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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for April 11, 2013

by jmaloni
Thu, Apr 11th 2013 12:00 pm

The following is a sampling of calls received by the Town of Niagara Police between March 26 and April 8. During that time period, patrols answered 259 calls.

Tuesday, March 26

•6700 block of Woodside Place, harassment. Complainant said over the past several months a woman has been posting online what she terms as offensive material that could affect her job and reputation. Patrol contacted the woman, who denied that the postings were offensive.

•1400 block of Elderberry Drive, EMS. A 73-year-old female having trouble breathing was reported. Rural Metro Ambulance was on the scene for transport.

•4300 block of Jackson Drive, suspicious person. Caller reported that an intoxicated male came to her door and said he was lost and wanted to harm himself. Patrol checked area with negative results.

•3000 block of Norman St., fire. Large open burn reported. Homeowner advised.

Wednesday, March 27

•Lewiston Road, aid assist. Patrol assisted Lewiston Police in an attempted vehicle stop. The elderly driver was stopped at Irving Drive, and everything was reported OK.

•Military Road, Witmer Road, Porter Road, Lockport Road, Haseley Drive, Tuscarora Road and Saunders Settlement Road, traffic stops. Patrols issued traffic tickets in 15 traffic stops involving offenses including speeding, lack of proof of insurance, suspended license, no seatbelt, unlicensed driver and expired inspection.

Thursday, March 28

•8400 block of Homestead Avenue, assist citizen. Complainant reported having issues with her ex-husband over a Social Security check. She reported issue resolved prior to officer's arrival.

•7100 block of Lockport Road, warrant. A 35-year-old Tuscarora Road man turned himself in at Town Hall and was arraigned on third degree assault, second degree harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Friday, March 29

•7700 block of Third Avenue, check situation. Patrol returned to the location in regards to a report of two suspicious males on the caller's property. Patrol was in the area at the time of call and observed no such activity. Patrol observed the caller inside the residence walk into another part of the home and did not come to the door. Patrol unable to make contact with the caller.

•1900 block of Military Road, disorderly conduct. A 41-year-old woman was arrested after causing a disturbance at the mall in front of her two young children. Patrol reported the woman was intoxicated and belligerent, shouting obscenities and yelling at officers. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and endangering the welfare of a child. During transport to jail, she was reportedly yelling and swearing uncontrollably and kicking the shield in the patrol car.

•8800 block of Quarry Road, larceny. Business reported tools and work clothing stolen from a truck overnight.

Saturday, March 30

•1900 block of Military Road, larceny. A 16-year-old Buffalo youth was arrested for shoplifting a $299.90 pair of sunglasses. About six youths were involved in the incident.

•1900 block of Military Road, disorderly conduct. Patrol responded to area in front of a restaurant to find a highly agitated male who complained that the mall was too busy and he was angry because he got pushed. A witness said the man almost punched somebody in the face and was acting irrationally.

•1900 block of Military Road, assist citizen. Woman was scared because she couldn't find her husband.

•1900 block of Military Road, hit and run. Witness reported he saw a black Infiniti strike another car in the parking lot. Driver got out and put the license plate she had knocked off on the hood of the vehicle, then drove away. Witness took a picture on his cell phone.

•3100 block of Sadlo Drive, loud party. Patrols called more than once to address for loud music, but resident refused to answer door.

Sunday, March 31

•Military Road, DWI. A 32-year-old Lewiston man was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He said he had been drinking vodka and Red Bull at a Niagara Falls bar.

•Savannah Street and Lockport Road, juvenile problem. Caller reported juveniles riding a go-kart in the roadway without helmets.

•4700 block of Tuscarora Road, assist citizen. A woman reported her friend stole her wallet from her bedroom on Thursday night and when she confronted the friend, the wallet was returned, but $60 was missing.

Monday, April 1

•3000 block of Petroleum Street, domestic. Couple was arguing about who should move out after a breakup.

