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Lewiston No. 1 Assistant Chief-EMS Matthew Grainge said Catholic Health has `partnered with us for medical direction oversight and are always willing to help with training not only for Lewiston 1 EMTs, but those around the county.`
Lewiston No. 1 Assistant Chief-EMS Matthew Grainge said Catholic Health has "partnered with us for medical direction oversight and are always willing to help with training not only for Lewiston 1 EMTs, but those around the county."

Lewiston No. 1 announces medical services upgrade


Fri, Oct 22nd 2021 11:00 am

Company now offering level 4 paramedic services to community

√ Lewiston No. 1 invites residents to consider membership opportunities

By Terry Duffy


Lewiston No. 1 Fire Co. announced this week an upgrade of its emergency medical services offerings to the community to a paramedic level 4 unit.

Chief Les Myers said the advancement reflects a continuation of the company’s most recent upgrade. As a result, Lewiston 1 has now achieved the highest pre-hospital level of care capabilities available. With certifications recently obtained from the New York State Department of Health, Lewiston 1 advanced EMTs’ and paramedics’ abilities have been drastically expanded with increases in medications and cardiac capabilities, which previously were heavily relied upon by mutual aid.

The advancement marks the latest improvement in service for Lewiston No. 1, which provides fire response and EMT services for both the Village and Town of Lewiston as well to residents throughout the River Region.

“I have been in the fire service since 1974; we have come a long way in the treatment we can provide to our residents and visitors,” Myers said. “This latest advancement has been a long-range goal for many years, and the time is right.”

Back in 2017, Lewiston 1 went from an EMT-basic agency to an advanced EMT level agency, which elevated the company to mid-level certification. Lewiston No. 1 often partners with the Lewiston No. 2 Fire Co., Upper Mountain Fire Co., Sanborn Volunteer Fire Co. and fire responders in Youngstown and Ransomville in providing mutual aid, as needed. Lewiston 1 can now provide the highest level of patient care to residents on an independent basis.

“This has always been a personal goal of mine for our agency, and I am happy to see it finally happening, now that the time is right,” Lewiston No. 1 Assistant Chief-EMS Matthew Grainge said.

Lewiston No. 1 members can now pursue certification both as an EMT and all of the way up to paramedic level.

Myers attributed the company’s upgrade to its members continuing professionalism and dedication to service.

“These advances, throughout the years, are made possible by our volunteers,” he said. “As members pursue EMT and higher certifications, we are able to adjust our agency capabilities when it’s appropriate. Today, we staff our two ambulances with 16 basic EMTs, four advanced EMTs, two critical-care EMTs and one paramedic.”

He added, “I am proud of the members of Lewiston 1. Our EMTs provide 24/7 coverage to our community with the utmost efficient and compassionate care. With over 1,000 calls for service annually, approximately 80%-85% are EMS or rescue in nature. Our members work very hard to answer the calls of our community, and find deep satisfaction is helping others. It is the hard work of our team, which has brought this important and life-saving-change to fruition.”

Those interested in serving the community as a volunteer can contact Lewiston 1 to discuss membership opportunities.

“With that said, we never stop recruiting!” Myers said. “The volunteer fire and EMS service has its waves in personnel due to the fact it’s not our paying job. What this means is that our members come and go at times, depending on where life takes them. We must always be recruiting to ensure that we have the staffing for 911 calls as our membership fluctuates.”  

Grainge noted, “If becoming a volunteer firefighter, EMT or paramedic interests you, and you live in our area, I strongly encourage you to pursue joining Lewiston 1. Benefits of joining, in addition to serving your community, include a retirement pension, membership rewards system, 24/7 private fitness center and more.”

For more information, contact Lewiston No. 1 Fire Co. at 716-754-4487 or online at www.lfd1.com.

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