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Lewiston Police Blotter for Aug. 28

by jmaloni
Sat, Aug 28th 2010 03:00 pm

The following activity occurred Monday, Aug. 16, to Sunday, Aug. 22, as reported by the Lewiston Police Department. A total of 113 calls were answered by LPD during this period.

Monday, Aug. 16

  • 1300 block of Swann Road, check welfare. Patrol advised of a suspicious bike found at the end of the resident's driveway. Homeowner reported a barn door open. All OK.
  • 200 block of Portage Road, loud party. Partiers advised to go to bed and call it a night.
  • 4500 block of Creek Road, Hickory Stick Golf Course, burglary. Statement taken from a 49-year-old male regarding an unknown suspect who reportedly broke into the pro shop. Niagara County Sheriff's Department ID Unit on location; investigation to continue. Report filed.
  • 800 block of Center Street, criminal mischief. Statement taken from a 40-year-old male regarding an unknown suspect. Report filed.
  • 5800 block of Buffalo Street, harassment complaint. Statement taken from a female; suspect unknown.
  • 4900 block of Creek Road, open burn complaint. Homeowner advised of town code.

Tuesday, Aug. 17

  • Creek Road, northbound, reckless driver. Patrol advised of a gray Taurus. License plate logged; vehicle gone on arrival.
  • 100 block of Pine Street in Lockport, assist call. Patrol assisted Niagara County Drug Task Force on arrest and search warrants. No drugs found.
  • Mount Hope Road/Garlow Road, check the area. Patrol advised of a green Suburban, possible stolen, driving recklessly. Area checked; patrol unable to locate.
  • Green Road, brief vehicle pursuit. Patrol reports assisting NCSD and State Police on the pursuit of a 2003 black GMC Yukon that fled through a field. K-9 unit requested for tracking. Patrol reported physical evidence found during the track; suspects not located.
  • 5200 block of Military Road, larceny from a vehicle. A 58-year-old male reported cigarettes and cash taken from a vehicle. Report filed.
  • LPD office, walk-in harassment complaint. Statement taken from a 44-year-old male who reported his 14-year-old son was threatened by another 14-year-old via Facebook. Investigation to continue.
  • 600 block of Sandlewood Road, suspicious person. Subject gone on patrol's arrival.
  • Swann Road, found ATV in a field. Patrol logged a yellow 50 CC; no further details.
  • 700 block of Center Street, two-car accident. Statements taken from both drivers; report filed.
  • 100 block of South Water Street, car-bike accident. Statement taken from a female of vehicle No. 1; the bicyclist left the scene.
  • 1400 block of Upper Mountain Road, larceny complaint. Statement taken from a 17-year-old male who reported a backpack stolen while he was plowing a field. Report filed.

Wednesday, Aug. 18

  • Lewiston and Military roads, vehicle traffic stop. Patrol reported the pullover/arrest of a 46-year-old female for driving with .08 of 1 percent or more of alcohol and Driving While Intoxicated. Driver taken to State Police substation for Blood Alcohol Content testing. BAC result: .11 of 1 percent or more of alcohol. Uniform traffic tickets and return Town Court assigned to the driver, who was released to a third party at LPD. Vehicle secured.
  • Ridge at Model City roads, and Saunders Settlement Road at Route 429, separate two-vehicle accidents. Statements taken from all drivers involved. No injuries or tows. Separate reports filed.
  • LPD office, found property by a male party. Report taken.
  • Plain Street, the KeyBank parking lot on Center and South Fifth streets, and Garlow Road, separate reports of suspicious vehicles. Plate numbers logged on all vehicles; no problems found by patrol.
  • 500 block of Fairway Drive, larceny. Statement taken from a 71-year-old female. Report filed.
  • 5000 block of Forrest Road, suspicious vehicle. Statement taken from a 38-year-old female; report filed.

