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Dennis Saraceni stands with his grandson outside of the family business.
Dennis Saraceni stands with his grandson outside of the family business.

Saraceni Pools & Spas celebrates 30 years

by jmaloni


Fri, May 15th 2015 07:00 am

By Jennifer Peters

Now that school is winding down for the year, everyone is thinking about summer, going to the beach and swimming in their pools. If you don't have your own pool, now is the perfect time to get one.

Saraceni Pools & Spas, located at 2444 Military Road in Niagara Falls, is a family-owned business run by Dennis and Patty Conti. They have all the supplies and knowledge needed in assisting with installing pools, hot tubs and spas.

The Contis started their business in 1984 and, despite the "spa" part of the name, took over as a pools-only facility in 1985. June will mark their 30th anniversary in business.

"I had sold swimming pools in Arizona before I moved back home to Niagara Falls, so that's how I knew the pool business," Dennis explained. "There was a chain of drug stores in Niagara Falls, about three or four - a small chain, but they also sold other stuff in the drug store, and pool supplies was one of them. So they had closed down ... so we opened back up as pool supplies only, thinking we were going to change the name in a couple years, and we never did, and here we are, 30 years later."

Dennis explained they don't build the pools, but they sell all the products that customers need.

"We sell everything for someone that has a pool and (if) they need to replace parts that broke down or add new accessories to their pool, (we sell) the pumps and filters and the mechanical stuff," he said. "We sell a lot of that and the chemicals obviously to keep the pool clean. We actually have our own brand of chemicals, the Saraceni brand ... and if someone needs a new heater or solar covers, we sell products for that."

Throughout the years, the Contis have done aboveground pool installations, in-ground liner replacements and pumps and filters. The main aspects of the business now are supplies and retail.

"We have the automatic, robotic pool cleaners, and that's a big thing now," Dennis said. "They attach to your filter and run off your filter, but lately, the new ones are the robotic ones. You just plug them in to an outlet, and it goes and filters your water and vacuums the pool and scrubs the walls and everything, so we have been selling a lot of those."

Saraceni Pools & Spas is a welcoming, family-owed business that has tremendous knowledge of pool installation and cleaning. They have worked hard for the last 30 years and the Contis say they look forward to seeing another 30 years of their business in Niagara Falls.


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