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Mara Palermo is moving on up

D'Amore owner begins at Barton Hill Hotel & Spa on April 1

by Joshua Maloni

Owning a business is fun ... if you enjoy owning a business.

For six years, Mara Palermo has owned and operated her own salon, D'Amore, from the second floor of 705 Center St. So, in addition to styling hair, offering body treatments, skin care, waxing, nail services, pedicures, makeup treatments, message therapy and eyebrow threading, Palermo had to hire and maintain a staff, manage the books, promote the products and keep everyone's customers happy.


Well, now, she's decided to scale back and just concentrate on hair. Namely, her customers' locks, which she'll cut, color, highlight and style at the Barton Hill Hotel & Spa. Palermo has opted out of D'Amore, and will begin working at the luxury Lewiston inn on April 1.

"It was something I wanted to do," Palermo said.

She said she's looking forward to "the change."

"I'm very much excited to do something different," Palermo said. "I wanted to be able to cater to my clients"

She described her new digs as more of an intimate boutique.

"Ultimately, I like being with my clients," Palermo said. "I like the one-on-one."

In addition to hair care, Palermo will continue to offer nail manicures, acrylic and gel-polish nails, eyelash extensions and fills, waxing, threading and spray tans.

She'll no longer offer skin services, massages or pedicures. Those services, however, are currently offered at the hotel.

Mara is highly recommended. To make an appointment, call 754-7171. The Barton Hill Hotel & Spa is located at 100 Center St.

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