Thursday, Aug. 19

  • Academy Park, suspicious persons. Patrol reported the arrests of two males, both 19 years old, on public law infractions (unspecified). Appearance tickets issued to both for Lewiston Town Court. Report filed.
  • 1600 block of Wayside Drive, larceny from a vehicle. Call handled by NCSD. Officers searched the area for two white males with negative results.
  • 400 block of Center Street, vehicle fire. Statement taken from an 18-year-old female. Cause of fire was unknown. No injuries. Report filed.
  • Center and Fourth streets, car-pedestrian accident. Statements taken from a 57-year-old male and a 59-year-old male who was struck on the crosswalk. Medical treatment refused. Report filed.
  • LPD office, harassment complaint. Patrol advised on an ongoing custody dispute between a female and male. No formal report wanted.
  • 700 block of Center Street, bank alarm response. All secure; patrol cleared.
  • 1800 block of Saunders Settlement Road, larceny complaint. Statement taken from a 55-year-old male; report filed.
  • Military Road and the I-190, arrest. Patrol assisted State Police on an arrest response. No further details.
  • 4400 block of Creek Road, check for suspicious activity at the Hickory Stick Golf Course. Patrol reported off-duty security on location and all secure.
  • 4500 block of Washington Drive, open burn complaint. Patrol reported the fire extinguished for the evening.

Friday, Aug. 20

  • Mount Hope Road, Walmore Road, and Saunders Settlement and Chew roads, separate suspicious vehicle checks. Patrol assisted NCSD on all calls. Plate numbers logged and no problems found.
  • Saunders Settlement and Tuscarora roads, suspicious vehicle check. Patrol reported the arrest of a male for aggravated unlicensed operation and related infractions. Uniform traffic tickets issued. Report filed.
  • Walmore Road "S" curves, accident with injuries. Call handled by State Police.
  • 5900 block of Kline Road, possible criminal mischief. Homeowner reported that unknown substances were thrown at her house. Patrol check it out and advised her that it was due to condensation and bugs.
  • Saunders Settlement Road and North Hewitt Drive, two-car accident. Statement taken from a female driver of vehicle No. 1; vehicle No. 2 left the scene. Report filed.
  • Harassment complaint on the 500 block of Center Street. Statement taken from a 59-year-old female regarding a male subject. Report filed.
  • 900 block of Upper Mountain Road, assist EMS. Patrol reported an intoxicated male was transported to Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center.
  • Ransomville Road, suspicious male. Subject taken to an adult facility on the 3500 block of Ransomville Road.
  • 3600 block of Ransomville Road, assist call. Patrol assisted NCSD with an intoxicated male at a doughnut shop. Subject advised to call for a ride home.

Saturday, Aug. 21

  • Robert Moses Parkway, car-deer accident. Statement taken from the driver; minor front-end damage reported to a 1996 Chevy Camero. Report filed.
  • 800 block of Center Street, suspicious vehicle. Patrol advised of possible drug activity in an area behind the apartments. Area checked with negative results.
  • 3500 block of Creek Road, shooter complaint. Resident reported an animal problem of a coyote chasing his dog. No other problems.
  • 5800 block of Buffalo Street, larceny complaint. Statement taken from a 67-year-old female regarding a 50-year-old female. Report filed.
  • 1300 block of Saunders Settlement Road, officer requested. Statement taken from a 19-year-old female regarding a 66-year-old male. No further details.
  • 200 block of Oneida Street, criminal mischief. Statement taken from a 45-year-old female; no further details.
  • 800 block of The Circle, possible violation of a court order. Statement taken from a female and a male juvenile. A male party was listed as a suspect. Investigation to continue.

Sunday, Aug. 22

  • Center and Seventh streets, suspicious person. Patrol reported a male was intoxicated and walking in the roadway. Subject returned to his residence on the 200 block of South Seventh Street.
  • 4200 block of Dickersonville Road, suspicious vehicle. Area checked; vehicle gone on arrival.
  • Dickersonville Road, road obstruction. A tree was reported down and blocking the roadway; highway department notified.
  • 5700 block of Griffin Street, larceny. Statement taken from a 75-year-old female regarding the theft of a fence; report filed.
  • 500 block of Pletcher Road, suspicious person. Patrol advised of a group of older teens on bikes riding slowly by area properties and looking into garages. Subjects observed twice during the week. Patrols advised.
  • 700 block of Center Street, juvenile problem. Patrol reported a group of teens causing a disturbance in a parking lot. Situation resolved.

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