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Q&A: Dispatch working to make world a better place; excited to return to Artpark
Mon, Jun 17th 2024 03:25 pm
When you see Dispatch live in Lewiston, know that you're helping to make the world a better place.
Q&A: The Bacon Brothers bringing their own style of music to Buffalo
Fri, Jun 7th 2024 03:20 pm
Kevin Bacon - the A-list actor seemingly connected to everyone within "Six Degrees" - and Michael Bacon, a multiple-award-winning composer - let their songs do their defining.
Q&A: Michael Glabicki working on new music ahead of Youngstown concert
Fri, May 31st 2024 10:45 am
Five years ago, when speaking with this writer, former Rusted Root lead singer Michael Glabicki said that, career-wise, he was the happiest he had been in 30 years.
Q&A: Spin Doctors frontman Chris Barron to perform in Youngstown
Fri, May 31st 2024 10:15 am
Perhaps the only thing more remarkable than Chris Barron making it big in one band is that he almost made it big in two bands.
Good from the get-go: Jocelyn Hudon impresses in 'Chicago Fire' debut
Tue, Apr 23rd 2024 12:20 pm
Over the weekend, Jocelyn Hudon starred in "Falling in Love in Niagara" where she showed off her physical comedic and action skills, giving her character - an apprehensive Madeline - humor and compassion.
Q&A: Dan Jeannotte has adventure filming 'Falling in Love in Niagara'
Fri, Apr 19th 2024 04:30 pm
Dan Jeannotte is taking center stage this weekend, starring in the new Hallmark Channel film "Falling in Love in Niagara."
Q&A: Judith Hill intent on telling her own story on 'Letters from a Black Widow'
Wed, Apr 10th 2024 09:35 am
For too many years, too many people have been telling the wrong stories about Judith Hill.
Q&A: Jason Beghe on 'Chicago P.D.' case that hits home for Hank - plus, Chapman seeing 'a side of Voight that others don't'
Fri, Mar 15th 2024 04:40 pm
On "Chicago P.D.," the intelligence unit's newest case is hitting home for Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), who has taken a personal interest in a troubled victim.
Q&A: 'Nice guy' Martin Kove shows sensitive side in new Hallmark Channel film
Wed, Feb 14th 2024 08:30 pm
Martin Kove is really good at being a really bad guy.
Q&A: Paula Newsome on what makes 'CSI: Vegas' a hit with fans
Fri, Feb 9th 2024 05:25 pm
Before Paula Newsome was famous, she famously had a chance encounter with an oh-so-well-known lookalike: Oprah Winfrey.
Q&A: Mei Lin looks to defend 'Tournament of Champions' title
Tue, Feb 6th 2024 05:10 pm
Let there be no doubt: "Tournament of Champions" is the wildest, toughest and most prestigious culinary competition on television.
Q&A: Benjamin Levi Aguilar on origin of Dante Torres, opportunity to work on 'Chicago P.D.'
Mon, Feb 5th 2024 02:45 pm
In this week's episode, officer Dante Torres' two worlds will again collide when he's called to go undercover.
'The Way Home' stars ponder what pond will do in season 2
Fri, Jan 12th 2024 06:20 pm
At wits end when her teenage daughter, Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow), is kicked out of school, and she loses her job at the newspaper, Kat (Chyler Leigh) unexpectedly receives a letter from her estranged mother, Del (Andie MacDowell), and decides to return to her childhood home in Port Haven, Canada.
Entertainers of the year: Joshua Maloni's top interviews of 2023
Fri, Dec 22nd 2023 07:00 am
The year in celebrity interviews:
Q&A: Lindsey Stirling bringing festive 'Snow Waltz' to Shea's
Mon, Dec 4th 2023 07:00 am
Lindsey Stirling brings her "Snow Waltz" concert to Shea's Performing Arts Center on Dec. 12. The concert will be a celebration of the season - from Halloween through Christmas - stocking-stuffed with timeless musical classics, innovative originals, dancing, elaborate costumes, and a production element rivaling the top stage shows in Las Vegas.
