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Slaughter slams House Majority for failure to vote on Hurricane Sandy Relief

by jmaloni

Press release

Thu, Jan 3rd 2013 09:30 am

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, NY-28, slammed House Republican leadership Wednesday for refusing to pass legislation that would provide assistance to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

In late December, the U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan bill that would provide funding assistance to states and communities devastated by the hurricane. However, with less than one day left in the 112th Congress, Majority leadership announced it will not allow a vote on the Senate's relief package. As a result, the funds will not be distributed to the victims who need them.

In response to House Republicans' inaction Slaughter said, "It is reprehensible that Republican leadership refuses to provide assistance to American citizens who are crying out for help. Hurricane Sandy took lives, washed away homes and slammed businesses in New York and throughout the East Coast. Indeed, entire communities have been destroyed by this horrific disaster. The failure by the House Majority to provide desperately needed assistance to those whose lives have been devastated is such a blatant and mean-spirited failure that it has drawn vehement criticism from members of their own party. The current, extreme composition of their caucus has brought them to a place where any kind of spending - even that which supports vital functions like disaster relief- is scorned. Their refusal to help Americans in need is reprehensible and will not be forgotten."

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