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NCCC announces Tech Wars 2013 winners

by jmaloni

Press release

Sat, Jan 12th 2013 11:35 am
Tech Wars
Tech Wars

Niagara County Community College hosted more than 800 students from 22 Western New York school districts at Tech Wars 2013 on Wednesday. Competitions ranged from RC Heavyweight Sumo Robotics to 3D Modeling and CO2 Car Races.

The results were as follows:

Tech Wars 2013 overall standing:

High School: Grand Island, 1st place; Tonawanda City, 2nd place; and Cleveland Hill, 3rd place

Middle School: Grand Island,1st place; Mill Middle, 2nd place; Niagara Falls, 3rd place.

Individual Winners/High School:

Vex - Robotic game

  • 1st Grand Island - Cody Csendom, Adam Missert
  • 2nd Cleveland Hill - Seth Reed
  • 3rd Clarence- Nicholas Moline, Nicholas Beckinghausen

Kidwind- Wind turbine

  • 1st Clarence- Will Lueth
  • 2nd Wayne Central- Alex Graziose, Nick Graziose
  • 3rd Cleveland Hill- Adam Slavinski, Josue Vasquez

On-site 3D Parametric Drawing 11-12 grade

  • 1st Clarence- Daniel Rogers
  • 2nd Grand Island- Brandon York
  • 3rd North Tonawanda- Kyle Bartz

On-site 3D Parametric Drawing 9-10 grade

  • 1st Newfane- Ryan Driscoll
  • 2nd Starpoint - Nicholas Larson
  • 3rd Starpoint- Lucas Keldwein

Large Structure Bridge

  • 1st Grand Island - Chris Komin, Tom Corrao, Ben Goc, Jake Sweeney
  • 2nd Grand Island - Ryan Jones, Greg Vannorman, Chris Wallinder, Kevin Aronica
  • 3rd Grand Island- Russ Potter, Frank Derubes, Matt Lenz, Dallas Taft

Hockey Robots

  • 1st Tonawanda City- Kyle Maracle, Brandon Steiner
  • 2nd Tonawanda City- Alex Ricchiazzi
  • 3rd Williamsville North- Elliott Geno, James Schaab, Cam Murray

3D Solid Modeling (drawing) Drop-off

  • 1st Grand Island - Greg Vannorman
  • 2nd Williamsville North- Dan Warren
  • 3rd Newfane - Ryan Driscoll

2D Drafting Drop-off

  • 1st Cleveland Hill - Mike Lukasiewicz
  • 2nd Barker- Brandon Sturak
  • 3rd Barker - Russel Larson

Architectural Design

  • 1st Cleveland Hill- Grace Leggio
  • 2nd Newfane- Johnarley Wyman
  • 3rd Newfane - Nathan Auernhamer

Heavy Weight Sumo Robots

  • 1st Niagara Wheatfield- Dave Dobmeier
  • 2nd Niagara Wheatfield - Michael Dobmeier
  • 3rd Tonawanda City- Matt Farnham, Nikolas Zimmermann, Steven Warthling

King of the Hill

  • 1st Tonawanda City- Phillip Guiga, Jacob Choate
  • 2nd Barker- Kyle Aerian
  • 3rd Erie 1 BOCES - Alimamy Bader

Seismic Towers

  • 1st Grand Island - Brian Derubes, Matt Zabaldo, Jake Lawley, Robert Augugliaro
  • 2nd Starpoint- Chris Williams, Dillon Thomas
  • 3rd Starpoint- Rob Kuhn, Alan Reimer

Musical Instrument

  • 1st Grand Island- Nicholas Egloff
  • 2nd Newfane- Ken Dowd, Nick D'onofrio, Tyler Caltagirone
  • 3rd Wayne Central- Jordan Hackett

On-site Engineering Challenge

  • 1st Grand Island- Matt Lenz, Chris Komin
  • 2nd Wayne Central- Hunter Larosa, Cameron Priest, Mike Casten
  • 3rd Wilson- Austin Hauser, Charlie Seefeldt

T-Shirt Design

  • 1st Cleveland Hill- Lennon Cavanaugh, Ryan Osswald
  • 2nd Tonawanda City- Juliana Tirone, Nazariel Gonzales
  • 3rd Roy Hart- Melany Mikits, Shelby Smith, Justine Wittcop

Individual Winners/Middle School:

Mouse Trap Car

  • 1st Grand Island- Luke Saraceno
  • 2nd Grand Island - Brennen Joslyn, Andrew Little
  • 3rd Grand Island - Joseph Frailey, Eric Carlson

CO2 Car

  • 1st Grand Island- Nate Massaro
  • 2nd Grand Island- Harrison Mangat
  • 3rd Grand Island- Cole Ellsworth

Balsa Bridge

  • 1st Niagara Falls- Brianna C
  • 2nd Niagara Falls- Ahmari J
  • 3rd North Park- Ally Criswell

Autonomous Robot

  • 1st Emmet Belknap- Bethany Sielski
  • 2nd Clarence - Shefalika Prasad, Rebecca Stock
  • 3rd North Park- Keirstan Farina

Mini-Sumo Robot

  • 1st Grand Island- Cameron Watt
  • 2nd Clarence- John Milbrandt
  • 3rd Grand Island- Jason Kubanek

Kidwind - Wind Turbine

  • 1st Mill Middle- Morris Lee, Daniel Brior, Evan Oliver
  • 2nd Mill Middle- Julian Page, Sean Manley, Noah Rizzo
  • 3rd Mill Middle- Gabe Brokaus, Brendan Rehan, C J McQueen

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