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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Jan. 6

by jmaloni
Thu, Jan 6th 2011 10:00 am

The following is a sampling of the calls the Town of Niagara Police responded to between Dec. 17 and Dec. 24.

Friday, Dec. 17

•Garlow Road, arrest. Patrol observed a vehicle turn onto Garlow Road from Colonial Drive. Patrol ran the plate information, which came back as stolen out of Niagara Falls. The driver stated that a known friend gave him the plates. The driver was placed in custody where he was issued four traffic tickets. A warrant check with Niagara Falls Police Department showed a warrant for failure to appear. The driver was turned over to a Niagara Falls Police officer.

•1900 block of Military Road, property accident. Driver of vehicle No. 1 stated she was traveling east in a mall parking lot when she looked down to put her gloves on. When she looked up, she hit vehicle No. 2, causing mild damage to the front right corner of her vehicle. The driver of vehicle No. 2 states she was traveling east when he was struck from behind by the vehicle, causing moderate damage to the rear driver side corner and rear driver side of the vehicle. Both drivers were issued traffic tickets and the vehicle was secured by Kens Towing.

•2500 block of Military Road, larceny. Patrol responded to a location for a report of two female shoplifters in custody. Upon speaking with store security, the complainant stated that the two females acted in concert and stole numerous pet items, gift items, and Christmas items, valued at approximately $250, by placing them in their purses. Both parties were taken into custody and transported to the Town of Niagara Police Department for processing.

Saturday, Dec. 18

•180 block of Paul Drive, domestic incident. Patrol dispatched for a report of a mother vs. son domestic incident. The complainant stated she entered her son's room to discuss something, while he stated that she had forced her way in his door. The son reportedly grabbed and placed his mother in a headlock. His mother said she only called for patrol to "show him he can't do that." Both parties were uncooperative with patrol and refused charges against each other.

•4700 block of Tuscarora Road, removal. Patrols went to a residence after a complainant called 911 stating that she and her husband had been arguing. Patrol spoke with the complainant and she advised that her husband had been lying to her about being fired from his job a month ago. The complainant told patrol that she just wanted her husband to stop yelling and cussing at her. Patrol requested that her husband leave for a bit, and he agreed.

•6900 block of Williams Road, aid-assist. Patrol was requested to assist the Niagara County Sheriff's Office with a suspicious vehicle at a mall. Subjects in the vehicle were conducting a school project.

•Packard Road, disabled vehicle. Patrol found an occupied vehicle in the ditch from snowy roads. The driver had called AAA and they said they could be up to an hour and a half before getting a tow truck to pull the vehicle out. Patrol noted the frigid conditions and summoned a tow truck.

Sunday, Dec. 19

•18th and South Avenue, aid-assist. Patrol assisted Niagara Falls police in looking for three black male suspects who had just committed an armed robbery at 18th Street and Niagara Avenue. The males stole the victim's car, which was located five minutes later, two blocks away. Two suspects had shotguns and the third had a handgun. Negative results were found on the search of the area.

•Lockport Road, property accident. A vehicle was east on Lockport Road from Haseley Drive toward Joris Court, when a driver lost control of the vehicle and drove off the road into a ditch after striking a yellow arrow sign that was standing next to the intersection. No injuries were reported.

•2000 block of Military Rod, larceny. Patrol responded to a business for a report of an unruly shoplifter. Security stated that the suspect was uncooperative and combative and in custody for shoplifting $164.96 of merchandise.

•1800 block of Military Road, larceny. Four 12- and 13-year-old Niagara Falls girls were accused of shoplifting at a business.

•7400 block of Porter Road, domestic incident. Patrol dispatched for a report of a sister vs. sister domestic incident. Upon arrival, patrol encountered the complainant who stated her sister pushed her during a verbal altercation. The sister admitted to pushing the complainant because she had entered her room uninvited and took clothing items from her. Neither party wished charges.

Monday, Dec. 20

•Porter Road, animal. Patrol removed a dead deer from the roadway.

