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'Bones' EP talks death of beloved character

by jmaloni
Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 07:05 pm

Many "Bones" fans were upset when, in last Thursday's season premiere, FBI Agent Dr. Lance Sweets was killed off.

On screen, Sweets was a dear friend and counselor to FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and his partner, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Viewers had formed a special bond with Sweets, whom it was revealed was about to become a father.


After the episode aired, the "Bones" creative team revealed John Francis Daley, the actor cast as Sweets, would've had a scheduling conflict as he directs "Vacation," a film he wrote that further chronicles the famous Griswold family.

On Tuesday, "Bones" executive producer Stephen Nathan told Meredith Jacobs with TheExaminer.com, "The entire situation for us was very, very painful, and we tried to treat it with as much respect and truth as we possibly could, and really focus in on what was going to be the best for the show and most emotionally truthful for the characters."

As he lay dying, Sweets offered encouragement to Booth, who had just been released from prison.

"It seemed that Sweets and Booth and Brennan had grown so close over the past three or four years, especially, that it seemed as if they were the people who should be there when he died," Nathan said. "And it was also a very complicated situation because Booth was having a huge crisis himself, and also Booth and Brennan as a couple with Booth coming out of prison; and it really was a testament to Sweets and to kind of the nobility of the character really that his last words were about Booth and Brennan. His last words were of concern for his friend, not in any way thinking of himself. He was concerned for Daisy (Sweets' pregnant girlfriend), and at that moment concerned for Booth - that Booth didn't lose faith - that Booth didn't lose hope in the world, and that the world actually was a good place, even as he was dying."

Booth, Brennan and "the squints" will say goodbye to Sweets in tonight's episode (8 p.m., FOX).

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