Q&A: Katie Leclerc on her new Hallmark Channel film, and why 'Countdown to Christmas' brings so much joy
Fri, Nov 24th 2023 12:35 pm
Katie Leclerc recently teamed with the Hallmark Channel to make "Letters to Santa." She stars alongside Rafael de la Fuente and child actors Taylor Pezza and Kellen Raffaelo in a film the network describes thusly: "When young siblings receive a magic pen from Santa that appears to be granting wishes, they request a Christmas gift they want more than anything - for their separated parents to reunite."
We Are Messengers return to Buffalo with new show, focus on joy
Fri, Oct 20th 2023 06:00 am
It's rare that an internationally successful, chart-topping musical act would perform in the Buffalo market twice within six months - especially with one of those shows set for "Sno-vember." But that's exactly what We Are Messengers planned when lining up dates for a fall tour.
Guitar ace Samantha Fish to bring mix of 'Love Letters,' 'Death Wish Blues' to Falls
Mon, Oct 2nd 2023 03:55 pm
You can't blame Samantha Fish for mixing up her North American geography when, clearly, she was still on Cloud Nine.
Q&A with Darryl Tonemah on Lewiston Opera Hall, Folk Festival
Fri, Sep 29th 2023 11:05 am
Having grown up on the Tuscarora Reservation and headlined myriad events in and around town, Darryl Tonemah is familiar to Lewiston.
Interview: Post-pandemic, heart surgery & bike wreck, Amy Grant is cherishing life
Thu, Sep 14th 2023 07:00 am
It's been an eventful decade for Amy Grant.
Q&A: Emerson Hart previews Fallsview pairing of Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Fastball & Tonic
Wed, Aug 30th 2023 08:30 pm
The OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino welcomes Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Tonic and Fastball at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 7.
Q&A: Whether on stage, or at book club, Everclear's Art Alexakis is putting in the work
Tue, Aug 29th 2023 06:00 pm
Behind the strength and downright ear-worminess of alt-rock hits "Santa Monica," "Father of Mine," "I Will Buy You A New Life," "Wonderful" and "Everything To Everyone," Art Alexakis has almost 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify - not to mention four albums certified Gold or Platinum, and 6 million-plus record sales.
Q&A: Foreigner brings 'Farewell Tour' to Darien Lake
Thu, Jul 20th 2023 09:40 pm
Music fans know there's usually a time at each concert where they can take a song or two off: Go to the bathroom, get a snack, grab a cold one, check email. That routine is going to be a little trickier when Foreigner takes the Darien Lake concert stage, pairing with fellow 1980s hitmakers Loverboy.
Q&A: New songs, new set - even new award for Lauren Daigle ahead of Artpark show
Fri, Jul 7th 2023 11:00 am
It's been a minute since Artpark & Company slotted a straight-up Christian music-making solo artist into its list of concert headliners. In the summer of 2007, Rebecca St. James performed inside the Mainstage Theater to a crowd of about 1,000 people. In this, Artpark's 50th anniversary season, the Lewiston visual, cultural, educational and performing arts company welcomes the genre back - and has not only moved the venue - to the outside amphitheater - but has booked perhaps the biggest name in all of Christian music: Lauren Daigle.
Artpark to celebrate 'The Dark Side of the Moon' with The Australian Pink Floyd Show
Wed, Jun 21st 2023 08:55 pm
Sometimes a number is so large that it becomes ethereal or incomprehensible. So, to understand how many copies of Pink Floyd's March 1973 release, "The Dark Side of the Moon," have sold to date, consider this: If every man, woman and child in the state of New York bought two copies, it still wouldn't equal the musical masterpiece's sales.
(Five For) Fighting the good fight: John Ondrasik teams with Ukrainian Orchestra to raise awareness
Wed, Jun 14th 2023 11:35 am
Myriad hit singles will echo down the Niagara River on July 11 when the Barenaked Ladies return to Artpark with "The Last Summer on Earth Tour." But one song will be especially poignant in light of continuing hostility in Ukraine.
An 'Idol' at Artpark: Lauren Daigle to bring joy to Lewiston
Fri, Jun 2nd 2023 11:00 am
Lauren Daigle, a past competitor, season 21 mentor to finalist Megan Danielle, and recent finale headliner, will perform July 14 in the Artpark Amphitheater.
