilities - though they left the door open for storage as an accessory use.
St. Timothy Lutheran Church to hold first chili cook-off
Sat, Mar 2nd 2024 07:00 am
A very special guest may make an appearance at St. Timothy Lutheran Church's first chili cook-off, scheduled for March 9 at the church, 1453 Staley Road.
Anti-crime activist sees progress on Grand Island
Sat, Mar 2nd 2024 06:55 am
Lindsey Cruz of Grand Island was almost a crime victim when thieves tried, but failed, to steal her car from the driveway.
WNY's Best: Brickyard voted best stew, chili; Villa Coffee takes top soup spot
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 11:00 am
Niagara Frontier Publications launched its new food contests right after the first of the new year to celebrate these cold-weather comfort foods.
Mr. Ventry's Pizza on the Boulevard takes WNY's Best Wings title
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 10:30 am
You can often tell how popular a restaurant is by the number of cars in its parking lot. A recent mid-afternoon weekday visit to Mr. Ventry's Pizza on the Boulevard was a testament to its reputation.
David's 716 Bar & Grill named WNY's Best Place to Watch a Game
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 10:30 am
What you first notice when you walk into David's 716 Bar & Grill in Niagara Falls are the huge flat-screen televisions that cover the walls. They're in the bar. They're in the dining area. It seems like they're everywhere.
GNBC staging spring show featuring classic, new ballet
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 10:00 am
For the Greater Niagara Ballet Company, everything old is new again.
WellNow's Lewiston urgent care site getting closer to opening
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 09:05 am
River Region residents have noticed more activity at the new WellNow Urgent Care site on Center Street in Lewiston. Furniture and television screens can be seen inside the windows, and the company sign was recently installed on the building's exterior.
Lewiston Lions share Earth Day initiatives
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 09:05 am
Thrilled to witness the energy within our community, rallying together to preserve a slice of Mother Nature - the majestic blue spruce tree gracing our waterfront.
INI/drainage issue updates at Lewiston Town Board meeting
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 09:00 am
Questions over Lewiston's handling of inflow/infiltration, as well as drainage, resurfaced in active discussions at Monday's regular Town Board meeting.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 1, 2024
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 1, 2024
Eco Island offers 3rd graders opportunity to be scientists
Sat, Feb 24th 2024 07:05 am
Owls are unable to move their eyes in their head. If they want to see in another direction than forward, they must swivel their heads. Owl heads can swivel for at least 270 degrees. Owl eyes are huge, and owls are adapted to see well enough in the dark to hunt for mice, voles, and other small birds and animals. Owls are nearly colorblind because keen color vision is not essential for animals that are active mostly at night (nocturnal).
Erie County Sheriff John Garcia: Stop crimes of opportunity
Sat, Feb 24th 2024 07:00 am
As a Grand Island resident, Erie County Sheriff John Garcia takes personally the quest to end the rise in vehicle thefts in town - six total in 2024.
Village of Lewiston approves plan for smaller Academy Park pavilion
Fri, Feb 23rd 2024 11:00 am
Trustees in the Village of Lewiston on Tuesday modified and then approved plans to build a pavilion in Academy Park.

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