•2700 block of Military Road, larceny. Business manager told patrol he observed an employee removing cash from the drive-through cash drawer on two occasions. The Niagara Falls Boulevard resident was arrested.

Tuesday, April 2

•1700 block of Military Road, larceny. Mall store business manager reported a male shoplifted a purse valued at $819. A surveillance tape was given to patrol to follow up.

•7800 block of Fourth Avenue, EMS. Patrol responded for a 16-year-old male feeling ill. Victim said he was feeling sick after smoking a cigarette filled with marijuana.

•3100 block of Sadlo Drive, noise complaint. Patrols responded on a complaint of extremely loud music disrupting the neighborhood. Resident was highly agitated and uncooperative. He was charged with one count of disorderly conduct. Patrols also secured four knives on a table next to the living room door.

Wednesday, April 3

•1300 block of Elderberry Place, burglary. Man reported that he returned from being incarcerated to find items valued at $1,900 missing from his residence, including a vacuum cleaner, television, DVD player, air conditioning unit, a replica pistol and musket and a guitar. He said he believes his daughter and her boyfriend were involved.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. Business' loss prevention officer reported a male in a gray Chevy Cavalier came into the store and stole two PlayStation controllers valued at $59.99 each. The man is believed to be involved in a previous incident at the store.

Thursday, April 4

•5800 block of Divide Road, burglary. Complainant reported that when she returned home from work, she found pry marks near the front door handle.

•8500 block of Porter Road, neighbor problem. Complainant reported a neighbor yelled at her for walking her dogs too close to the neighbor's apartment.

•Steele Circle, EMS. Cab driver reported he picked up an elderly woman at Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center. She didn't look well and he was concerned when she went inside to get money, but didn't return. Patrol found the woman slumped face down at her kitchen table.

•2500 block of Military Road, disorderly conduct. Complainant reported that a man operating a green Jeep spit on him and punched him in a business parking lot after a road rage incident on Military Road. Patrol interviewed both men and found that each claimed they acted out of self-defense and the other was the aggressor.

Friday, April 5

•400 block of A Street, burglary. An Ontario man who owns a trailer in Cayuga Village reported that someone broke a window, cracked another window, and smashed a storm door on the trailer. He estimated damage at $1,050.

•3100 block of Dell Drive, EMS. Elderly male fell and needed lift assistance. Rural Metro Ambulance transported the man.

•2400 block of Military Road, animal complaint. Dog running loose in parking lot. Gone on arrival.

Saturday, April 6

•4700 block of Fox Street, juvenile problem. Patrol investigated a call on an underage drinking party and fight. Occupant reported her kids had a few friends over listening to music and that a neighbor calls the police whenever her kids' friends come over.

•8800 block of Disney Drive, false alarm. Patrol responded for a kitchen motion alarm. Home secure.

•Lockport Road and Mayle Court, dog bite. Complainant reported she was out walking when she spotted a dog running loose and caught its leash. She called the number on its tag. When the owner arrived, the dog became excited and jumped up and bit her ear and scratched her face.

Sunday, April 7

•1900 block of Military Road, fire. Mulch fire handled by Niagara Active Hose Volunteer Fire Co.

•Expressway Village, suspicious person. Complainant reported a suspicious person behind a residence. It was the occupant of that address.

Monday, April 8

•2100 block of Roberts Drive, check 911 hang up. Juveniles playing with phone.

•2200 block of Saunders Settlement Road, disturbance. Patrol called to a business for a disturbance involving a male described as possibly intoxicated and with mental health issues who had jumped onto the teller counter. The suspect and his mother were detained in the parking lot. Suspect physically resisted search by patrol and mother refused to stay back. Both were taken into custody.

•1800 block of Military Road, shoplifting. Loss prevention employee reported a large male wearing a hooded sweatshirt came in the rear entrance of the business, grabbed three tuxedos from a rack and left. The tuxedos were valued at $1,499.97. Video showed him as a known shoplifter. Charges were filed.

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