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Q&A: 'Unsung Hero' brings Rebecca St. James' origin story to the big screen
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 05:30 pm
Rebecca St. James has lived a life destined for greatness and bound for the big screen.
Early voting underway in 26th Congressional District
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 11:00 am
Early voting is underway at the Grand Island Welcome Center for the 26th Congressional District race between Democratic New York State Sen. Tim Kennedy and Republican Gary Dickson, West Seneca supervisor.
Historic Preservation Commission tours Frontier House
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 11:00 am
On Tuesday, Village of Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission Chairwoman Loretta Frankovitch and members Peter Coppins, Rita Geiben and Christine O'Hara toured the 200-year-old Frontier House, which is set to reopen this summer.
Adams Fire Co. marks 100 years
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 11:00 am
"Happy birthday!" Adams Fire Co. President James Mihalko said as he welcomed the members and guests to the 100th annual installation dinner.
DiMino's Lewiston Tops adds LEGO section
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 11:00 am
The DiMino family has long supported family playtime and activities in the River Region, whether it be sponsoring events, hosting gatherings or expanding the Academy Park bandshell. That commitment has grown with the recent addition of a large LEGO section inside of Tops.
Town of Lewiston votes 'No' on short-term rentals
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 10:00 am
Members of the Lewiston Town Board voted by a 3-2 margin Monday evening to endorse Local Law No. 2 of 2024. The board's action, which followed plenty of debate, now essentially prohibits the operation of short-term/transient rentals. The decision comes off a contentious March 11 public hearing on the issue, and comments both for and against short-term rentals operating in local neighborhoods.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 26, 2024
Fri, Apr 26th 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 26, 2024
Good from the get-go: Jocelyn Hudon impresses in 'Chicago Fire' debut
Tue, Apr 23rd 2024 12:20 pm
Over the weekend, Jocelyn Hudon starred in "Falling in Love in Niagara" where she showed off her physical comedic and action skills, giving her character - an apprehensive Madeline - humor and compassion.
New Hallmark Channel film shines spotlight on Niagara Falls
Tue, Apr 23rd 2024 11:55 am
The Hallmark Channel creates movies in picturesque locations around the world, treating viewers to magnificent bodies of water, sprawling beaches, lush green space, massive mountains, striking foliage - and, just recently, Niagara Falls.
St. Stephen's Old Church: The road from church to community center
Mon, Apr 22nd 2024 07:00 am
The transformation is well underway for St. Stephen's Old Church building to become the Grand Island Cultural Center (GICC).
Aldi plans progressing well, Marston says
Sat, Apr 20th 2024 07:00 am
Plans are proceeding well in getting an Aldi supermarket on the south end of Grand Island, Supervisor Peter Marston recently said in an interview with the Island Dispatch.
Grand Island Nature Alliance focuses on community's natural resources
Sat, Apr 20th 2024 07:00 am
Grand Island's undeveloped land provides a home to a wide variety of wildlife, said Michelle Lockett, who has been coordinating events for the Grand Island Nature Alliance, a group formed a year ago.
GICSD: Graham offers guidance on youth substance abuse
Sat, Apr 20th 2024 07:00 am
The legacy of Dr. Brian Graham, Ed.D., now in his eighth school year as Grand Island's superintendent of schools, could easily be that of "The Great Communicator," as he truly believes communication is key to educating students and parents about issues in society today.
Adrian's Custard & Beef opening: A rite of spring
Sat, Apr 20th 2024 07:00 am
There's no question that Adrian's Custard & Beef is a popular seasonal restaurant for Grand Islanders. In fact, plenty of customers wish they'd be open year-round.
Q&A: Dan Jeannotte has adventure filming 'Falling in Love in Niagara'
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 04:30 pm
Dan Jeannotte is taking center stage this weekend, starring in the new Hallmark Channel film "Falling in Love in Niagara."
Grand Island Radisson sale draws interest
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 01:10 pm
As discussions continue with the Grand Island Town Board for a planned unit development rezoning at Whitehaven and East River roads - with up to 316 residential units under consideration - one lingering question among neighboring Island residents remains, "What is going on with the Radisson?"
Photos: Gallo reopens with new look
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 10:05 am
When it comes to his Village of Lewiston restaurants, Michael Hibbard is not content with being content.
Village of Lewiston adopts budget
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 10:00 am
No Village of Lewiston residents spoke Monday at a public hearing on the proposed budget, making the trustees' decision to unanimously approve the measure that much easier.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 19, 2024
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 19, 2024
Officials offer look at new Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 07:00 am
Niagara County officials provided a construction update this week on the nearly 15,000-square-foot Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy that's set to open this June on the SUNY Niagara campus in Sanborn.
Youngstown trustees approve $1.525 million budget
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 07:00 am
The Village of Youngstown provided a detailed review of its $1,525,479.02 budget draft for 2024-25 Monday before a small crowd in the Red Brick Village Center boardroom.
