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How to become a successful beauty guru

Wed, Nov 23rd 2016 06:05 pm

By Lauren Young-Martin

There are many routes to success, but the ever-growing one is being a YouTube star. Many women and some men found success through creating beauty channels catering to those searching for answers and guidance to resemble iconic celebrity looks or simple everyday looks. These gurus test out new products, create lookbooks, and even ask for video requests.

Since YouTube's first release to the public in 2006, over 400 beauty and fashion channels have risen to popularity, such as Carli Bybel, Koleen Diaz, PatrickStarr and Jayde Pierce. Maintaining subscribers can be a challenge, but by following these steps you can achieve success, stardom, sponsorships and much more!

Skills and Talents

What can you do that others would admire and wish to imitate? Being a beauty guru means you are either an experienced makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist or have a natural talent for all things beauty-related.

If you are good at creating "winged-liner" looks, then you should start with that. Many popular YouTube beauty channels began with "How to do a Cat Eye" or "How to Straighten your Hair." Yes, they are simple, but many people do not know how to do this - and you can help.

Bybel, who currently has over 400 million views and 4.9 million subscribers, started her channel in 2011. She uploaded a video titled "Curl Hair with Straightener Tutorial," which was followed with a "Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial" and other various tutorials that displayed her talent and love of makeup and fashion.

Remember, if you aren't that good at makeup, you can focus other aspects of beauty. There are many channels dedicated to reviewing and styling wigs, like vlogger Alyssa Forever. Or, you can coordinate outfits like Diaz and create DIY clothing looks for less like Bybel.

Looking at other guru's channels as inspiration can help motivate you in deciding where you want your focus to be.


Many beauty gurus have a strong following, because they cater to their subscribers. Your success is determined by the number of subscribers you have. Creating a vlog answering questions about your age, interests, where you're from or ethnicity allows viewers to feel like they know you and discover you two aren't that different. Bybel uploaded her "Get to Know Me" vlog about six months after joining YouTube.

Even when starting out, you should make appreciation videos for having 50, 100, 250, 500, etc., subscribers and include prizes to be won as a thank you. Prizes can include anything you wish! Lip kits, eye shadow palette, makeup brush sets. They do not need to be high-end products, but they should be something that you would use.



Your videos can contain anything you like and anything you think your viewers would like to know. Bybel recently filmed a birthday vlog where subscribers could experience her birthday with her.

Being a part of the beauty and fashion worlds means staying up to date with makeup and clothing trends, music video and magazines releases, and anything related to the industry. Part of your job is always being "on your game" and frequently uploading videos.

Maintaining Your Brand

Once you have a following, you must maintain and expand your brand in order to stay successful. If the Kardashians have taught us anything, keeping a brand will keep you relevant, and relevancy will determine success.

YouTube does not need to be your only outlet of expression. Every successful person in this industry has either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Not everyone will automatically find you on YouTube, so by posting on Instagram to inform followers when your vlog will upload, or showing Twitter your new fall/winter 2016 lookbook, you can increase your YouTube popularity. `

Blogger and beauty guru Pierce posts mini videos on her Instagram, so followers can get an idea of what to see when they visit her channel.

By expanding your platform, you'll generate a larger following. Companies will soon see the type of followers you are attracting and may offer you partnerships or sponsorships to review their products. You'll get paid to be honest and recommend products based on how you feel they live up to their claim.

Bybel has done this with her "Carli Bybel x Missguided" clothing line this past summer and her makeup palette collaboration with BH Cosmetics, which launched in Sept. 8, 2015.

If you take anything away from this, understand that it is all about the journey! Your subscribers are like your students. Teaching them tips and tricks, ideas and tutorials, will help their lives go easier. With an exciting personality, good quality camera and video editor, your trip to success will only be a few stops away.


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