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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for Aug. 12

by jmaloni
Thu, Aug 12th 2010 03:00 pm

The following is a sampling of the calls the Town of Niagara Police responded to between July 27 and Aug. 8.

Tuesday, July 27

  • 8200 block of Third Avenue, assist citizen. A resident complained to the father of her teenage daughter who used her name and date of birth to set up a MySpace account. The page was shut down after explanation.
  • Porter-Packard Road at Military Road, accident. Patrol observed a second vehicle strike a first vehicle at a traffic stop. The second driver admitted using a cell phone at the time of the accident.
  • Tuscarora Road, problem with juveniles. A Niagara Falls man filed a report after his car was damaged. The man honked his horn to three male juveniles skateboarding in the middle of the road. One of the youths used profanity and threw an unknown object at his vehicle. Patrol responded and found scratches on the trunk lid.

Wednesday, July 28

  • 8000 block of Effie Drive, misbehaving juveniles. A resident complained of four mischievous juveniles. Patrol arrived with negative results.
  • 6700 block of Packard Road, check vehicle. A caller stated a man was drinking an alcoholic beverage at a business in the presence of children in the vehicle. Patrol located the vehicle and disposition of the driver was unknown.

Thursday, July 29

  • 3800 block of Rhode Island Avenue, resident threatens lives. Patrol responded to an unknown person breaking into a residence. The victim was holding a shovel in his hands and refused to comply with police. The resident was highly combative and had to be dry stunned. He was transported to the hospital where he threatened to kill all patrols, his parents, and hospital staff.
  • 1800 block of Military Road, larceny from a business. Patrol responded to a larceny complaint where the suspect took over $3,000 in cash refunds. The suspect of Welch Avenue admitted to the crime and is being arraigned in court. Patrol cleared.
  • 1400 block of Elderberry Place, robbery. Statement taken from a female who complained of broken exterior home windows by a BB gun. Suspects are unknown.

Sunday, Aug. 1

  • 87th Street and Niagara Falls Boulevard, attempted robbery. Patrol responded to a business that reported a man with a scream mask and a machete. Suspect unknown.
  • 500 block of C Street, burglary. A resident reported a forced entry into his home. His birth certificate, narcotics, driver's license, and credit cards were stolen. Investigation pending.
  • 2400 block of Military Road, juvenile misconduct. Patrol responded to a business where two juveniles were throwing objects at a vehicle. Parents were advised the juveniles would be held responsible if there was further damage.

Monday, Aug. 2

  • 2100 block of Violet Circle, possible burglary. Patrol assisted the Niagara County Sheriff Office. All OK.
  • 1900 block of Military Road, larceny at business. Statement taken from an employee regarding two minor male shoplifters from Grand Island. Report filed.
  • 7000 block of Packard Road, animal control. Patrol spoke with a resident who reported juveniles found a stray dog who bit their friend. The dog was taken to the SPCA. No report from juvenile filed.

Tuesday, Aug. 3

  • 2500 block of Military Road, larceny. Patrol responded to a call of three male juveniles who stole from a local business. One juvenile was in custody while the other two fled on foot. Police found the two on Porter Road. The stolen merchandise was recovered. The two juveniles were issued a court date. The third male lied about his identity. The Lewiston Police Department was brought in to assist with finding an address.
  • 2500 block of Military Road, possible disorderly conduct. Patrol responded to a possible fight in the parking lot of a business. The parties involved stated it was a verbal argument only. The parties did not wish to pursue further.

Wednesday, Aug. 4

  • 2900 block of Nevada Avenue, stolen vehicle. A resident reported an unknown person in his driveway stole his vehicle overnight. The resident also stated his keys were left inside his car. A report was faxed to the Niagara County Sheriff's Department where further action will be taken.
  • 7900 block of Porter Road, prowler. The resident reported she heard a prowler at the side door of her home. Patrol arrived with negative results.
  • Cayuga Village, damaged vehicle and stolen property. A resident reported to police her vehicle was damaged by a male from the 5000 block of Tuscarora Road. The male jumped up and down on the vehicle and broke the rear window. She also stated her purse was stolen while another resident was consoling her. She was intoxicated at the time and does not know who stole her purse.
  • 7500 block of Packard Road, larceny. Patrol responded to a call of a male who stated his briefcase was stolen from his vehicle at a business. The male stated he did not know of possible suspects.

Thursday, Aug. 5

  • 2500 block of Military Road, towed vehicle. Patrol responded to an unoccupied vehicle on the roadway in the right lane. The vehicle was towed. An investigation is still pending.
  • Sabre Drive, suspicious person. Patrol found a suspicious male in the park. He appeared to be intoxicated. The man was given a courtesy escort to Lincoln Street.
  • 9100 block of Lockport Road, fire. Patrol responded to a fire alarm at a business. The employees stated they had burned carrots on the stove and set off the fire alarm.

Friday, Aug. 6

  • 1800 block of Tuscarora Road, possible disturbed juvenile. Patrol responded to a third party call of a possible disturbance. Upon arrival, patrol spoke with the homeowner who stated his daughter was upset because she did not want to attend her brother's birthday party.
  • 3000 block of Lincoln Street, possible criminal mischief. Patrol spoke with the property owner and the buyer. The buyer stated when he moved into the property, the carpet was saturated with urine. The buyer stated he believed former tenants left it in such condition. Patrol advised the parties to talk to the former tenants to discuss matters further.
  • 7500 block of Porter Road, possible underage drinking party. Patrol dispatched for a possible underage drinking party. The juveniles were advised to turn the music down and they were causing a disturbance. Parties were asked to disburse.

Saturday, Aug. 7

  • 8600 block of Third Avenue, counterfeit/fraud issue. A resident reported to police he discovered a purchase of more than $200 on his credit card that he had not made. The fraud department of the credit card company reported the purchase was made in New Berry, South Carolina. The fraud department will continue investigation.
  • 1700 block of Military Road, larceny. A local business reported over $1,000 worth of items stolen by a male and female. The male distracted floor associates while the female stole the items. Patrol will secure the video of the incident.
  • 4800 block of Isherwood Drive, possible sexual assault. Patrol responded to residents who reported possible sexual abuse to a minor. The residents stated a minor may have been inappropriately touched by her grandmother's fiancé. Patrol advised the residents to keep the young girl away from the grandmother's residence. An investigation is pending.

Sunday, Aug. 8

  • 7100 block of Packard Road, harassment complaint. Patrol spoke with a resident who reported verbal harassment. A neighbor harassed her over a matter involving her dog. The dog owner reported she believed the complainant let her dogs loose. Patrol advised the residents to stay off each other's property.
  • 4500 block of Fox Avenue, burglary. A resident reported a larceny in her home after returning from a camping trip. More than $6,500 of valuables was stolen including a Wii console and games, Xbox 360 with controllers, a laptop, and a flat screen television. Suspects are unknown. An investigation is still pending.
  • Porter Road, report of a possible intoxicated driver. Patrol responded to a motorist that reported a possible DUI. A traffic stop was made and the driver stated she was lost. Traffic stop was cleared.

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