'Concrete' progress on overpass
Sat, Apr 13th 2024 07:00 am
Good news for commuters! There's a "concrete" time frame for completion of the Thruway overpass at Exit 18B on Grand Island.
Chasing totality!
Sat, Apr 13th 2024 07:00 am
On April 8, the sky was overcast, and it looked as if it would remain that way for the entire day. My nephew, Devin, who had brought his family to Grand Island from California to view the eclipse, was busy with his efforts to find the best place to view the eclipse. He checked the radar the day before the eclipse, and he recommended that we travel west toward Ohio.
Eclipse: Adams Fire Co. boosted by Weaver's support
Sat, Apr 13th 2024 07:00 am
Adams Fire Co. got a big boost for its eclipse planning and logistics from Bob Weaver Motorsports & Marine Inc. this past week.
Frontier House eyeing summer opening
Fri, Apr 12th 2024 10:05 am
With interior renovations well underway, and aesthetic pieces soon to follow, the Frontier House team is expecting the Village of Lewiston's 200-year-old centerpiece will reopen this summer.
Still a catch: Apple Granny reclaims WNY's Best Fish Fry title
Fri, Apr 12th 2024 10:00 am
Apple Granny Restaurant serves WNY's Best Fish Fry.
Fishing and Outdoors in WNY: The smelt are running
Fri, Apr 12th 2024 09:35 am
The smelt are in!
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 12, 2024
Fri, Apr 12th 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 12, 2024
Grand Island was ready for eclipse
Wed, Apr 10th 2024 08:30 pm
Grand Island's close encounter with a total solar eclipse went very smoothly regarding traffic and safety, according to Town Supervisor Peter Marston and Highway Superintendent Dick Crawford.
Q&A: Judith Hill intent on telling her own story on 'Letters from a Black Widow'
Wed, Apr 10th 2024 09:35 am
For too many years, too many people have been telling the wrong stories about Judith Hill.
Q&A: Callum Keith Rennie joins 'Star Trek' in final season of 'Discovery'
Wed, Apr 10th 2024 09:00 am
"Star Trek: Discovery" brought the famed franchise back to the small screen in 2017, and paved the way for the televised (or streaming) return of Spock (here and in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds"), Seven of Nine, the Borg, Data and Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (via "Star Trek: Picard"). In expanded the origin story of some of "Star Trek's" most famous faces, while gifting fans with amazing new characters including Capt. Michael Burnham, Emperor Georgiou, Lt. Cmdr. Stamets, Cleveland "Book" Booker and Mr. Saru.
Beaver Island State Park invites visitors to watch eclipse on a kayak
Sat, Apr 6th 2024 11:10 am
At Beaver Island State Park's Falconwood Event Center, V'Randa Restaurant, the front lawn and boardwalk that overlook a beautiful one-half mile sandy beach on the shores of the mighty Niagara River, people are expected to be directly in the path of totality - which occurs at 3:18 p.m.
Hibbard's Original Frozen Custard opens for 85th season
Fri, Apr 5th 2024 11:00 am
Hibbard's Original Frozen Custard opened for the 2024 season on Wednesday in Lewiston.
Village of Lewiston reviewing budget: Trustees considering 20-cent tax increase
Fri, Apr 5th 2024 11:00 am
The Village of Lewiston Board has begun working on the next fiscal year budget, and trustees are considering a 20-cent tax increase - to a rate of $8.164858 per $1,000 of assessed property valuation.
De Dee's Dairy continues tradition of 'fast, friendly service, generous portions at a fair price, and a lot of flavors'
Fri, Apr 5th 2024 10:45 am
Long before supermarkets were invented, there were more than 30 dairies in Niagara Falls. They all delivered milk and other dairy products to stores, restaurants and homes.
Largest helium balloon ride coming to Niagara Falls this summer
Fri, Apr 5th 2024 07:00 am
This summer, locals and tourists alike will get a grand view of Niagara Falls, basking in the majesty of the sky as LIVE! Incorporated is getting ready to launch Niagara Falls' newest attraction: LIVE! On Air Fallsview Balloon Ride on the world's largest tethered helium balloon.
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 5, 2024
Fri, Apr 5th 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for April 5, 2024
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 29, 2024
Fri, Mar 29th 2024 07:00 am
Full free edition: The Tribune-Sentinel for March 29, 2024
Complete eclipse preview
Fri, Mar 29th 2024 07:00 am
Click HERE or below for our comprehensive preview of eclipse events, activities, information on glasses and safety tips.
Erie County rejects Town of Grand Island warehouse law
Sat, Mar 23rd 2024 07:00 am
Erie County has come out against Grand Island's proposed zoning changes dealing with the allowable size of warehouses and distributions centers in M-1 and M-2 districts.

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