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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Dec. 29, 2011

by jmaloni
Thu, Dec 29th 2011 07:00 am

The following is a sampling of calls received by the Town of Niagara Police between Dec. 13 and 20.

Tuesday, Dec. 13

•8500 block of Porter Road, burglary. Business reported someone entered a storage container overnight and removed six to eight furnaces with a retail value of $1,550 and damaged the container.

•2200 block of Tuscarora Road, all terrain vehicle problem. Complainant said neighbors have been riding ATVs in their yard.

•6300 block of Grauer Road, vandalism. Complainant said someone hit the mailbox with their car and left without stopping, leaving the car mirror behind.

•7000 block of Lockport Road, stand by. Patrols stood by at Community Center after a heated verbal altercation at a Sabre Park resident meeting.

•3200 block of Bellreng Drive, domestic. Patrol met outside by a woman screaming that her husband had a gun to his head. She said they had been drinking at a restaurant and he got angry when she went out for a smoke with a girlfriend, then the argument escalated at home. Patrol secured gun and man was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for evaluation.

Wednesday, Dec. 14

•1200 block of 92nd Street, fraud. Complainant received a check for $1,997.58 from Alutech United with instruction to deposit it and send a certain amount back to the company for reimbursement. Complainant read warnings on Western Union authorization to wait until check cleared and it came back insufficient funds. Complainant's bank said he had to pay a $33 bounced check fee. When patrol contacted the company, the representative hung up and further calls went unanswered.

•Witmer Road and Hyde Park Boulevard, traffic tickets. Driver went around roadblocks into oncoming traffic, and then refused to stop for emergency vehicles.

•1900 Military Road, false alarm. General fire alarm at mall caused by burnt popcorn.

•6900 block of Joanne Circle, check situation. Elderly female called 911 from a neighbor's house reporting that her house was being burglarized. Patrol spoke with family members at scene. Woman suffering from Alzheimer's.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. A 32-year-old Niagara Falls woman and a 28-year-old Lewiston woman were arrested for shoplifting and concealing items in a child's diaper bag.

•8500 block of Porter Road, assault. Patrol responded on multiple 911 calls for a fight with a male subject stabbed by an unknown male. 

Thursday, Dec. 15

•1900 Military Road, vandalism. Complainant said someone did $1,650 in damage to her 2006 Pontiac G6 while it was in the mall parking lot.

•4400 block of Military Road, burglary. Complainant said building supplies, equipment and other merchandise valued at about $4,000 had been taken from his business during the past four months.

•400 block of D Street, harassment. Complainant reported receiving numerous threatening phone calls and messages from another woman. Patrol contacted the woman, who was uncooperative, and warned her to cease contact or she would likely be charged with harassment.

Friday, Dec. 16

•Fourth Avenue, hit and run. Complainant said she was walking out of her apartment complex when she was struck by a dark colored vehicle that was exiting the complex.

•600 block of D Street, larceny. Complainant said someone entered his unlocked truck and took his wallet containing his Social Security card from the glove box, leaving behind tools in the truck. Two other cars were reported gone through, but nothing taken.

•Military and Porter roads, false alarms. Patrol responded to what turned out to be false alarms at businesses on the 7300 block of Porter Road, 4400 block of Military Road and 2000 block of Military Road.

•Packard Road, road blocked. Patrol responded on a report of a refrigerator in the driving lane of Packard Road. Nothing found on patrol's arrival.

•2500 block of Military Road, shoplifting. A 48-year-old 16th Street man was arrested for taking two bikes to his car without attempting to pay for them.

Saturday, Dec. 17

•Military Road, traffic ticket. State inspection overdue in October.

•3100 block of Apple Court, larceny. Complainant reported that overnight someone entered his unlocked vehicle in his driveway and took a GPS unit.

•1200 block of Saunders Settlement Road, aid assist. Patrol assisted Lewiston Police with a prowler complaint.

Sunday, Dec. 18

•1900 block of Military Road, vandalism. Complainant said she had an argument with another woman over a parking spot at the mall, and after going inside, the other woman keyed her car.

•100 block of Paul Drive, burglary. Complainant said someone entered his shed and took a toolbox, a fish tank and a welder valued at $1,270.

•1900 block of Military Road, larceny. Complainant said someone smashed the driver side window of her car while it was parked at the mall at took electronics and other items valued at $2,020, plus an unsuccessful attempt to pop the lock caused extensive damage to the locking mechanism.

•1600 block of Jane Drive, larceny. Complainant said he believed kids cutting through his property to the grocery store, took his driveway markers used for snow removal, valued at $50.

•3200 block of Bellreng Drive, check situation. Patrol responded on a call reporting loud screaming. The two parties involved said they were having personal relations.

Monday, Dec. 19

•2100 block of Amy Drive, Wheatfield, aid assist. Patrol assisted Niagara County Sheriff's Office on a call of possible shots being fired into a residence. It was determined to be weather-related, no shooting.

•Tuscarora Road at Lockport Road, animal complaint. Dogs fighting in field.

•5000 block of Tuscarora Road, larceny. Complainant said someone entered her car overnight and took her GPS holder valued at $40.

•1900 block of Military Road, larceny. Manager of a kiosk at the mall reported a 20-year-old employee was observed taking an envelope containing $170, putting it under a clipboard and leaving.

•Packard Road, traffic tickets. A 23-year-old Buffalo woman was unable to produce her license, insurance and registration papers after a traffic stop. A check revealed the license plate had been surrendered in January 2011 and belonged to another vehicle and that her license was suspended from both the Town of Grand Island and the Town of Tonawanda for failure to appear.

Tuesday, Dec. 20

•100 block of Nathan Drive, assault. Intoxicated woman claimed she was drinking beer with a friend when he became enraged and tried to choke her because she wouldn't make a phone call for him. Man could not be found, and no injuries were evident. Woman was taken into custody on an active bench warrant. The man, in a highly intoxicated state, later called from Manny Drive to report that he believed he had been assaulted by the woman with a baseball bat. He was taken to Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center for treatment of a bump on his head and a possible bite mark on his back.

•3000 block of St. Paul Street, check situation. Complainant said her aunt took her to the hospital and on the way home they got into an argument and the aunt punched her. Aunt said the niece had dumped soda inside the car and kicked the car door causing a dent. Both refused to file charges.

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