•6700 block of Elsa Place, domestic incident. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that her nephew, that she lives with, punched her five times in the left arm during a verbal altercation. She was not injured and did not wish for medical attention. The victim left for the evening because he was upset. Neither of the parties requested charges.

Tuesday, Dec. 21

•8400 block of Homestead Avenue, vandalism. Patrol responded to a report of criminal mischief to a vehicle. The victim stated that sometime overnight, an unknown person smashed out her rear driver side window and had entered the vehicle. The victim further stated that there is a check book missing.

•8400 block of Colonial Drive, vandalism. An unknown vehicle drove over a portion of the victim's yard and struck the mailbox.

•8700 block of Third Avenue, animal. Officers responded for a German shepherd dog running loose in the street, chasing after cars. The owner of the dog came outside and stated that the dog broke the chain again, which was the third time. Owner advised to get a stronger chain, because the next time the dog gets loose off the property, a dog at large citation will be issued.

•1200 block of Dogwood Place, larceny. The complainant stated an unknown person removed her gas-powered snowblower from an enclosed porch at her residence. She stated the porch door was unlocked and she had purchased the snowblower from a neighbor for $100.

Wednesday, Dec. 22

•7800 block of Third Avenue, harassment. The victim states that she was verbally abused by two people at a bus stop.

•1900 block of Military Road, robbery. An employee of a business stated that she observed a white female shoplift merchandise and leave the store. The employee followed the female out into the parking lot in an attempt to have the female re-enter the store. The suspect began dropping the items. The employee stated she began picking the items up and walking back into the store when the female grabbed her from behind and punched her several times in the back of her head and scratched her face with her nails. She stated she was able to get away and ran into the business where she called for police.

•6700 block of Packard Road, civil matter. Patrols were dispatched to a business for a vehicle that had pumped fuel. The driver stated he had no money to pay. Patrol interviewed the store clerk who stated that he turned on the pumps prior to running the company credit card. The driver pumped $172.50. The suspect informed that he either pay by other means or be arrested.

Thursday, Dec. 23

•2200 block of Sanders Settlement Road, aid-assist. Patrol responded to a business to assist Lewiston Police Department with a male with a knife who was chasing on-site security. Security stated he attempted to remove the male from the property when the suspect male came at him with a knife. Patrol arrived on scene and located the male on his knees, chanting songs and holding a 9-inch buck knife in his right hand. Patrol also noted blood on his hands. They advised the male to drop the knife two times and he refused. The male made a threatening attempt to move towards patrol when the officer advised the male he would be shot if he didn't drop the knife. The suspect male complied and patrol held the man at gunpoint until the arrival of backup.

•Military Road, traffic ticket. Patrol was stationary next to a bus northbound on Military Road with its red lights activated, letting children off of the bus. Patrol observed a vehicle southbound, disregarding the busses lights. Patrol issued a ticket.

•Military Road, traffic ticket. A subject was observed traveling east on Porter Packard attempting to turn left on Military, passed a red signal in front of two police cars waiting at the intersection.

•1900 block of Military Road, larceny. A victim stated she placed her bike near a trash compactor on the south side of the mall. When she returned to retrieve her bike, it was gone. The victim said the bike was not locked up, just hidden behind a trash compactor.

Friday, Dec. 24

•1400 block of Elderberry Place, check situation. Patrol responded for a welfare check. Upon arrival, the complainant said that she had not heard from her mother in over three weeks and noticed that her mail had not been picked up in about five days. The complainant and her husband said they tried knocking on doors and could not get in. A window was broken to make entry. Her mother was found in the bedroom and stated she was fine and did not hear anyone knocking. However, she asked that everyone leave her residence because she wanted privacy.

•2500 block of Military Road, shoplifting. Two Niagara Falls women, ages 19 and 47, were arrested for shoplifting at a business after they allegedly put items valued at $194.97 in a store bag and hid them under a baby stroller containing a 2-year-old child.

•2500 block of Military Road, assist State Police. Patrol responded to a check-the-welfare of a woman in a black car in a handicapped spot beeping the horn and possibly screaming for help.  It was children playing in the car.

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