Q&A: LaRoyce Hawkins brings honor, trust, what's right to 'Chicago P.D.' role, Chicago community
Wed, Apr 26th 2023 08:20 pm
The "Chicago P.D." showrunners couldn't have found a better person to play officer Kevin Atwater than LaRoyce Hawkins.
Amanda Schull teams with Hallmark to bring kindness & hope to Easter weekend
Tue, Apr 4th 2023 05:30 pm
Sometime this Sunday, after church, the Easter egg hunt and the ham dinner, take time to start a new holiday tradition by sitting down to watch "The Blessing Bracelet" with your family. Amanda Schull's new Hallmark movie is a perfect reminder of what this season is about:
Q&A: Former cast member Jesse Lee Soffer directing 'Chicago P.D.'
Tue, Mar 21st 2023 04:15 pm
When "Chicago P.D." revisits the Arturo Morales storyline this week, it will be in an episode directed by longtime cast member Jesse Lee Soffer.
Q&A: Chad L. Coleman takes on 'Superman & Lois'
Tue, Mar 14th 2023 07:55 pm
When "Superman & Lois" returns for season three on The CW, its title characters will face a villain whose resume includes wiping out this Earth's John Henry Irons.
Q&A: New 'Star Trek' captain Todd Stashwick learning legacy from 'Next Generation' and 'Picard' casts
Mon, Mar 13th 2023 05:00 pm
In the concluding season of Paramount+ hit "Star Trek: Picard," the USS Enterprise crew reunites for one last mission to save the galaxy - this time from matter-shifting Changelings who have invaded the upper ranks of Starfleet looking for revenge.
Michael Tait promises good time when Newsboys visit WNY
Tue, Mar 7th 2023 05:50 pm
There is, perhaps, no bigger stage show in all of Christian music than a Newsboys concert.
Anya Banerjee Q&A: Meet the new member of 'The Blacklist'
Sat, Feb 25th 2023 11:30 am
Like the character she's playing, Anya Banerjee earned a unique chance to join a well-established team wresting its way through myriad layers of spy craft.
Q&A: James Roday Rodriguez, Allison Miller preview final season of 'A Million Little Things'
Mon, Feb 6th 2023 04:30 pm
ABC's "A Million Little Things" began with a death, and it will end with a death.
Q&A: Ashley Newbrough finds 'Love in Glacier National,' success in romantic roles
Fri, Feb 3rd 2023 07:00 pm
Ashley Newbrough hits the bullseye with a nuanced approach to her roles. The actress is superb in striking just the right balance of real life and Hollywood dreams, crafting characters that are relatable and aspirational.
Entertainers of the Year: Joshua Maloni's top artist interviews of 2022
Tue, Dec 20th 2022 07:20 pm
The artists interviewed here - my Entertainers of the Year - are responsible for the songs in our heads, the faces on our 55-inch, high-def frames, and the dinner we're about to eat. They are worthy of this recognition - and my thanks for taking time out to chat and say "Hello" to the NFP audience.
Q&A with Hallmark's Kimberley Sustad, star of 'Lights, Camera, Christmas!'
Wed, Nov 2nd 2022 07:15 pm
The network teamed with Lighthouse Pictures for a tongue-in-cheek, movie-in-a-movie appropriately titled, "Lights, Camera, Christmas!" One of the best Hallmark offerings you'll find this year, the film humorously and lovingly pokes fun at - and celebrates - the magic that comes from making (and watching) a "Countdown to Christmas" feature.
Newly defined Echosmith looking forward to returning to Toronto: 'A great city' with 'a lot of good food,' 'a lot of sweet people'
Sun, Oct 23rd 2022 01:20 pm
The Sierota siblings spent their pandemic pause much like the rest of us - taking a deep-dive into their lives and wondering what could be improved. The members of Echosmith found they're more alt-pop leaning and, more importantly, their music should be a means to unite people in positivity.
Q&A: Mandeep Dhillon offers clues into 'CSI: Vegas' season 2
Thu, Sep 29th 2022 06:50 pm
When CBS debuted "CSI: Vegas" last season, part of the appeal was that the show was bringing back original "CSI" stars William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle). While that caught the attention of both hardcore fans and casual channel-flippers, it was the new cast members who made the iconic franchise feel fresh and fun.

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