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Maureen Kellick stands in front of the Village Bake Shoppe with one of the original watercolor paintings she made for the Lewiston sweet shop.
Maureen Kellick stands in front of the Village Bake Shoppe with one of the original watercolor paintings she made for the Lewiston sweet shop.

Maureen Kellick adds (water)color to Village Bake Shoppe

by jmaloni
Fri, Aug 26th 2022 12:20 pm

By Joshua Maloni

GM/Managing Editor

It’s only fitting that Lewiston’s from-scratch bakery have from-scratch artwork hanging on its walls.

Artist Maureen Kellick recently created a series of what she called “fun,” “washy watercolor” wall paintings for the Village Bake Shoppe. These images join a series of her notecards for sale in the store, and eight pen and ink drawings above the front doorway.

“Knowing Maureen from her days at Artpark, I knew how talented she was. And then when she released her portraits of Lewiston – the black and whites of all the historical buildings – I said, ‘I need to have those in the bake shop,’ ” owner Michael Fiore said. “So, earlier this year, she came in; she got everything matted; and we put it above our outgoing windows.

“And then we just got to talking about greeting cards for giving people gifts, or desserts as gifts. She came up with her own custom artwork just for us. And after we did that, I said, ‘You know, we could really make these walls look a lot more colorful and inviting, and give more spotlight to a local artist to promote art in the area.’ One thing led to another and here we are.”

The Village Bake Shoppe now has a dedicated wall – painted chocolate brown – adorned with Kellick’s paintings.

Her black and white notecards are located across from the cash registers in a stand topped with a Village Bake Shoppe cupcake logo. Some of the sayings on the cards include: “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too,” “Life is How You Bake It,” “Cookie Dreams,” “Oven Love” and “Muffin Compares to You.”

The Village Bake Shoppe now joins Lewiston Love and DiCamillo Bakery in showcasing Kellick’s creations.

The new look inside the Village Bake Shoppe.


After a successful run with Artpark & Company, where she oversaw marketing and sponsorships, Kellick spent some time in Florida. It wasn’t long before the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce commissioned her to design colorful art for its members to appreciate.

During the pandemic, Kellick did more pen and ink work. As part of her “Summer on Center” collection, she painted notable Lewiston sites including the Orange Cat, the Stone House and, more recently, the Marble Orchard, Alphonso I. DiMino Memorial Band Shell and Hibbard’s. Prior to the 2021 Art Festival, Kellick created a “Lewiston” painting with significant symbols taking the place of letters. Earlier this year, she released the “Doors of Lewiston.”

“I had been doing so many buildings that, as I strolled through the town and I’d look at some of the buildings, I’d think, ‘You know, Lewiston has unique architecture, but what makes each building unique isn’t its roof or its chimney. It’s its doorway,” Kellick said. “We've all seen the ‘Doors of Dublin.’ And I thought, ‘That would be interesting.’ ”

Kellick said, “In the last 18 months of planting seeds, painting a lot, things are starting to really pick up.” She has a website, https://maureenkellickgallery.com/, where more of her work can be viewed.

She explained Fiore reached out and said, “Why don’t you bring your art here?”

In addition to the paintings and pen and ink works, “I designed him a ‘Let us make your next cake’ poster,” Kellick said. Now “he's got a sign that says it every day of the year,” instead of the message appearing on a chalkboard.

She also handwrote a sheet listing numerous awards bestowed upon the Village Bake Shoppe over the years.

“It’s kind of colorful fun,” Kellick said of the collection. “I think (Fiore’s) concept is wonderful, and I'm just so glad I got to do it.”

Visit the Village Bake Shoppe at 417 Center St., and online at www.villagebakeshoppe.com.

Village Bake Shoppe owner Michael Fiore hangs some of Kellick’s artwork on a new, chocolate brown wall. He is also shown with his wife, Lindsay.

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