Hi! My name is Kira...
Hi! My name is Kira. Take a chance on me, I want to be free! If your feeling down and your all alone, take a chance on me! We can go walking, we can watch movies, take a chance on me! I have been here for quite some time and I would love your you to come and meet me, I would have to be the only animal in the household because I kinda want you all to myself. Do you think we could be a good match? Do you need a friend that would wag her tail and wiggle her butt when you come in the door? That would be me!, take a chance on me, Kira!
SPCA of Niagara
2100 Lockport Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
(716) 731-436, www.niagaraspca.org



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