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Cuomo calls on Trump to apologize for tweet disparaging Buffalo protester: 'It is wholly unacceptable'


Tue, Jun 9th 2020 01:10 pm

On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on President Donald Trump to apologize for a tweet this morning claiming Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old protester who was allegedly shoved to the ground by two Buffalo Police Department officers, could be a member of antifa and might have staged the fall.

“President Trump did a tweet today that surprises me, even after all the tweets he has done. You read his tweets, you get to a point where you say, ‘Well, nothing could surprise me. I've seen it all.’ And then, you get surprised again. You get shocked again. You get disgusted again,” Cuomo said.

“President of the United States: supposed to be a responsible position and a responsible person. He tweeted today that the protester in Buffalo, who was hurt by the Buffalo police, was on a video that went viral, Mr. Gugino, 75-year-old gentleman who was out protesting and is knocked to the ground by police. He's in the hospital in Buffalo, he was in intensive care – he's no longer in intensive care but he is still hospitalized. I spoke to him the day he was brought into the hospital. The president tweets that this man may have been a member of antifa, and he fell harder than he was pushed.

“ ‘Could be a set up. It's all made up, it's all fabricated, there's no fact to any of it.’ He accuses this man of being associated with antifa; no proof whatsoever. No fact, just an assertion. He fell harder than he was pushed. In the video, you see him pushed, and you see a 75-year-old man fall backwards and hit his head on the pavement.

“What does that even mean, ‘fell harder than he was pushed?’ What do you think, it was staged? You think the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you're saying? You saw his head hit the pavement; you see blood on the pavement. Maybe he ‘fell harder than he was pushed.’ How reckless, how irresponsible, how mean, how crude.

“I mean, if there was ever a reprehensible, dumb comment, and from the president of the United States. At this moment of anguish and anger, what does he do? Puts gasoline on the fire.

“If there was ever, if he ever feels a moment of decency, he should apologize for that tweet, because it is wholly unacceptable. Not a piece of proof; totally, personally disparaging; and in a moment when the man is still in the hospital. Show some decency; show some humanity; show some fairness. You're the president of the United States.”

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